Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon


USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
October 2399
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After arriving back on the bridge for the third time that day, she looked at the Captain. “So, my hypothesis was correct Kepara was at one point a Tkon world and was the only planet that is in this system to have been moved some thousands of years ago before they went extinct,” Jeesa said as both Adams and Tajir looked at each other then back at the Lieutenant.

“Though it would seem from my scans that the system itself has always been here, just the planet itself moved,” Jeesa replied as she gave the Captain the padd with all the information on it. Adams took the padd and began to look over it while Jeesa continued on with what she had to say.

“There is definitely some technology in that cave, though I can’t tell exactly what due to the damping field that is in place,” Jeesa confirmed before she went on to suggest bringing one more person on the away mission. “I am no engineer, I suggest that Commander Jheria joins us on the away team,” Jeesa said looking at them, Adams sat there and thought for a moment before agreeing.

Tapping her combadge, “Adams to Commander Dilucca please report to sickbay to get the needed alterations done as you will be joining us on the away team.” Adams said as there seemed to be a long pause before Jheria responded. “Aye sir,” was all that was said before the comm channel ended.

“I suggest we all get ready as we have forty-five minutes before we head down to the planet,” she replied as she stood up before continuing. “Once we are finished we are to head to the transporter room.” She said before turning to look at Tajir, “you have the bridge Commander,” looking at Tajir giving him assurance that everything will be alright without saying a word before turning to leave the bridge with Jeesa walking behind her. 

They each headed to their own quarters to get changed into the clothing that Commander Kriia had noted in her report. 

While the others were getting ready Jheria had made her way to the infirmary. Walking in she looked around to see if she could see Commander Zoran anywhere before a voice ran out behind her. “Can I help you, Commander?” The nurse replied looking at the engineer. “I am looking for Commander Zoran.” Jheria replied as the nurse smiled, “right this way.” She said as they both began to walk to where the Doctor was.

“Here she is Commander,” came her reply before she walked off. Teila turned around to notice the Andorian officer. “How can I help you?” Teila said with a bright smile, “So it would seem I am being sent on the away team down to the planet below so I need to look like the people below.” Jheria said looking at the red-headed doctor who always seemed to have a bright smile on her face.

“Wonderful, right this way and we will begin,” Teila said as she leads Jheria to a bio bed to begin the long process of changing her appearance which wouldn’t be easy as say someone with just nose ridges or spots. “So are you excited to be going down and looking for technology that was all thought to be gone?” Teila asked as she knew Jheria was an engineer and finding technology one would wonder if one would get excited to learn about something they never thought of before or a race that long been gone.

I am actually, you don’t just find technology like this in your lifetime and here we are possibly finding technology on an Empire thought to be long forgotten. Though I don’t agree with breaking the Prime Directive to do it, I know the Captain is taking all precautions to limit exposing ourselves while we’re down there.” Jheria replied looking at her.

Teila nodded as Jheria talked, “I am kinda jealous” Teila admitted as she always loved science. Though she ultimately decided to become a doctor over becoming a scientist the passion was still there.

Jheria tilted her head to the side for a brief moment, “oh?” She asked looking at Teila hoping she would elaborate. “While growing up I had a passion for both science and medicine. It was very hard to choose between the two, though I ultimately chose to become a Doctor, though I never stopped loving science and continue to learn everything I can in my free time.” Teila replied as Jheria nodded in return, “I would love to see what Tkon technology looks like and be able to know more about them.” Teila added as she continued to work on the Commander.

“Well, I am not going to say for certain, but if you talk to the Captain once we can get it on board, maybe she will allow you to work with Commander Atur in studying it more,” Jheria said as from what she knew about Adams she was a very reasonable person and more the likely would allow it.

“That would be cool, though I don’t want to be too pushy since I am new to the crew,” Teila replied as she finished her work and Jheria looked like a whole new person. “All finished Commander, care to look in the mirror?” She asked with a smile as Jheria nodded almost nervous to see herself.

Getting up from the biobed she walked over to where a long-standing mirror was located and looked in. She was shocked, almost not able to recognize herself as she looked in the mirror. “You are almost a whole new person Commander,” Teila said as she smiled.

Touching her face with her hands, that was once blue was now a medium tan color, her hair that once was white was now blonde. “Wow,” was all she could muster as she looked at the outfit she was wearing. “I have hidden the commbadge under the clothing so you will still be able to communicate with the away team and the ship.” She said as Jheria nodded as she was shown were, “Thank you, Commander.” She replied looking back in the mirror for a few moments more. 

“Your welcome, please be safe down there,” Teila replied as she walked off before Jheria could reply back to attend to two security officers who were also getting alterations to join the away team. 

After a few moments of looking at herself, she turned away from the mirror and headed out of the infirmary. Walking down the corridor she was getting officers doing a double-take on her before realizing it was Jheria. She headed to the transporter room, though she decided to take the long way instead of just taking the turbo lift as they still had a little while before they would beam down. After a while, she finally made it and walked in to notice that some of the team was already there waiting. They were shocked at her transformation and smiled, “you look amazing Jheria.” Jeesa replied with a bright smile as Damir nodded.

“Thanks,” Jheria replied as they were just waiting for the security team to arrive before they would review the plan and head down to the planet below.