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Adrift – 2

Runabout, edge of Romulan neutral zone
October 2399
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As Matthews made his way through the heavily damaged runabout he too was starting to feel the cold. He could see his breath Infront of him, all the while compartment continued to fill with a whispy haze.

“I think our priority is gonna be getting environmental control up and running” he said as wiped loose debris from the console in front of him with his forearm. 

 “We should have a portable power cell in equipment storage. If we can connect that up to the computer core, we should be able to see where we’re at. Can you go and grab it, and I’ll get the interface ready” he continued as he knelt down Infront of the computer interface and pried the access panel from beneath the console.

Miller nodded and looked reluctantly towards the door towards the crew compartment and lounge area of the vessel. Normally she wouldn’t hesitate, but she felt as though something was watching their every move. It was probably just a concussion as a result of being thrown across the room when her console exploded in her face, she thought as she began to walk towards the door.

She had had concussions before, but there was something different about this. Miller placed her hands on the centre of the door and began to push the two sections apart. As it began to open the light from Matthews torch which he had sat down on the console he was working on shon through the gap. Illuminating only a small area of the lounge, Miller could just about make out the table in the centre of the room.

She continued to pry the door apart until it was wide enough for her to squeeze through. Miller pushed her way through and on into the room, the only light source that of Matthews torch in the previous room.

This compartment was in no better state that the previous, debris littered the floor, the chairs that had once sat around the table now upturned and scattered around the room. The torchlight cast long shadows across the room, interrupted only by the occasional cascade of sparks from a damage power relay in the ceiling.

Miller made her way towards a long silver crate that sat along the rear wall. Matthews had left it there following their previous mission, he never did properly stow equipment away. He had been this way ever since they were at the academy together.

Miller knelt down on the floor beside the crate and wiped clean the small access control display with her hand.

She input her 4 digit access code and the locking mechanism clicked open. Reaching inside she removed the small power cell and sat it down next to her.

“Have you got it?” Matthews called impatiently from the next room, “the computer core itself doesn’t look like it’s damaged.”

“Yeah I’ve found it, give me a second,” she replied as she turned around to face the sound of Matthews voice.

Turning her attention back towards her task Millers gaze was met by a menacing figure, sat not two feet directly opposite. It’s face contorted into a sinister smile, eyes fixated and unblinking, violating Miller’s very being. 

She was unable to call out, unable to move, unable to scream. This was what it wanted.