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Part of USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Horizon and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon


Location: Somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant
Stardate: 74161.2 Time: unknown
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—Three months ago—


Stardate: 74161.2


Time: unknown


Location: Somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant

A figure passed under the glow of light that floated in the air on technology that had long been forgotten about, but was a common sight everywhere. Their head was concealed in the shadows of the hood that they wore which held the light away from their face. When it appeared that one would be able to see who was hidden in the darkness that the hood gave this figure, it would never come, as if the light was repelled away by some unknown and unseen force. 


The figure stopped at a corner of two intersecting streets and looked about. The area was free of anyone who would have seen them. After a few moments they turned away and headed down the street, and entered into a store, which had a single large front facing window that was glowing behind boards that had been placed over it, a single word pulsated ‘Ekie’pok’. 


The owner looked up as the door alerted them that they had an owner, however, when they looked into the holographic image of their storefront nothing appeared. Cocking their head to the side they stood up and moved toward the exit of their office. As soon as they made it to the exit they came face to face with a figure dressed from head to toe in leather and metal. When they tried to see who was hidden behind the shadows of the hood their head started to pound until they looked away. 


The figure reached up and lowered the hood back. Long white hair, which shimmered other hues when moved, contoured smooth pale skin. The figure then reached back up and removed a visor from their eyes, which appeared as white as their hair but also shimmered with other hues. As the visitor slipped the visor into the folds of the leather jacket, the air around them wavered for a moment and a female form could be seen. 


The owner, who had been shaking their head and rubbing both sides of their head, finally looked up and saw who was standing in front of them. Their eyes bulged out of their head, and they had to look away.


A voice then spoke, its tone was angelic and demonic at the same time, as if two different beings inhabited the same body, “Look at me, Spo’,” the woman said as she placed her gauntleted hands on top of the countertop that separated the two people.


The sound of her voice caused the owner to cringe and crush their eyes shut, both actions were involuntary. The owner’s body shook as they tried to force their body to comply with this woman’s request. Again the owner heard the woman’s voice, compelling them to comply with the previous request. The owner opened their mouth to speak and a small near-whisper of a voice was found, “I wish to comply, but I have heard whisper and rumor that your kind, or more spoken your soldiers, kill all those that look upon them.”


A soft sigh escapes the woman’s mouth as she lowers her head with irritation, her white, shimmering hair falls into her face as she shakes her head. ‘One of days my people are going to be extinct’, she thought to herself as she slowly looked up at the owner, she could feel, smell and taste the fear that emanated off them. “I give you my word,” she said in as calming of a voice as she could muster, “as a zealot of the Τοv Oeοu, that I will not harm a cell on or in your body or soul.”


The owner, still shaking visibly, allowed, through sheer will, one of their eyes to open and peer upon the woman. When they saw that she was indeed holding true to her word they relaxed, but still kept their guard up. “As custom to my people before we conduct whatever business you have I must know your name,” the owner stated, sweat was visible on their skin and clothing being this close to an Angelikós Zilotís, or the common tongue, an ArchAngel. Though the woman had dropped a portion of her disguise moments ago, she still had her wings hidden from view. But those that knew of the Angelikós Zilotís, knew what to look for. The owner could see the shimmering of the air, that most would have missed, and could almost make out the semi-translucent wings, like the rest of her people, theirs were white with shimmering hues, however her’s didn’t shimmer and were in fact not even white but black, and had they been visible would have engulfed all sources of light from around her.


The woman lifted her armored hand and placed it on her forehead, only two fingers actually touched her forehead while the rest were curled into the palm of her hand, she bowed her head in a sign of respect. “I am called Thý’ella,” she announced. Her name when translated meant Deathstorm. She then lowered her hand from her forehead and nodded to the owner.


The gesture was returned in kind, if not a bit shaky from the closeness that they were to Thý’ella. “I am called, ypállilos,” they returned as their hand lowered as well. 


ypállilos knew that if an Angelikós Zilotís was in their show that the meeting was of a certain business that needed to take place away from prying eyes and ears. Lucky for them the shop was empty except for the two of them. Reaching under the countertop they pressed a button which caused the door to lock and the open sign to shift to close. Thý’ella turned her head to the door and then back to ypállilos, as she realized that it had been locked. Anger registered in her eyes for a moment until ypállilos explained. She then nodded and followed them when a door to her left opened.


After a few moments in a lift that lowered the two into the belly of the shop, which was located below grounds, ypállilos and Thý’ella stepped into a dimly light, room that had holographic monitors and a steel table at its center. ypállilos took a seat at one side of the table, their back was to the monitors and Thý’ella took the seat in front of them. 


“So what does the Zealot have for me this late of night?” They asked.


Thý’ella reached into the folds of her leather jacket and pulled out two items, one looked to be a storage device and the other an idol of some sort of figure. Both items were something that ypállilos dealt in and sought after the most in all of the items that they acquired. 


“Tkon,” was all that Thý’ella said, the word caused the harsher side of her voice to sound even more deeper and demonic, nearly drowning out the angelic portion of her voice.


The look in ypállilos’ eyes had a look of entrancement, as if they were spell-bound by the two ancient items that both of their people have worshiped for eon’s. No one knew where the Tkon had disappeared to, or if they still existed at all.


Thý’ella then spoke, “I smuggled these two items off of an outpost that once belonged to a people called Star…Fleet.”


ypállilos’ interest peaked upon hearing that name. “I hear whisper and rumor that Star…Fleet is once more looking for items such as these,”: they said as their hands picked up the idol and held it up to a low hanging light, for inspection. As they inspected the idol they shook their head and set it back down.


Thý’ella continued the conversation by adding that the Romulans, Cardassians, Klingons, and even the Ferengi were also interested in the same items. ypállilos nodded in agreement to what she had just stated.