Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

Hidden Truths

USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
October 2399
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Shortly after arriving in the Astrometrics Lab, Jheria opened the panel below the main console that Jeesa would be using. After accessing the main power relay to the main sensors and the deflector dish she started to make the adjustments needed to boost the sensor rage for both the planet as well as the system. 

While Jeesa couldn’t do much until she was done she decided to make some small talk, “so how long have you been on board Commander?” She asked while leaning against the back of another console.

Jheria looked at the woman briefly before replying, “we were all assigned to the Vesta at the same time Lieutenant, though most of you came from the Relentless I was transferred from Guardian Station.” Jheria replied though not realizing that Jeesa came on board a few months later.

“Oh, I didn’t come from the Relentless I was transferred from the Starbase 611 a few months after,” Jeesa replied as Jheria felt stupid to just assumed that most everyone came from the Relentless. “I am sorry I didn’t mean to assume,” she apologized before getting back to work on making the needed adjustments.

“It’s alright, with so many officers it can be hard to keep track of who came from where.” Jeesa replied with a smile, “though I never thought I become Chief so quickly.” Jeesa admitted as she knew that feeling all too well when she went from Assistant Chief to Chief on Guardian Station.

“I know that feeling,” Jheria replied to her last statement.

Nodding, Jeesa just looked around the lab before Jheria decided to be the one to ask the next question. “So, with being a Betazoid is it not tempting to read other people’s thoughts?” She asked merely out of curiosity than anything, which caused a small chuckle out of her.

“For most, it would be, especially those who are not in Starfleet as it’s something they don’t really think about and forget that most people don’t like their thoughts being read like an open book.” She began as she looked back at the Commander, “for me, I have trained myself to not pry in other people’s private lives unless absolutely necessary but, usually with their permission or if it is a life or death situation.” She finished looking at her, “though I still can sense people’s emotions or can sense danger.” Jeesa said looking at her. 

Jheria “that’s fair,” she replied before she finished what she was doing and closing the panel behind her. “Well, you should have the needed sensor range. I’ll stay here to monitor it while you work.” Jheria said as she walked off to another console towards the other side of the lab. “You only have a max time of an hour and a half,” Jheria reminded the Lieutenant who nodded.

Jeesa got to work immediately as she began her scans of both the planet and the system. “Computer run an in-depth scan of Kepara Colony.” She said after she punched in the parameters of the type of scan she was looking for as the computer beeped in response. This scan would take a good forty-five minutes to complete before she could move onto the second scan which would take thirty minutes to complete.

She watched the data as it came in, studying every aspect of it and comparing it with the information she already found. The doors to the lab opened with Damir walking in noticing the Chief Engineer and Jeesa, “Find anything yet?” Damir asked as he walked up to her as the scans were coming in. “So far it’s proving my hypothesis was correct but won’t know for sure until it’s complete.” Jeesa said as she looked at him as he looking at the data as well.

“Very interesting,” he commented, “indeed it is,” Jeesa replied back as they waited.

“Scan is complete,” came the sound of the reply from the computer. “Computer run in-depth scans of the system around us.” She ordered as the computer beeped in response after she yet again put in the parameters that she wanted.

While that scan was taking place she turned back to the scans of the planet, going through every inch of the scans as she waited for the other scan to finish. Referencing them with the information they already had. “Scan complete,” came the voice of the computer which she nodded to Jheria that she had finished. Jheria got to work bringing sensors back to normal before she left the lab.

After going through all the scans she started to put things together, “umm” came her reply as she looked at everything which caused Damir to look at her, “what did you find?” He asked now curious, “Well it looks like the planet was the only thing that had been moved in this system.” She started pointing to her scans and comparing them to the star charts of what they had of the Tkon. “The other planets in this system have always been here.” She added showing the scans of the system as well.

“That is interesting,” Damir responded looking at all the information.

“In the scan, I included where the Tkon technology was said to be, and it really does look like there is something deep within the cave. Though I can’t really tell if it truly is Tkon in origin but with all that we do have I can probably say that it is.” Jeesa replied showing him the scans. “The damping field is not helping with the scans either,” she added as he started to study it.

“So Kepara was definitely a Tkon world, that was for some reason moved here,” Damir said as Jeesa nodded. “Indeed it is Commander, it seems we hit a jackpot per se,” Jeesa said as this was something of a scientist’s dream to come upon a planet that belonged to an Empire that has long been gone.

“This is, I thought never in my life would be finding anything of this magnitude. Maybe we will learn more about who the Tkon were and how they were able to move planets, even entire systems.” Damir said as he sounded almost like a child in a candy store.

“Indeed, I am going to get this report to the Captain as we need to start preparing to head to the planet soon,” Jeesa said as she started to compile the report for the Captain. Once she had everything on a padd they both walked out of Astrometrics and headed back towards the bridge to brief the Captain on their latest discovery.