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Part of Starbase 86: The Adventures of Tyler Bardot

Riding Through the Triangle (Part 4)

Cassiopeia Station, Temporary Quarters of LT Bardot
16 July 2399
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Tyler sat on the edge of the bed in the small temporary quarters she had been assigned aboard Cassiopeia Outpost she was bent forward her hands over her face. She shivered and sat back up looking directly across to a dresser with a mirror above it and sighed at the sight of herself. She had been unable to sleep she had been having nightmares at any point she could actually keep her eyes shut of her wingman and their weapons systems officer suffocating to death at the same time the overwhelming blinding light hit. She hoped greatly that they had indeed also lost consciousness as she and Cabbage had.

Tyler rose from the edge of the bed and moved to the small private head and went about straightening herself out, freshening up, and then moving back to the main part of the room for a fresh uniform. She asked for the time from the computer and mentally decided that she would have time for a caffeinated beverage in the mess before heading to her mandatory appointment with one of the counselors in sickbay. She had fought it tooth and nail but the commander of her air group had called and informed her that she no longer had a choice but was to report to the counselor or she wouldn’t be cleared for flight. Though she had not expected to be cleared at least until she returned to Starbase 86. She just hoped that that trip would be sooner rather than later. It would be bad enough that two members of her wing would be in the cargo bay of the runabout her and her WSO would be chauffeured back in.

She knew that eyes would be on her the outpost was small enough that everyone knew it all and who everyone was. Especially the outlier like her… even in her duty uniform people would know she was an outsider. She decided to stop at Cabbage’s quarters and rang the chime maybe he’d go with her and help keep her mind off the eyes.