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Starfleet Academy
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It was during his junior year when he met a young human Cadet named Edward Clark.


R’Tor was not raised with much technology, and it took him some time to adjust. One day R’Tor was in the flight simulator and with each failure, his frustration rose. The alarms and computer’s voice began to grate on his nerves.In the cramped shuttle R’Tor’s hands moved across the console.

“ Unable to comply, inefficient power.” The computer chided.

R’Tor made a minor adjustment to increased power.

“Unable to comply, port nacelle has been damaged.”

R’Tor Growled in disgust.

His hands moved quickly to input the proper commands, when he looked up
he noticed a large asteroid filling his viewscreen. He tapped in a command.

“Unable to comply, Starboard nacelle not functional.”

R’Tor began to tap in another command, Unable to comply. Before the computer could finish the sentence, the ship rocked and EPS conduits exploded. A few seconds later the entire simulation winked out of existence and the computer stated, “Simulation failure”

R’Tor stood in the middle of the holodeck and yelled….”Go to Hell”
And the computer responded, “Unable to comply.”

The doors to the holodeck hissed open and R’Tor stomped through the doors and down the hall when a voice called out to him. “Hey, Cadet!” – R’Tor’s ears flattened, and he turned to respond.

“What!” he hissed.

Edward noticed right away he was addressing an upperclassman, not to mention one with sharp fangs. In a moment, Edward’s mind went blank.  R’Tor rounded on Edward and with a low sustained growl, said, “What, do you want?” he glared.

“I’m sorry sir”, Edward shuddered a bit, but responded, “From the looks of the simulation running, you could use some help.”

A howl of laughter erupted from the large cat. “You, help me?” Then R’Tor thought about it for a moment. “How?”

Edward explained that despite his age and lower rank, that he was an expert pilot and could provide some tips that could be useful in passing the test R’Tor Required. At first R’Tor doubted this claim, but after a short while he was convinced this young human knew what he was talking about.

The two would become fast friends.

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