Part of USS Venture: Forests of the Night

Keeping Busy

U.S.S. Venture NCC-71854
Mission Day 1 at 0915
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Bringing the cup to his lips, Henry took a long sip of the  now lukewarm liquid. His favoured blend of herbal tea this morning was mango and pineapple with ginseng root. It was said to be focusing and today he could certainly use all the help he could get. Sleep had eluded him the past few days, longer if he was being honest. He’d become so accustomed to having the warmth of Dujan’s body next to him that sleeping without him the past few months had been difficult. They’d never been so far apart for so long and he was feeling that distance particularly keenly today.

While the Venture’s science staff had plenty of work to keep them busy studying the neutron star and the effects of the supernova shockwave, there wasn’t nearly as much to keep Henry’s staff occupied. There were a few routine surgeries and the occasional injury that required patching up but for the most part there was little for the medical staff to do. This was the perfect opportunity for Henry’s staff to work on their professional development. Henry’s morning was being spent studying the latest research from Starfleet Medical on emerging developments in immunotherapies.

Henry also took the chance to give his staff a little more downtime to rest and relax. Many of his staff had used the extra time to pursue their hobbies and Henry had been no different. He’d spent more time on his yoga, playing the cello and doing some long overdue non-medical related reading. For his last birthday, Dujan had given him a copy of a retelling of Greek mythologies from the early 21st century and Henry was finally getting round to reading it.

“That’s the third time this week that Ensign th’Rada has been in here.” Henry looked up at the source of the voice to find his head nurse lowering herself into one of the visitors chairs.

Henry dismissed his holographic display with a swipe of his hand and met Tola’s gaze. “At least he’s keeping us busy.” He told her with a grin. “What was it this time?”

“Dorek syndrome.” The Bajoran nurse replied with a roll of her eyes.

An interesting self diagnosis, Henry thought. “Is the Ensign aware that Dorek syndrome only affects Ferengi?” He asked.

“He believed that it had jumped species.” Dorem told him. 

Lieutenant Dorem Tola had been at the Academy the same time Henry was there but their paths never crossed. In the few months since they’d arrived onboard, she had become a valued friend and sounding board. “Were you able to assuage Ensign th’Rada’s fears?”

“I ran the standard test for Dorek syndrome and every scan I could think of.” She replied. “I think I put this mind at ease, this time.”

The Ensign was the first Andorian he’d encountered who suffered from hypochondria and his seemed to be a particularly acute case. “I’ll refer him to the Counselor.” Henry made a mental note to make the referral. “I know he was seeing one at the Academy but I don’t think he’s spoken to the Venture’s counselor since arriving onboard.”

“Good.” Dorem pushed herself to her feet. “What are you doing for lunch today?”

The question caught him off guard and it took several seconds for his brain to process the question. “Uh, I hadn’t really thought about it.” He told her. “I’ll probably just have something at my desk.”

“How about you join me in Ten Forward?” Dorem asked. “If you have lunch sitting here you’ll only have your nose stuck in some report or some research or something.”

Henry smiled. She’d gotten to know him pretty well in the short time they’d served together. “Okay, sounds like a plan.”

Dorem led the room without another word. Once she was out of sight, Henry reactivated his desktop terminal and quickly fired off a counselling referral for Ensign th’Rada. Despite the separation from his husband, Henry was really enjoying his new assignment and was looking forward to seeing what adventures awaited them out on the frontier.