Part of USS Heracles: Operation: Homestead

The Turkey and The Diamond Rose

Location: Alpha Quadrant – Starbase 72
Stardate: 74736.98 Time: 0830 hours
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Stardate: 74736.98

Time: 0830 hours

Location: Alpha Quadrant – Starbase 72


—Captain Vausees and Commander Debrah’s Living Quarters – Living Room—


It had been nearly a month since the Heracles and its crew had returned from the Gamma Quadrant. The majority of the crew had taken the opportunity to rest, with only a few opting to transfer to other ships. Vausees could understand how those who had transferred felt because she was getting antsy herself.

Vausees had her hands behind her back as she paced around their living quarters on Starbase 72, as she and Debrah had been barred from the kitchen area of their quarters by their now closest and best friend, Thý’ella. Debrah watched as her love paced a near-perfect path into the floor decking.


“Baby, come sit down before you cut a hole in the decking,” Debrah said, her bright green eyes fixed on her love.


Vausees came to a halt and looked at her. She knew her love was joking, but she couldn’t help but smile as she walked over and sat on the soft, plush loveseat.


“I know you’re eager to get back out there and do what you do best,” Debrah said as she looked into her love’s light blue eyes, “but can we at least enjoy the knowledge that we don’t have to put ourselves, at least for now, in harm’s way?”


Vausees nodded as she recognized the logic in what Debrah had told her. “I’ll try,” she said as she lifted Debrah’s hands and kissed them lightly.

Suddenly, the kitchen door opened, and Thý’ella poked her head out, “Red or White wine?” She inquired of the two women who were engrossed in each other’s embrace on the loveseat.


They were both aware that Thý’ella was in the kitchen preparing something for the three of them, but they had no idea what it was; now, a sudden inquiry from the woman who had taken over the kitchen had caught both Vausees and Debrah off guard. They exchanged glances for a moment before saying, “Red.”


Thý’ella smiled at them and said, “You two are so cute when you do things like that,” before disappearing behind the closed door.


— twenty minutes later —


The kitchen doors opened, and Thý’ella walked out, setting three wine glasses on the table she had just set. She then walked back into the kitchen, returning with a large plate containing a turkey. After a few moments, the table was covered in food that emitted mouthwatering aromas, making both Vausees and Debrah salivate.

Vausees had stood up and offered to help as soon as she saw the turkey, but Thý’ella had silenced her in her own way. Now that the three of them were seated at the table, it was Derah’s turn to speak.


“Thý’ella…how?” was all she could say as she examined the spread in front of the three women.


“I have been studying and practicing on the holodeck’s, since I found out about this celebration a few weeks ago,” Thý’ella said as she began to carve the turkey and place pieces of turkey on the plates in front of Vausees and Debrah; she served herself last, as was customary, or at least what she learned from the holodeck programs that she had selected.


After all of the roast turkey, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie had been consumed, Thý’ella stood up and disappeared back into the kitchen. She came back and sat, but not before placing two brownie truffles in front of Vausees and Debrah.


Vausees smiled at Debrah after Thý’ella had gone into the kitchen and took her hand in hers. Vausees slipped out of her chair and took a knee now that the truffles were in front of them and she could see Debrah looking at the small diamond that sat on the ring that was carefully placed onto a strawberry that had been carved into a rose.


“Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife, Debrah Fergouson?” Vausees inquired as she knelt beside Debrah.


Debrah’s eyes welled up with tears as she gazed at the ring tucked in the center of the rose. She turned her head to look at Vausees and nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks. Vausees encircled her in her arms and kissed her passionately. The ring was carefully removed from the strawberry rose and placed on Debrah’s shaking hand.


Thý’ella sighed softly and leaned back in her chair, “Now I need to plan a wedding,” she said sarcastically and defeatedly before laughing and joining Vausees and Debrah.

Debrah gave Thý’ella a playful glare, which she noticed. “Hey, this was her idea,” she said, pointing to Vausees, who had a grin on her lips.

“I must admit, it was my idea.”


Debrah shook her head, looking down at the gleaming stone on her finger. She then returned her gaze to the two women in front of her. “I love it,” she said softly.