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Part of Lead Expeditionary Group: Task Force 17 Releases – The Archanis Array and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

So The Chaos Begins

USS Discovery (NCC-82006) en-route to Haydorian, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76052
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Leading its task group, the Discovery was entering the Archanis sector at high warp. Working out in the ship’s gymnasium, Captain Bennet was running on the treadmill when his chief engineer walked in. A tall woman who had straight dark brown hair that slightly curved under her chin, Discovery’s chief engineer was one of the finest engineers that Bennet had served with. Making her way over, Lieutenant Commander Keh’lianna Mayer caught the attention of her captain by clearing her throat.

Slowing down his workout so it gradually came to a halt, Bennet looked over to the half-Klingon-half-human miracle worker. “Keh’lianna, what can I do for you this early in the morning?” He asked as he picked up a black towel that was on a nearby bench. It was almost oh-five hundred hours and the captain had taken the opportunity to have some privacy with barely anyone else around using the equipment in the gym.

As he dried up the sweat on his face, Mayer answered. “I had an additional idea for the detection grid that I wanted to share with you.” She held up a PADD in her hands.

“Go on.” Bennet asked as he went over to the replicator and got himself a glass of water. After gulping on the cold drink he realised he was topless, so went to grab his shirt as the engineer spoke. He was grateful that she was married to his security chief and that if anyone walked in on them it wouldn’t look too suspicious.

“I’ve been going over Captain Thrian’s idea of creating these small self replicating fields of detection drones and I think I may have come up with a shielding system that will prevent their self-replicating abilities from being disabled.” Mayer offered the PADD to him.

Pushing his top down, the captain took the suggestion from her and started to read it. “Do you think it will work?” He asked as he tried to make himself appear somewhat decent.

“I’ve run a few simulations and I think it will help prevent the Hunters of D’Ghor using an antigraviton beam. We’ve got a bit more internal room compared to self-replicating mines to house the components needed to create this shielding.” Mayers answered. “Plus it means that even if they wipe out some drones in the conventional sense, they wouldn’t be able to completely remove the field from existence. It would give us enough time to mount further defences.”

“Sounds brilliant, get these plans over to Captain Thrian at once.” Bennet ordered as he handed the PADD back to her.

“Yes sir.” Mayers said as she took her PADD from him. Before leaving him she hesitated and then looked back at her captain. “Sir, I’m not one to run from a fight but I recall my mother telling me tales about these Hunters as a child. They are ruthless, you do know they may not stop.”

“Unfortunately those tales share similarities from the reports I’ve been reading recently Keh’lianna.” Bennet admitted.

Shaking her in disbelief, she shared one more point of view. “I spoke with my mother and she cannot believe that the High Council isn’t sending the Klingon Defence Force in to deal with it.”

“Your mother was stationed at Ty’Gokor right?” Bennet asked for clarity.

“She was, my mother returned to the homeworld after my father’s death and made the decision to retire from active service. She was expecting to receive a call to return to active duty.” Mayer stated. “Anyway sir, I’ll get this to Captain Thrian.”

Before she had a chance to turn around the intercom went off and the gamma shift duty officer spoke up. “Bridge to Captain Bennet.”

“Go ahead Ensign Kymbal.” Bennet answered the Benzite officer after tapping his combadge.

“Sir, we are picking up a distress call from a Ferengi convoy near Ajilon Prime. They report they’re under attack from two Klingon battlecruisers.”

“Take us to red alert and lay in an intercept course. Tell the rest of the task group to follow us in.” Bennet ordered.

“Captain that’s not the only thing we are getting in. The Odyssey has also been attacked. Governor Thelis is requesting support to help them.”

Cursing to himself, Bennet said he would be on the bridge shortly. Looking to his chief engineer as they left the room together. “I think someone is trying to tell us that we need that detection grid up and running sooner rather than later.”

“Absolutely sir.” Mayer said as the door behind them closed.