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Starbase 86, Quarters of LT Heather Kowal
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Heather nearly dropped the PADD she was reading while sitting on the couch in her personal quarters aboard Starbase 86. She had just completed her shift and had gotten notification of an urgent message as she entered her quarters. She had done the overnight shift switching with another shift supervisor to assist them with a family commitment. Heather believed in helping out others as often as possible it was good as a team player but also when favors needed to be returned. When she opened up the PADD and her inbox and saw that they were personnel orders she was astonished.

“Report to the Task Force Executive Officer for assignment to command,” she read aloud. “Report to the TFXO for assignment to command,” she repeated, shortening the title to its abbreviation. “Command of what?” she wondered.  Heather stood from the couch and put the PADD down on the table and wished she’d be able to find out more but assumed that it was handled this way so that the surprise could be given in person and not through just some paper. But as of the moment she acknowledged the orders she would no longer be attached to Starbase 86 and she would need to begin the checkout procedure.

“Acknowledge the orders fool,” she chastised herself, as she picked the PADD back up and signed for their receipt. Heather was about to the PADD back down before she sent a quick message to her department head informing them of the orders she had and that she’d make contact with them as soon as she had time to begin checkout procedures. Then she looked around her room realizing that she would need to pack. Then she stopped herself and cleared her throat, her mind, and took a deep breath.

“You could have command of a group of runabouts or something silly, you’re getting ahead of yourself girl,” she told herself, out loud. After all there was nothing wrong with taking to yourself if you didn’t start answering… “Drink of water, fresh uniform, see the Task Force Executive Officer,” Heather said, giving herself instructions as she walked toward the replicator to get herself the water she’d made step one.

“For assignment to command,” she said to herself, as she replicated the water and took a drink.