Part of Challenger: While The Iron Is Hot


The Hall of State, Dartha, Romulus
Day Fifteen, Month of K’r’lior / Sunday, February 16th, 2155
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Admiral Valdore watched in silence as Praetor D’deridex discussed with the rest of the Senate the current situation. The aging Romulan leader now rose slowly from the opulent chair at the head of the Hall of State’s audience chamber. “Once again our plans have failed to live up to their outcomes. Admiral, what do you have to say on behalf of the military?”

Valdore cleared his throat. “Praetor as you know these plans were rushed into action, and we may not have been able to destroy the combined task forces but we have achieved one objective we did not originally intend to happen.”

D’deridex looked down at Valdore who stood at the bottom of the steps that led up to where he currently stood. “And what is that?” He replied with surprising volume and vehemence for a man of his age. “Because from where I stand I see enemies on our doorsteps close to finalising an alliance and bringing more nations into it.” 

“The Hevams, Thaessu, Andorsu and Tellarsu have now moved their attention to consider the Orion Syndicate and Nausicaan mercenaries more of a threat thus giving us a tactical advantage, so when we attack, they would not be expecting it Praetor. The others will not join them if they wish to avoid becoming targets themselves too.” Valdore replied with confidence.

“See to it Admiral.” The Praetor hissed.

Bowing his head in respect, Valdore spoke. “I shall return to finalising our battle plans at once, Praetor.”

D’derdex returned to his seat and gestured to Valdore to leave the chamber at once with a swift backhand motion. “Good, off you go then!” He added.

In his mouth the bitter taste of defeat was replaced with one of eagerness to see their plans come to be: the invasion and destruction of the home-worlds of the Andorians, Tellarites, Humans and most importantly their distant Vulcan cousins.