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Terror of the Skies – Koruku III

Koruku III
September 2399
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The flashing of phaser fire and micro-torpedos was as a wave of flame and ruin upon the people of the village. Frantic Korukens ran in fear and terror as what appeared to be a great, shining beast flew overhead, coming back every few moments for another run at their settlement.

Wood and debris flew across the skies and splashed in the great puddles as the storm was pierced over and over by a giant beast of shining light darted through the falling rain. 

It’s roar was terrible, and it’s form mysterious as it blasted building after building again and again with its great red flames. Fires rose and roared even as the rain came down harder.

“Target the well and their storehouses, lieutenant. Remember, we’re aiming for as few casualties as possible.” Vex commanded from his position aboard the Trent.

“Firing all phasers Sir,” the Lieutenant replied, “targets locked.”  Inside the craft you could hear the phasers as they fired.  One… two…three.  “Target destroyed Commander,” the Lieutenant stated. 

From the opposite side of the craft Neil kept a close eye on the scans from the colony.  Monitoring things like traffic, possibly threats, and colonists activity; he was playing multiple hats all at once.   “Sector traffic remains calm,” Neil stated, “but I am picking up a Federation ship on large range sensors,” Neil didn’t need to ask the obvious.  This was the clean up crew, forever Starfleet had planned here.  “The Villages seem to have retreated to an area on the northside of the colony.  I am picking up an increase of lifesigns there.  My guess is they are making their way to an area under the keep for protection.

Neil stood up, turning to face the Lieutenant, “target these vents here, here, and here,” he pointed to a map overlay on the man’s screen.  “These should all be safe but they will allow for an influx of water to dump into the lower levels of the keep.  It should force the colonists to change their plans.”  He looked to their leader, “I would also suggest a torpedo to their main keep,” Neil stated, “perhaps we can force them to sea and away from the colony.  Land the shuttle on the roof of the keep, make it look like we are staying, and they might just keep sailing their boats away for the time being.  Seek refuge somewhere else for the time being.” 

“Acknowledged commander.” Vex replied.

“Lieutenant, see it done. We need to keep these colonists away from the site for as long as possible.” and with that, he entered a few extra commands on his own screen, coordinating tactical information to the lieutenant’s monitor as she prepared for another volley on the village.

The runabout came around once again for another volley of attacks through the rain. With three well-placed blasts from the ship’s phasers, the levees protecting the village burst as water began to flood through where vents had once been. Seawater came rushing through the streets at all turns as the location slowly began to flood. Debris washed downstream as the fires on the buildings began to rise and fall, burning through wood before being doused by the storming rain.

With this run coming to an end, the runabout fired a micro-torpedo at the solid walls of the keep at the end of town. With a crash and a bang, the stonemasonry came tumbling down as bricks and mortar were slung through the air from the blast site. Screams of terror and despair echoed across the walls and within, all but silent to those that dwelled in the cockpit of the monster above.

Still, Vex felt it. Closing his eyes with an uncomfortable sigh, he lowered his head.

Answers now for this were all that was on his mind. Seldom in his four lifetimes had he been witness to such unjustifiable atrocities as this. This wasn’t who Starfleet was, and it certainly was not who he was, not now nor ever. Even Burza wouldn’t have resorted to tactics like this without having some serious questions to ask, even if ordered to do so.

The Trent came around for another pass.

As the scene unfolded in front of them it was painful to watch.  Everything about this screamed this was wrong.   At what point did orders no longer make sense?  Whatever Starfleet had in mind he had to believe this violation of the Prime Directive was worth it?  He looked down at the screen.   “It’s working,” he stated,  “they are heading for the boats.   The first of them have already departed.

Neil turned in his chair as he pointed to the pilots screen, “take us down here,” he gestured, “strongest part of the building,  it will support us.”  Unlike most victories, this was very hollow.  There was no pleasure it this defeat.

Before Neil could respond the comm channel opened as a gruf sounding voice filled the small cockpit.  “Runabout Trent this is the USS Phoenix.  Our senors show the colonists leaving the village.  Good work, our teams will take over from here.”  Before a reply could be made the Phoenix closed the channel.

“Good work,” Neil stated out loud,  “good work,” his voice was clearly puzzled.  It was obvious he didn’t agree with their assessment.   “Your orders, Commander?”

Vex huffed.

“Good work.” he parroted in a sarcastic manner.

“Let’s check that reading we passed earlier then leave as swiftly as possible, Mr Harrington. I’d really rather not remain here any longer than is totally necessary.”

With that, the young ensign punched in a few commands on his console. The Trent rose from the keep, like a great beast flying away from the devastation he had caused, turned, and headed for the hills.