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New Beginnings

USS Vesta / USS Aquarius
December 2399
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Things have been quiet since they arrived back at Devron from their vacation on Risa, the crew was to just sit tight until their next assignment. Sari had already gone back to work, so he was left alone in his quarters to his own devices. This was the perfect opportunity to read his book that he had been neglecting the past few days. Getting up from his chair, he walked to the replicator. “Coffee, black” he replied as the replicator gave him what he requested.

After sitting back in his chair, taking a sip he reached over to the side table and picked up his padd that the book was on. Tapping it he began to read, taking this time to unwind. After a while, the door chime went off, he wondered who that could be as he was just getting into his book. “Enter,” Tajir replied as the doors opened.

“I hope I am not interrupting?” Adams replied with a soft smile as she walked in.

“Oh, was just sitting here reading my book.” He replied holding up the padd in his hand before he continued, “what brings you by?” Tajir asked setting the padd on the table beside him along with his coffee.

Adams took a seat on the couch next to him, she had a look on her face that concerned Tajir. “What is wrong?” Tajir asked as he had worked with her long enough, he knew something was bothering her just by the look on her face.

She looked at him, “I got a call from Starfleet Command a few moments ago.” Adams began looking at him before continuing, “I wanted to be the one to inform you and they agreed.” Makayla said as she sat there looking at him.

Raising an eyebrow, “inform me of what?” Tajir asked as he shifted in his seat.

Reaching in her pocket she pulled out a square box, “could you please stand up?” she asked looking at him as he stood up. “Commander Derohl, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain with the responsibilities that come with it,” Adams said as she walked up to him placing the fourth pip on his uniform.

Tajir stood there stunned not sure what to say, “thank you, sir” though he was still visibly confused. 

“Also, you have been given command of the USS Aquarius a Resolute-class starship. Here are your orders,” Adams said handing him the padd.

Taking the padd Tajir looked even more stunned, he figured he would have a few more years before the thought of being a Captain. “This is all of a sudden, I wasn’t expecting this so soon.” Tajir finally spoke up as he looked at Makayla who just had a smile on her face.

“You deserve it, Captain” she replied.

“This will be a change,” Tajir replied. “What are you going to do about a new Executive Officer?” Tajir asked looking at his friend and colleague who he has worked with over the last few years.

Looking at him for a moment before replying, “they said they had found a replacement, but I haven’t gotten much information yet. I am sure I’ll find out soon enough.” Adams replied with a shrug, “I would suggest you start packing as they want you to report aboard the Aquarius as soon as possible. It is docked here at Devron,” she said as she gave extended her hand to him as to congratulate him again before heading towards the door.

Tajir nodded returning the handshake, “understood, and thank you, Captain.” Tajir replied as Adams nodded and left his quarters, sitting down he let out a loud sigh. He was not expecting to get his ship, he forgot he still had the padd in his hand that he had not read completely yet. He began to read the orders and raised an eyebrow, “interesting.” He said to himself as he sat the padd down and looked around his quarters.

“So much to pack,” he said as he got up from the chair.

He had sent for some crates to be sent over from the cargo bay to put his belongings in. He would spend a couple of hours packing his things, when he finished, he had them sent over to his new quarters aboard the Aquarius. “Well, this is it,” he said taking one last look around his quarters to make sure he did not miss anything.

He left his quarters and headed down to the docking port to head over to Devron Fleet Yards. Officers congratulated him as they passed by, “news travels fast.” He said to himself as he walked. After a while what seemed like longer than what it was, he made it to the port stopping for a moment to look back for a moment.

Taking a deep breath, he exited the Vesta and walked down the corridor of the station towards where the Aquarius was. Looking out the window, he looked at the newly refitted Aquarius.

“She is a beauty,” Sari said as she was already waiting there for him.

Looking over at her, “she is.” Tajir replied as he hugged his wife, “so I take it you already heard?” He asked looking at her before kissing her.

Nodding, “yes” she responded with a smile as she was happy for her husband. “Congratulations, which is well deserved,” Sari replied as she returned his kiss before looking back out the window.

“Care to help me unpack?” Tajir asked.

“Of course, why else would I be here other than to see you of course,” Sari said playfully as they both walked toward the entrance.

“Captain Tajir Derohl requesting permission to come on board,” Tajir said as he handed the security officer his orders.

After glancing at the orders, the security officer hands the padd back to him, “welcome aboard Captain.” The officer replied as they both made it onboard, he walked over to the nearest console once they arrived and did the command change, where the computer would recognize him as the Commanding Officer of the Aquarius. Once completed, they headed for the turbolift.

“Deck One,” he replied as the doors closed shut behind them and began to move towards its destination.

“So, do you know your orders?” Sari asked.

Looking at her, “according to this we are going to be operating in the old Romulan Neutral Zone with humanitarian aid to the refugee worlds and will probably have some diplomacy involved.” Tajir replied just as the lift came to a stop and the doors opened, they headed out and towards where his quarters were located.

“So, it won’t be too far away, though it runs vast around Romulan space,” Sari replied as they reached their destination.

Nodding as they entered, this was a bit larger than his quarters on the Vesta. “Wow, this is huge,” Sari replied looking around.

“Indeed,” he replied with a chuckle as he noticed the crates were there waiting for him. “Well let’s begin,” he replied as they would both spend time together unpacking and setting things up the way they liked it. He did not have to report to the bridge right away so he would take his time and spend quality time with his wife unpacking.