Part of USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Horizon and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

Battle for the Ancients

Location: Gamma Quadrant USS Heracles
Stardate: 74448 Time: 1120 hours
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Stardate: 74448


Time: 1120 hours


Location: Gamma Quadrant


USS Heracles


Thý’ella’s and Vausees sat in the conference room with Debrah. She sat there in silence as the two Commanding Officers talked about the Armada’s next move. Thý’ella’s idea was to just fight them off, to either total destruction or until their fleet flee’s. Vausees looked to Debrah, “What do you think Commander?”


Debrah looked up from a monitor that is inset into the conference table. “It might be the only solution, Captain,” she said as she looked from Vausees to Thý’ella, “Since we know that the Romulan Commander isn’t going to budge until the Tkon idol is in the Romulans hands.”


Thý’ella’s nodded to Debrah while Vausees remained silent with her fingers steepled. She wished that there was a way to negotiate with the Romulan Commander, but she knew that both Thý’ella and Debrah were correct.


As the three exited out of the Conference Room, Vausees took the Command chair as Debrah took her position behind Vausees. The two looked at Thý’ella’s as a shimmering of light surrounded her and she was transported to her ship.


“Mister Bettencourt please make the ship ready for battle,” she ordered as she looked at Cody.


Cody nodded and opened a ship wide and announced that the ship was being set to red alert. He then tapped the display on the console of the Command chair and the ship was placed into a Combat status. 


Vausees tapped the hailing icon on the holographic display of her armchair and Thý’ella appeared on the viewscreen. 


“The Armada is ready.”


Vausees nodded as the hail closed.


Debrah informed Vausees that Thý’ella and her Armada were moving closer to the Heracles.


“Jonton, hail the Romulan Commander,” she ordered.


Jonton did as he was ordered and hailed the massive Romulan ship. After a couple of tries Jonton looked up at Vausees, “No response Captain.”


“Then lock onto the closest warbird,” she ordered.




The Heracles and Boulóni Día Battleship all armed and took aim at various Romulan Warbirds. Suddenly all hell broke loose as a Romulan Warbird opened fire. The Heracles’ shields flashed as the disrupter impacted on them. 




The Armada opened fire on the Warbird’s. The Heracles engaged her impulse drive and took evasive action while opening fire, as did the Armada. The Romulan fleet took flight as the Armada did and it was pure chaos. Within a matter of seconds half of the Romulan Fleet was vaporized. 


Vausees hailed Thý’ella, “Am I reading this right,” she said as she looked at the sensor logs, “Are your ships single firing some form of Energy based weapons that can completely destroy a ship in a single blast?” She asked.


Thý’ella nodded as her Battleship launched a volley of warheads and impacted on the hull of the massive Romulan ship. The ship was sliced in two as the warheads exploded. What appeared to be energy discharges erupted out of each warhead as they exploded. 


Jonton looked at his console, “Captain that ship is disabled, and the rest of the Romulan fleet is flee,” he stated as the remaining Romulan ships warped out. 


As the Heracles moved into place, in front of the disabled Romulan ship it suddenly exploded as all of the Armada unleashed their weapons on the remainder of the Romulan ship. Vausees eyes widened as she watched the explosion before her on the viewscreen. It changed to Thý’ella, “It’s finished,” she stated as she looked at Vausees. 


Vausees nodded and just before the comms closed, “Thank you Thý’ella,”


Thý’ella sat on the central chair on the bridge of the Boulóni Día. The Heracles sat on the holographic display that was before her, in the dark. She brought up the Armada on the display and signaled for them to depart. Like before the space behind the Armada exploded in a shimmering of hues as they swirled around a central point. The Armada flowed into the swirl and disappeared.


“Captain Vausees, myself and the Armada are at your beckoning call,” she said as she entered into the wormhole, “should you need us again all you need to do is call us.” she stated just before the wormhole disappeared.