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Part of USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Horizon and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon


Location: Alpha Quadrant - Deep Space Nine USS Heracles
Stardate: 74429.49 Time: 0204 hours
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Stardate: 74429.49


Time: 0204 hours


Location: Alpha Quadrant – Deep Space Nine


USS Heracles


Vausees had excused herself from the party a few hours ago and was sitting in the ten forward, near one of the many bulkhead sized windows. Her head propped up with a hand as she looked out beyond Deep Space Nine. Ships of various designs flew by, some headed from the wormhole, while others to reaches beyond, deep into the darkness of space. 


As she sat there she did not realize that someone else had entered into the ten forward with her. It was until they sat next to her that she realized it. She turned her attention to them and smiled.


“Commander.” She said to Debrah as she pulled her attention away from the distractions of the station, “Is there something I can help you with?” she asked.


Debrah looked from Vausees to the worker bee that had flashed past. She had heard what her Captain had said and she shook her head ‘no’. “Just thought I would come here. I didn’t know that you were here until I entered,” she said as she returned her focus onto Vausees, “I almost turned around to give you peace as you looked so peaceful.”


A slight flush crept over Vausees cheeks and contrasted with some of her spots. She hadn’t expected this from Debrah, someone who had just arrived on her ship. Debrah saw the rose hue on Vausees cheeks and looked away.


“If I have offended you, Captain,” she said, “then I apologize.”


Vausees reached over and gently placed her hand over Debrah’s, “On the contrary, Debrah,” she said as her thumb began to gently rub the side of Debrah’s hand as if it had a mind of its own. “I am flattered by your comment.”


Debrah looked down at the hand that was on her’s, and she felt her cheeks begin to flush. She carefully slipped her hand free from Vausees and smiled. She brought the hand up to her lips and secretly kissed it. She didn’t know why she had just performed that act on her hand and frankly didn’t care at the moment. Debrah continued to smile as she leaned back in the booth that she was sharing with Vausees.


As the two sat in silence the doors to the ten forward opened and the night shift Assistant Chief of Operations walked in. The young officer came to a stop near Debrah and Vausees, he gave the Captain a quick salute before handing over a PADD, “This just came for you from the station, Ma’am,” he stated before quickly leaving.


Debrah looked at Vausees for a moment before her eyes came to rest on the Starfleet insignia. Her smile slowly faded as she realized that Vausees had a communique from Starfleet. Vausees lifted the PADD up and tapped on the screen. The icon on the screen changed to text, and a sigh left her lips.




Debrah nodded and sat there for a moment until she realized that Vausees had her eyes on her. She nodded again realizing that it had to deal with ‘Omega’. As she stood up the smile returned to her lips and leaned over, “This might be overstepping my paygrade Vausees, but if you need someone to talk to about anything I am here,” she said as she leaned over and gently placed a kiss on the woman’s cheek.


This caused both of them to blush. Debrah then departed the ten forward. Vausees looked down at the PADD and read the orders. Admiral Ross had given them orders to return to the Gamma Quadrant and begin a thorough investigation of a sector near the edge of the known and charted sector of the quadrant. 


Vausees set the PADD down in front of her. Her eyes closed as the PADD slipped gently to the tabletop. A soft and slow breath escaped her lips as she realized that the Omega threat to the Galaxy wasn’t over and that their small victory, though warranted a celebration, was going to be short lived. Standing up Vausees reached down and picked up the PADD, she then moved toward the exit to the ten forward. As the doors slid apart she was greeted by a beautiful sight. 


Debrah stood with her back against the bulkhead of the adjacent wall that was across from the entrance to the ten forward. When the door hissed open she looked up into the lightest set of blue eyes she had ever seen. Granted she had gazed upon them moments earlier but now they seemed even lighter than before. She could tell that something was different about her Captain, and she reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder.


“Vausees, are you ok?”


A smile crossed Vausees mouth at the feel of Debrah’s hand on her shoulder. She didn’t know how this woman that stood before her knew something was off but was glad for it. Reaching up she placed her hand on Debrah’s as she shook her head. “I will be fine Debrah.” She said as she looked down for a moment. 


“The orders,” Debrah said, “I am guessing are not what you thought they would be.”


Looking back up she slipped her fingers between Debrah’s and smiled. “We’re heading back to Gamma.”


Debrah nodded and pulled Vausees into her arms. “I am sure it is more than just that,” she stated as she held her. 


Vausees let out another slow breath as she felt the warmth from this woman. She wanted so much to tell her what was going on like she had before. Her head slowly pressed into Debrah’s chest as she stood there in the corridor with her.


“I want so much to tell you what’s going on, but we both know that would be a violation of the Omega Directive.” Her voice caught in her throat as she stated this to Debrah.


With a gentle touch, she slowly slipped Vausees under her arm and coaxed her to walk. She led her toward the nearest lift and they both entered it. As the doors closed behind them Debrah spoke out Vausees cabin deck and the lift engaged. Moments later the lift slowed as the deck approached. Vausees looked up into the bright green eyes of Debrah’s and her face held a confused look to it. Debrah looked down and smiled.


“I’m taking you to your cabin. You need to take a nap before informing the crew of these orders,” she stated as the lift stopped and the door slid open. They exited the lift and headed toward Vausees cabin. When they reached her cabin, Vausees reached up and tapped the white bland-looking button on the console next to the door. The door slid open and the pair entered the cabin, the door closed behind them. 


Debrah walked Vausees over to the Adjoining sleeping quarters and helped her out of her uniform. Vausees sat on her bed and looked up into Debrah’s eyes. Debrah looked back and smiled.


“Get some rest.” That is all that she said as she went to leave. She stopped when she felt Vausees hand on her arm. She looked down and then back at Vausees. She turned back to her and stood there. 


Vausees let go of her arm and replaced the hand on Debrah’s waist. She looked back up into her eyes and gently pulled on her waist. “Stay here with me.” Her voice was soft as she spoke.


Debrah nodded and waited until Vausees had scooted over. She then slipped onto the bed beside her. Vausees turned over and rested her head on Debrah’s chest as she closed her eyes.


“Please be here when I wake,” she said in a slightly groggy voice. 


Debrah leaned down and kissed the top of Vausees head, “I won’t leave until you tell me to,” she whispers as she wraps her arms around a relaxed form of Vausees.




Cody had dismissed himself from the party and had returned to the bridge to check on the night shift. As he entered he saw Zyvia sitting in the chair next to the Command chair. Her head was down as she looked into the PADD she was holding. She looked up when she heard the door to the main lift open.




“Lieutenant,” he replied in return.


“All quiet on our end,” she stated as she kept her eyes on him, her atenas moving slowly about as she watched him.


Cody took the Command chair and turned to look at her, “Why didn’t you sit here?” He asked her.


She shrugged, “No reason.”


Cody nodded as he looked at the armrest console. He scrolled through the reports that had come up to the bridge from various department heads. He then stood up and turned to Zyvia, “Hungry?” He asked her.


This caught her off guard and she thought for a moment before she nodded.


“Meet me in the Senior Officer’s Lounge in ten minutes.” Cody said as he slipped away from her.


Zyvia sat there for a moment surprised by how Cody had spoken to her. Reaching up she tapped her ComBadge as she stood up and requested for a relief. She then exited the bridge and joined Cody in the main lift.




Charles sat across from Skirak, a four tiered chess game sat between them. Both men sat in silence as they considered their next move.


“Tell me Chief,” Skirak said, “what do you enjoy about the Heracles?” He asked as his claw hand rested on a piece on the second tier. He was still deciding if he was going to move.


Charles kept his eyes on the game as he thought about what Skirak had asked. His thoughts were on both the game before them and the question when he saw Skirak make his move. He looked at each tier as he continued to think about the question. His hand came up and moved a piece from the first tier to the second tier. “Skirak, I don’t just enjoy the Heracles,” he said, “I love the Heracles because she keeps me on my toes with everything that we her crew have put her thought and she keeps on going.” He stated as he looked into the black complex eyes of Skirak. 


Skirak nodded, “I can appreciate that answer,” he stated as he took a piece from the fourth tier and moved one of Charles pieces off the board. He then looked up from the board to the doors that had opened. He saw Cody and Zyvia walk in and over to the food bar. Charles followed Skirak’s eyes and saw what he was looking at. He looked back at Skirak, “That’s odd,” he stated as he saw Cody with someone. 


Skirak cocked their head to the side, “Odd,” he repeated.


Charles looked at Skirak and nodded, “Cody is what you call a lone wolf, even though he joins away missions and participates in meets,” he said, “I have never seen him with anyone when he is doing something on his own.”


Cody picked up his tray and waited for Zyvia, who joined him shortly. He looked about the lounge and spotted an empty table near Charles and Skirak. He escorted Zyvia over to the table and nodded to the two men as he passed them. Zyvia mirrored his movement and sat across from Cody.


Charles watched Cody and Zyvia out of the corner of his eye as he made his move. He watched as Cody and Zyvia ate and laughed. This was indeed odd for him to see coming from their new Executive Officer. He looked back at his assistant and shrugged.


“Maybe he is just trying something new,” he said as he returned his attention to their game, “nothing wrong with that,” he stated as he made his move.




Vausees opened her eyes and saw a black muscle tee staring back at her. She groaned as she turned her head and followed the material up to a sleeping form of Debrah. Sitting up she leaned over and gently kissed the woman that had her arms wrapped around her. A soft moan left Debrah as she slowly opened her eyes and looked into Vausees. Her eyes instantly widened as she realized where she was.


“Vausees,” she exclaimed as she unwrapped her arms from her Captain, “I’m sorry I fell,” she was silenced by a gentle touch from Vausees.


“I am glad you did,” she said as she slipped into an upright position. She groaned as her body stretched from the position that she had fallen asleep in. Turning her head she smiled. “Thank you for keeping your word and staying here with me,” she said in a soft voice. After a few moments of stretching she stood up and walked toward her bathroom. She stopped and looked back at Debrah, “You can join me if you want or wait until I am finished, either works for me,” she stated as she slipped her shirt over her head and tossed it toward the replicator for later disposal.


Debrah watched her movement and had heard what she had stated and sat there contemplating on which option would be best. After she heard the sonic shower turn on she stood up and moved over the door of the bathroom and leaned against it.


“I’ll wait this time,” she said as she looked down, fighting the urge to take a peek into the semi translucent shower stall.


Vausees heard what Debrah had said and smiled, ‘Thank you,’ she thought to herself as she rinsed away the grime from the previous day, ‘I am not sure that I could have resisted my urges,’ she continued to think as she shut the shower off and reached out for a towel.


Wrapping it around herself she walked out and over to Debrah. As she passed her she leaned over and whispered, “You pass, and when you’re ready let me know when you would like to move your things here,” she said as she kissed her cheek.


Vausees changed while Debrah was in the shower. The two held a conversation about the orders that Admiral Ross had given them. She thought it was best that she had someone she could talk to, and since Debrah had been a Captain, in the fleet, prior to her retirement and reactivation, she knew that anything she said to Debrah would be kept between them and not shared with the rest of the crew.


She had just slipped on her shirt when she heard the shower turn off and walked over with a fresh towel as Debrah opened the stall door. Debrah looked at Vausees and took the towel from her, “Thank you,” she said as Vausees moved away. 


“I have a fresh uniform on the bed,” she said as she heads for the replicator to dispose of both of their uniforms, “I hope you don’t mind.”


“Not at all,” Debrah responds as she walks out of the bathroom wearing the towel around herself, and picks up the undergarments that were laying on top of the new uniform. After dressing, Vausees attaches the three gold pips in place on Debrah’s chest, and smooths out a small wrinkle. She steps back and looks her over, “Beautiful.”


Debrah blushes and thanks her as she removes a stray hair from the shoulder of her Captain. Vausees thanks her and they both head for the door.