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Part of USS Saratoga: Tensions and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

The Unwanted Call

USS Vesta, Bridge / Ready Room
September 2399
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The USS Vesta had just left the Melonia System a few hours ago, heading back towards Devron Fleet Yards. Everyone on the bridge was quiet, events played through everyone’s mind regarding what they had witnessed in the Meronia System with the destruction that the D’Ghor had left. Odan was the first to speak up, he disliked all the silence and it was bugging him. “What do you think our next orders will be?” He asked to no one in particular.

Dazra looked up from her console and looked at Odan, “I am not sure though I hope something less gruesome.” Loian replied thinking about those civilians and what they went through. They had a long road ahead of them in making a full recovery but with their help, they were one step closer in the right direction.

Tajir just sat there quietly listening to the conversation between Odan and Loian but didn’t say much. “I been in Starfleet for a long time, I have seen my fair share of violence and destruction, especially from the war.” Odan paused for a brief moment before he continued. “This tops it all,” he finished with a sigh.

Loian nodded as she stood there quite not sure what to say at that moment, remembering back to her time aboard Guardian Station which both she and Dilucca served aboard before their reassignment.

Tajir sat there quietly for a brief moment before he decided to get up and head towards the ready room. Pressing the button he waited for a response from the Captain, both Odan and Lorian looked at each other wondering if they had said something wrong. They both just shrugged as they thought the same thing and went back to their work.

Adams looked up from her reports, “enter.”

The doors parted as Tajir walked in, “care for some company?” He replied as he looked at her plopping down in a chair before she could even offer him one. “Sure why not, anything on your mind Commander?” She asked as she was concerned, she knew the last few weeks have been a stressful one not only for her but her crew as well.

Sighing he looked at her, “I been hearing the crew talk and the last few weeks have taken a toll on the crew.” Tajir replied looking at her, as she nodded in reply, “I know…” She said standing up walking towards the replicator and looked at him. “I’ll take a coffee with cream and sugar,” he said as she turned around and ordered two cups of coffee.

Handing the cup to Tajir she came and sat next to him, “seeing all the destruction that the D’Ghor had, with no regard to life” Adams said as she took a sip looking at him who nodded in agreement. “They have a long road ahead of them in regards to recovery but with the ships that stayed behind they should have a fighting chance,” Tajir replied taking a sip of his own drink.

“Indeed,” Adams replied as the room went quiet for a moment before the comm channel went off. “Captain you are receiving an encrypted communication from Captain Dex at Devron Fleet  Yards for your eyes and ears only,” Odan replied as Adams raised an eyebrow as Tajir took the hint and left the ready room.

“Aye patch it through to my ready room,” she replied as she watched Tajir leave and she locked the door and soundproofed the room. Once she was done she pressed the button on the computer. “Good morning Captain Dex, is all alright?” Adams asked with a bit of concern in her voice as it was unusual for things to be secret enough to cause her to take the steps to make sure no one else hears whatever she has to say.

Azras’ expression was that of a serious one so she knew something was up, “I am sorry that I have to contact you this way but we have a situation at hand that requires this.” Azras replied looking at Adams who nodded in understanding. 

“We have gotten reports from a science ship in the area that is cause for great concern,” she said as she sent over some information. “I need you to take the Vesta to this area and start evacuating the small colony in that sector,” Azras said as Adams raised an eyebrow not sure why she was being asked this. “May I ask why?” Adams asked looking at her.

“Omega,” Is all that Azras said as Adams’s eyes grew ten times their normal size as she knew what that meant. “Understood sir,” she replied as she knew what must be done, what this would mean. “I have sent you information about the task at hand for your eyes only. Need I remind you of the secrecy of the Omega Directive, you are not to share this information with your crew under any circumstances.” Azras replied sternly as Adams nodded her understanding.

“Any questions?” Azras asked looking at the Captain.

“No sir,” Adams replied as the communication ended, she didn’t unlock her door yet as she sat there for a brief moment lost in thought. She snapped out of it pretty quickly and read what the Captain sent her. This was going to be a difficult mission, not only were they dealing with Omega she couldn’t explain anything to her crew, or anyone for that matter. She would have to give orders that normally would go against everything they stood for. Would her crew listen, and remain loyal or would she lose their trust in her decisions? 

Meanwhile back on the bridge, Odan looked at the Commander, “I wonder what’s going on.” Odan said looking at Tajir who turned to look at the Bolian, “what do you mean?” Tajir replied as he knew what he was asking but wanted to pull it out of him. “What is with the secrecy with Captain Dex and Captain Adams? It’s unusual for things to be encrypted like that.” Odan returned looking at the Commander with an annoying look.

“I am not sure, sure we will find out soon enough,” Tajir replied as he was wondering himself but he was more patient. “Fair enough,” Odan replied as he went back to work as the others on the bridge just looked at each other for a moment before also returning to their work as they continue to travel back towards Devron not knowing what truly awaits them.