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Part of USS Horizon: Episode 2 – Chance Connection

A New Ship

Earth Spacedock, Alpha Quadrant
September, 2399
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As the blue and white marbled sphere grew larger on the viewscreen, Atlantia slowed to sub-light speed. It was not Treylana’s plan to be returning to Earth so soon, but her recent mission in the Delta Quadrant had taken its toll on the ship, and she was in need of some desperate repairs. If nothing else, it offered the chance for the captain to grant her crew a much needed respite.

Their destination was the mammoth mushroom-like orbital station in high orbit above the planet. On any given day there would be dozens of ships docked within the station or in the nearby drydock depending on the needs of the ship. This day was no different.

“Has station operations cleared us for docking?” Treylana asked.

“Yes ma’am. We’re cleared for docking bay six.” came the voice from the station behind her.

“Very well. Ms Tucker, take us in at one quarter impulse, heading zero-two-zero.

Atlantia responded, slowing even further as Kalela input her commands into the navigational console. Four-thousand meters, the console indicated. The docking bay doors began to open, preparing to receive the incoming vessel. Two-thousand meters. Atlantia now in-line on the approach vector as the ship passed the bulkhead doors. Kalela switched to maneuvering thrusters within the last thousand meters to slow the approach and position the ship into what would be its final resting place.

“All stop and secure all moorings!” Treylana ordered.

“Aye sir! Now registering all stop. Moorings extending into place.” Kalela replied.

“Open a ship-wide channel.”

Tamura entered a brief sequence on her console and acknowledged for her captain to begin her message.

“Attention crew.” Treylana began, “We have arrived at Earth Spacedock for some much needed repairs following recent events in the Delta Quadrant. As the extent of the repairs is uncertain, extended shore leave is granted to all crewmembers until further notice. You will all be notified once a timeline has been established. Enjoy the time off. Hess out.”

Nichols looked toward his captain with a slight smile, “It’s good to be home. Any plans while we’re here?”

“I doubt it. I’m going to check in with Ops and get an estimate on the repair schedule and then I’ll probably work with Harrison overseeing the work.”

“All work and no play.”

“I beg your pardon Commander?”

“It’s an old proverb, Captain. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ It’s understandable that you would want to be here to oversee the repairs, but you should also give yourself some time for a little relaxation while we’re here. Who knows when we’ll get another chance.”

Treylana leaned in closer to her first officer, “I’ll make sure to take some time for myself. Don’t you worry.”

She then stood up and proceeded in the direction of her ready room. As she did, she gave one final order to power down all non-essential ship systems and prepare to receive repair teams from the station, before allowing the doors to close behind her.

“Computer, open a channel to Spacedock Operations.” she said as she took a seat behind her desk.

After a few seconds a man with silver hair appeared on her terminal whom she recognized by face only from her time at the Academy. Treylana noticed the singular pip on his collar surrounded by a bar indicating his rank of Commodore “Welcome to the station, Captain. What can I do for you?” he said to her.

“Commodore, I assume by now you have received my report on the repairs Atlantia is in need of. I was hoping you could give me an estimate on the repair timeline.”

“Hmm…let me see.” he began as he attempted to pull up the repair requisition for the Atlantia, “It says here that you’re requesting two new warp coils and a few other subsystem repairs. Based on station assignments currently, we’re looking at an estimate of at least six weeks before we can complete your request.”

“Six weeks?! You can’t seriously expect my crew to sit around and do nothing for that length of time.”

“You’re absolutely correct. We can’t expect that. Judging by Atlantia’s maintenance records, her last major overhaul was completed about nine years ago. Rather than completing these repairs and requiring you to return to a station a year from now, we’re actually going to take Atlantia in for a refit now instead.”

“A refit? But that’ll take months! How does that improve the situation?” Treylana objected.

“If you would allow me to finish Captain, what we plan to do is transfer you and your crew to the USS Horizon. She’s a brand new Resolute class vessel, fresh out of McKinley Station. You can take command and be ready to depart as soon as you’re ready.”

Feeling like she barely got to know Atlantia, Treylana had reservations about the transfer, but given that the alternative to a transfer was potentially waiting around for months for a refit to be completed, she had little option. “Very well. I’ll transfer the command codes of Atlantia to the station and make the necessary arrangements with the ship’s personnel.”

“I had a feeling you’d say that. I’ll get the paperwork finalized and contact you shortly.”

Treylana sat silently and nodded as the screen went black. She reflected on the past few months and the missions she had been tasked with; a mere drop in the bucket compared to what she would soon get up to with the Horizon. Once the realization set in, she returned her attention to the crew transfers that now awaited her.