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Part of Lead Expeditionary Group: Task Force 17 Releases – The Archanis Array and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

You Can’t Please Everyone

USS Discovery (NCC-82006), Haydorian system, Archanis Sector, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76058
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“Governor, I promise you that Starfleet takes the defence of the colony seriously.” Bennet remarked, almost exhausted and frustrated with how whiny and demanding the Andorian-Aenar leader was.

“It doesn’t feel like you do Captain Bennet.” Thelis countered back with. “You have a number of ships now in the system but you are more bothered about the defence of that new array of yours.”

Bennet was pleased he was in the private confines of his ready room, so that none of his crew could see him become so annoyed with Thelis. The man was near-impossible to work with. His holographic representation was sat on the other side of Bennet’s desk. “Governor Thelis, I’d like to remind you that construction of the Archanis Array will not only benefit the defence of the Haydorian system but every single Federation colony, outpost and station along the border with the Klingon Empire during this turbulent time. In the near future it will assist with our deep space exploration efforts of both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Alongside this, I know for a fact the Federation Council has signed off on further investment in the defence of the array, that will only further protect your people. There’s even discussion in the higher levels of Starfleet about building an orbital outpost nearby. What more could you ask for from us?”

“A fleet.” Thelis bluntly answered.

“I beg your pardon sir?” Bennet asked back. He wasn’t sure if he had the governor correctly or if he was starting to go insane from this conversation.

“I want a fleet to protect our worlds.” Thelis remarked. “We’ve already heard that Starfleet is forming armadas in three nearby systems in the sector. I want one of them here and a fleet commander that can properly liaise with my administration. One that is not going to go above me and have the Federation President order me to hand over our valuable resources.” 

Thelis was starting to get under Bennet’s skin. “Mister Governor, if you do not feel I have acted accordingly then please do pass on your complaint to Admiral Beckett or go to our Commander-in-Chief, the Federation President. In the meantime, until I am reassigned or a superior flag officer arrives, I am in command of our forces here and as I have already shared, the U-S-S Ni’Var will be here. She’s an Akira-class ship with a full complement of starfighters on board.”

“It’s insufficient.” Thelis said sounding annoyed. “I want to hear a battle plan within the hour, captain. Thelis out.”

The hologram of Thelis fizzled out and Bennet sighed heavily. Tapping his combadge he called out to the bridge. “Bennet to Rider.”

“Go ahead sir.” answered his first officer.

“Send a message to all of the ships in the systems, I want to meet with all of their captains in thirty minutes here on Discovery.” Bennet ordered.

“Thirty minutes? Cutting it fine aren’t you sir?” Rider inquired. “Or is this Governor Thelis being unhelpful?

“The latter Number One.” Bennet responded. “Just make it happen Lucas.”