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Discovery NX-04, Deneva, Kappa Fornacis system
Wednesday, October 23rd, 2155
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Feeling more at ease since the incident at Gault where they uncovered the remains of a dead soldier working for the Romulan Star Empire, Captain Müller was enjoying the distraction of paperwork. Sat at the back of the bridge with tablets on top of the situation table, the German officer was focused on reading the latest updates since the Romulans attacked the Vulcan colony on Merak. He wondered if it would change the Vulcan’s approach to the war effort, he hoped they would find a way to re-join the fight. They needed the numbers. 

There was a beep from the helm station and he looked up towards his pilot and first officer. “What is it, Commander Rodham?” Müller asked as he dropped the tablet down and made his way over. He knew the beep was from the proximity alarm. 

Rodham was reviewing his readings and looked over his shoulder to answer. “I’m detecting fifteen separate warp signatures heading straight for us.”

 “Fifteen?” Müller repeated as he looked at the commander with surprise. They were not expecting any reinforcements. Currently Discovery was leading a task group of eight ships, all of whom were heading to help with the defence of Deneva. 

Lieutenant Nuñez spoke up from the science station after she turned around from the sensor scope. “Sir those are Romulan warp signatures.”  

“How far away are they?” Müller asked as he took his seat in the centre of the bridge.

Rodham answered for him, “Distance two point one light years and closing.” He finished with a gulp.

“Hull plating to maximum. Standby all weapons!” Müller commanded as the ship was brought to tactical alert. 

At the armoury station, Lieutenant Commander Wallis spoke up. “They’re in visual range.”

Hearing those words made Müller shiver slightly as he ordered his armoury officer to show them all. “On screen.” 

“My god.” Rodham uttered at how fierce the imagery looked of the incoming aggressors.

“Ensign Russo, send a message to the Armstrong to breakaway and head back to Earth. Tell them to inform Starfleet that we have engaged the Romulans by Denver.” Müller said as he turned to look back at the oncoming force of Romulan ships. He was outgunned two to one and he wondered if any of them would actually survive this day.