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The Clark Court Martial

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What is a person to do when an old friend needs help?  R’Tor, had finally became a JAG officer and as he soon discovered a good firend who had saved him a number of times, was in need of his help.  How could he refuse?

2398 > Starbase 260> 0915

R’Tor, entered his office on Starbase 260, having arrived a little over four weeks ago his office was in a state of disarray as he was still settling in.  As the new JAG officer he scanned over the pile of PADDS and could see he had his work cut out for him.

As he scrolled through the reports, one caught his eye. “What have you gotten yourself into now?” He stated out-loud.  He reviewed the information three times, before he came to accept that an old academy friend needed his help.


A furry finger extended and pressed the send button on the message and sat back with the PADD in one hand and cup of tea in the other.  He wanted to review the incident report more closely. The heat of the cup warmed him  as he looked out the viewport.  He imagined he could see the message being beamed straight up to the orbital communications array. Upon arrival, the commands encoded in the signal would direct the message to the nearest faster-than-light (FTL) communications array, upon arrival the message would be relayed through subspace. From Starbase to starship the signla would pass across the Alpha Quadrant, until it reached its intended target.

Depending on the speed and distance of the USS Shackleton, it could take anywhere from a few hours to several days to a week for the message to arrive. R’Tor’s tail swished back and forth in anticipation. “The time is now 0800.” the computer stated, reminding him of the time to report to duty. R’Tor stood up and remembered that there were reports, arguments, and motions that required his attention. Not to mention his Vulcan supervisor, Judge Vanok, abhorred sloppy work.


Deck 2. Observation Lounge    13:42 Hours__USS Shackleton

Edward Clark gazed out the viewport as he watched the  Deveron Fleet Yards ‘ work crews float about the ship like tiny insects around a fire. The past few days, the Shackleton was in spacedock and he was confined to the ship till the captain recieved a response from the JAG office.

The chirp of the door nudged him out of his daze. “Enter.” Edward responded. The  doors hissed open, and a young crewman entered. “Sir.” The young communications officer extended a PADD. Edward sighed, as he was awaiting orders pertaining to  charges of a court martial. Edward accepted the PADD and the young man exited quickly, more than likely off to complete another tedious detail. Edward was curious what he would be dealing with.

He looked down, shook his head, and smiled.  A few days later he was stepping off a transport at Starbase 260. And there waiting for him at the docking bay was an good friend he had not seen in years.

Edward grinned and exclaimed, “Hey, you old ball of fur!”

A smooth low growl emanated from the tall white & black Caitian as he responded in kind to his friend’s greeting.

The two friends walked toward the habitat area of the base and R’Tor’s office. “What do  you think ?”  Edward asked with anticipation. R’Tor responded with an unresolved grunt.

“You know Tor.” Edward jabbed his elbow into his friend’s side, “That is what I always liked about you.”  What is that?”  the Caitian responded. “Your strong communication skills, must be why you became a lawyer.”  At that remark they both laughed.

Once they were at R’Tor’s office, he handed Edward a PADD with the report on it.



USS Typhon

Edward Clark was pilot in a fighter group and his wingman’s ship became disabled. Edward was ordered to return to the carrier, but instead he remained. According to the captain’s log Clark fended off attackers, saved his wingman, but the ship . was heavily damaged. The captain felt you had made the right choice and was given a commendation for bravery.

 USS Shackleton

While the captain was off the bridge during an away mission, the ship came under attack. Several bridge officers including the first officer were injured. Command fell to Lieutenant Vorak the operations officer. After the attack was over, Vorak ordered the ship to move out of the system. Ensign Clark voiced his disagreement but set a course.

Ensign Clark wanted Vorak to mount a rescue mission to retrieve the captain and his away team. Vorak felt it was illogical to take on such a risky action.

Action: Ensign Clark, commandeered the Dorman an auxiliary craft. He piloted it down to the surface. While these actions resulted in the rescue of the captain and his away team, he did not gain prior approval or permission.

Filing: Lieutenant Vorak outlined the incident in his personal log and submitted an official request for disciplinary action. “Ensign Clark is insubordinate and unbeocming an officer in his rank.” He also suggests in his report that this is part of a consistent refusal to follow orders.

Starfleet Response

The captain of the USS Shackleton does not disagree, but also feels his actions had merit. Starfleet Command is concerned with the report and has convened a general court martial.


The board of inquiry reviewed the facts of the case and finds sufficient evidence to bring charges.


Ensign Edward Clark is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and the service member is entitled to counsel at the preliminary hearing as well as the general court martial.

R’Tor of the JAG will serve as Counsel for Clark

<<to be continued>>