Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon


USS Vesta
October 2399
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Jeesa was still in the Astrometrics lab searching through the files they had on the Tkon, as well as the many scans from the planet, as well as the system. Teila had already left as she had work that needed to be done in the infirmary. Rubbing her temples as she looked away for a moment as she was looking at the information for far too long.

Walking over to the replicator, “Raktajino, extra-strong” she ordered as the hot Klingon coffee appeared, picking it up she took a drink as Jeesa walked back over to her station to review the information again. 

“This is just not making sense,” Jeesa said out loud but no one in particular. Last she knew she was alone, not realizing that Dimar had come back in the room when she was so engrossed in the information.

Looking up from what he was doing raising an eyebrow, “what is not making sense Lieutenant?” Jahraus asked which caused her to jump at his question, looking over at him almost red in the face. “I didn’t realize you had come in Commander,” Atur replied before she pointed to what she was looking at.

I have been looking at the star charts of this area both from Tkon archives as well as what we have now.” She responded as Jahraus walked over to her to look, “according to the Tkon archives this planet hasn’t always been here.” She said which caused him to start looking at what she was looking at.

“It was here,” he pointed at the Tkon map of where the planet used to be, which was thousands of light-years away.

She nodded, “It seemed to have been moved right before the Tkon went extinct from what my calculations are showing, though I can probably get a more definitive answer once we arrive back at Kepara to get more in-depth scans than what was already taken.” Jeesa said as she looked back at Damir as he tapped a few buttons bringing up the scans of the planet as well as the inhabitance.

There were a few moments of silence as he began to look at everything together, “it would also seem that the planet wasn’t always inhabited, the people from what my scans suggest have only been around for twenty thousand years, whereas the Tkon has been gone for six hundred thousand years.” He said as he looked at her for a moment before looking back at the screen.

“Though this is purely speculation of what information we do have, we just need to find that technology in hopes to put any missing pieces into place.” He added looking at her as she nodded in agreement.

The room went quiet for a moment as Jahraus went back to his own console, “when I was in the Academy and learning of the Tkon, they had always been a fascination to me.” Jeesa said facing him with the cup in her hand, “them being able to move whole systems, planets.” Jeesa added before taking a sip of her coffee, “who would have thought years later that we would be hutting down Tkon technology, finding out more about them.” Jeesa finished as Damir looked up and just nodded in reply.

“This is only an Archeologist’s dream to be on a treasure hunt like this,” Damir commented back as Jeesa nodded as she could only imagine. She was no Archeologist but she was still a science officer nonetheless, she got excited about things like this.

She turned back around and started her work again, making notes for the Captain to see. “So what made you become an Archeologist?” Jeesa asked Damir though she didn’t look back.

“My parents were in the field when I was growing up and most of my childhood lessons were on finding artifacts of different cultures and learning more about them. Since then I found a love for it as well so decided to follow in their footsteps.” Damir replied back as he looked at her from his console for a moment before he went back to work.

“I bet that would be exciting to be able to learn firsthand like that,” Jeesa replied as she continued to work. Things began to get quiet again as she transferred all the data onto a padd. “Thanks for your assistance, I am going to go meet with the Captain and share what we found,” Jeesa said as she shut down her console as Damir nodded, headed out of the Astrometrics lab she made her way towards the bridge to talk with the Captain.