Part of USS Saratoga: Tensions and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega


USS Lune / USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
September 2399
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Now that the USS Vesta had beam aboard on the planet’s inhabitance and moved to a safe distance, the USS Lune began to prep for eliminating the Omega Molecules that were close to the planet. Tapping the controls next to him he looked at the area, the molecules were still stabilized but the way things were looking they could destabilize at any moment. 

“Engineering, is that torpedo ready?” Michael asked looking nowhere in particular as he waited for a response.

“Just about, need five more minutes Captain,” the engineer replied. “You have three,” Michael replied as the comm went quiet for a moment before the engineer spoke up. “Aye sir,” as the comm channel ended. 

Standing up Michael began to pace back and forth as he watched the readings as the time ticked by. “Engineering to the bridge, the torpedo is ready and loaded sir.” The engineer replied as he stopped in his tracks and sat back down to pull up his screen.

“Wonderful,” Michael replied as he sent the needed coordinates to the tactical officer.

“Lieutenant Osimara, lock on those coordinates and fire.” Michael said, “understood sir.” came the woman’s reply as the modified torpedo fired towards its needed target while Michael kept an eye on the sensors. Everyone on the bridge was quiet, the tension in the air as they waited for word that the mission was successful or they would be stuck here.

The torpedo detonated at the right time in the right location, Michael looked at the screen he was no longer detecting Omega molecules above the planet or anywhere within the system. A sigh of relief washed over him as he looked at everyone else who seemed to have had this look of relief as well.

Though the crew what really clueless about what was going on but seeing the Captains relief made them think whatever was going on was resolved. This mission has been a stressful one for both crews though the threat was far from over he knew at least this system was secure and safe, that the people were saved to live another day.

“You have the bridge number one,” Michael replied and walked into his ready room before she even had a chance to respond. After entering he sat down and locked the doors and opened a comm channel to Captain Adams aboard the USS Vesta, he sat there waiting for a response.

Makayla sat in her office lost in thought waiting for word from the USS Lune, her thoughts kept going back to her crew. She couldn’t blame Lieutenant Rar for what she did, if she was in her shoes she probably would have done the same thing. She still disobeyed a direct order and tried to sabotage their mission, so she was currently sitting in the brig until this is over and what she will decide to do next.

“Captain, sorry to disturb you but you are getting a communication from Captain Sorenson of the USS Lune.” Odan replied over the comm channel, “patch it through Commander.” Adams replied as she locked the doors as she knew that this would need to be a private talk.

Tapping the button on her computer Captain Sorenson appeared on the screen in front of her. “Report,” Adams replied looking at him in anticipation, though she figured it was good news as he was able to send a communication. “The Omega molecules have been eliminated around the planet and we are not ready any other molecules in the sector,” Michael replied looking at her as a sigh of relief came over her mouth.

“That is wonderful news, we will head back and finish this mission.” Adams replied, “thank you for your assistance in this matter Captain Adams,” Michael replied in return. “Your welcome Captain, stay safe out there,” Adams replied as she was sure he would be needed elsewhere.

“You as well Captain,” Michael replied then ended the channel.

Makayla sat there for a moment longer after the communications ended, things could have gone so many different ways. She was glad things turned out well for them, she would have been unprepared to find a new colony for them and have to make contact and explain why. After a while, she walked out on the bridge and took a seat in her chair.