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Crew Lounge
December 2399
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After finishing up from his last meeting with one of his new senior staff members, looking at the time he didn’t realize it was so late. Getting up from his desk he decided to go grab something to eat. Walking out onto the bridge and straight to the turbolift, “crew lounge.” Tajir ordered as the lift doors closed and began to move towards its destination, after a while the lift came to a stop as the doors opened back up. Tajir walked out, heading to where the crew lounge was located.

Upon entering he saw other officers talking amongst themselves while eating, walking over to the bar area he placed his order and then walked over to an empty table and sat down. After a few moments, his food and drink arrived. “Thank you,” Tajir replied with a smile as the server smiled and nodded, heading off. He began to eat unbeknownst that he would be interrupted while enjoying his late lunch.

Calum had been familiarizing himself with the ship when he decided he needed to finally check in with the CO. After a decent search he finally discovered the Captain was in the mess hall. He walked up to the Captain and smiled. “Hello captain, a’m Commander Calum Hyden, sorry fur th’ interruption, bit ah knew ah wantit tae report tae ye, Sir.”

Looking up at the Commander, “Ah please have a seat Commander.” Tajir replied looking at his Chief Science Officer and Second Officer. “Welcome aboard the Aquarius,” he added as he extended his hand.

Calum sit down “Ta, Captain! a’m happy tae be aboard!”

“So, tell me about your last assignment,” Tajir asked as he studied the man sitting in front of him for a few moments.

Calum smiled “Ah wis a teacher at th’ academy fur freish recruits, bit it wasn’t tae be mah end apparantly. Sae ‘ere a’m duin fur some mair venturing intae th’ unknown. ”

“I see,” Tajir replied looking at him as he has yet to read his file it was next on his list so he was a bit unprepared for this check-in while at lunch. “Welcome aboard again, I won’t keep you long as I am sure you want to settle in and check in with your department,” Tajir replied as he looked at him with a smile, though he wanted to keep eating but it was rude to do so while talking.

Calum could see the Captain wanted to finish his meal. He nodded politely “Indeed sae! ta Captain ah wull blether tae ye soon.”

He got up and departed heading back to his quarters.

He smiled and began to eat his lunch before he returned to duty, he enjoyed some quiet time as he read his book while eating. He enjoyed reading any chance he got to help unwind either from a break from duty or when he was alone in his quarters after his sift.