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Icarus Effect

Starbase 260 & Transport to Starbase 92
June 16, 2399
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Mid-afternoon at Starbase 260 June 13, 2399

Ensign Clark was still stinging from the trial. He was told he would receive new orders soon and he was to remain at the starbase until then. He brooded for the first day as he and R’Tor drank a bit more synthehol then they should have.  R’Tor bid his friend good fortune and assured him that he would land on his feet. Edward doubted this, that was until he ran into an old flame.

According to Greek Mythology Icarus was warned not to fly too close to the sun, but the disobedient boy did not listen and he fell into the sea when, after rising too high causing the wax in his wings to melt and fall apart. According to some scholars the flight of Icarus represents the need for might be seen balance and or moderation. After recent events, Edward now saw the moral as being about someone’s desire to break boundaries and the tragic consequences they have.

The Ozone  1630 Hours

A small bar on Starbase 260 with soft lights and drinks. The environment was casual and good for social encounters. Edward sat at the bar and was pondering his life choices when he noticed a familiar silhouette. Of all the people he wanted to see, she was the one he truly wanted the most.

Joanna was just as beautiful as ever. He had not seen her in a few years, but that did not matter. He sat up and with a broad smile called out to her. “Hey spots.” His nick name for her. She blushed and brushed a bit of blond hair away from her right ear revealing her Trill spots as she approached. “You passing through?” He teased. She gave him a small smile. “No.” She laughed, “I heard about your situation.”  He gave a small nod in response. “And you decided to come and give me a shoulder to cry on?”

She shook her head. “Not in the least. I wanted to be within sensor range when you were given your own command.”  They looked at each other and both laughed and then hugged.  “Ahh, Joanna I have missed you.” She put her hand in his and sat at the empty seat. “What are we drinking?” She inquired, he responded with a wink – “A lot.”

They made quiet small talk, and realized that they had a fair amount to catch up on. Like him, she had a wry, even subtle, sense of humor. After a few drinks he suggested that they continue their conversation in his cabin. To his surprise she agreed.


He stood looking out the window, staring into the depth of space. His mind wandered. He was disgusted and angry with himself. How could he be so reckless. Trying to be a hero ?  Wanting to gain another pip on his collar ? Or a shiny medal. “No.” He chided himself with a few choice words. The trial caused him to question everything. For some reason he hoped she would understand and realize he was doing all he could just to keep it together. But she was here now….his thoughts trailed off.

Joanna came up behind him and wrapped one of the blankets around his shoulders. He felt the icy cold of her hands  and shivered. She began to knead his neck and shoulders slowly. He reached up and touched one of her hands briefly and gently to show his appreciation before allowing her to continue for a few minutes. “You seem  preoccupied?”  She asked, knowing full well that the demotion weighted heavy on him.

He sighed slowly. “Just wondering.”  He turned and wrapped his arms around her, “About hat could have been.”  The  blanket to dropped to the floor as she looked up at him with compassion in her eyes, but mostly desire.

Hours later when she woke, Edward was laying on his side, arms wrapped around her naked body. She felt comfortable and warm. How she wished to stay, but it would be better for both of them this way.

As she dressed, she had no regrets. She set a PADD down on the night stand next to him and made her way to the door. She stopped as it slowly hissed open and looked back at her lover.

The past two days had been their time of healing together.  The doors hissed shut.

When Edward woke, he felt around the bed, but only found the PADD. It held a note from Joanna and his orders.


Hours later, Edward was sitting on a transport heading to his next assignment. There was a a dull ach in his hear and a knot in his stomach.


Dear Edward,

It always seems like we are being parted for one reason or another,  but we both have so much to prove. Mostly to ourselves.

When I heard what happened, I needed to be there for you. This may not make sense, but had I stayed I would not have left.  We will meet again and you are never far from my thoughts.

P.S.  If you’re as good a pilot as I know you are, you will be soaring again soon.

Yours always,


The message was cryptic but reassuring.  He scrolled to the next message. His orders. He kept telling himself that most of the rumors he heard had to be just that, rumors.

Upon arriving at Starbase 92, he looked out the window and noticed the patchwork on the outside of the ship. “What the hell.” He almost shouted.  Another passenger heard him and responded.

“Its not Hell, but you can see it from here.”

As Edward looked at the exterior of the ship, all he could think is. It will need a lot more wax for it to fly.