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Starbase 72
June 21 2398
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Personal Log, Stardate 75473.4

Command Yanrel Vex reporting.

Yes, that is correct. Commander Vex is how I am now to be addressed, it would appear. I had scarcely been 3 days aboard Starbase 72 when I received a call to meet with Commodore Jalian at the Arboretum of all places. Seldom does the Commodore ask to meet specifically with certain officers, she being in command of and in charge of over 75,000 officers and civilians alike on any given day, so I was immediately suspicious that something significant was afoot.

Leaving my new quarters, which I had already begun to settle and decorate with the various articles of replicated antiquities and numerous plants that appear to follow me wherever I go, I made my way for the station’s central core, the innermost part of which consists of the dome-shaped arboretum in question.

Centered within a large holodeck that simulates a wide, open blue sky, the arboretum essentially acts as a city park located in the center of the station, encircled by the promenade. Though the sky and distant vistas are entirely artificial in nature, the flora and various bugs that dwell within are quite real, and my Trill sensitivities began to grow concerned for my own health, should I be bitten. Trill symbionts, after all, are exceptionally sensitive to insect bites, something their hosts certainly suffer for.

None-the-less, I dared to brave the savage wilderness of Starbase 72’s flower garden and made my way to one of the gazebos located in the third quarter of the park. There, the commodore stood upon the decking proudly as several other officers gathered before her and assembled in a semi-formal crowd. Joining them, we speculated on the nature of our summons. Some pessimistically assumed we were due for a reprimand for some past indiscretions. Others considered the possibility of us being assembled as the new crew of one of the many ships arriving at the starbase for refits, resupply, and restaffing.

The commodore did little to help ease the uncertainty and curiosity of the officers she had gathered there that day. In true Jalian fashion, her speech was long-winded and commonly off-topic in several places. She spoke of our achievements and the responsibilities we face as Starfleet officers, as well as the future and what unusual times await us. Finally, she announced each of our ascensions in rank alphabetically, with myself stepping up somewhere close to the end of it all (I believe only Wolsworth, Wellington, W’kazi, Young, and Z’tnoth proceeded me) to receive my third golden pip and the rank of Commander.

She did make the somewhat trivial remark of pointing out that I now ranked amongst the top 15% of highest ranking Starfleet officers currently on the station, a spectacularly benign point if nothing else. I’m hardly to be waving my authority around left, right, and center in the middle of an archaeology lab, not that I would ever feel inclined to do so.

With that said though, I am left to wonder about the timing of this promotion. My previous postings on the Sirona have driven me closer and closer to the captain’s chair, and I confess that I am not wholly averse to the idea. Perhaps this is the excuse Starfleet were looking for to push me in to a command position? Perhaps, we shall see.

For now, I’m going to try and enjoy whatever time I may in the laboratory. However short-lived my stint there may be, I am confident I can get a considerable amount of work done between now and whatever eventuality comes my way.

I decided after my promotion to take a stroll around the park. It’s various ancient-looking structures, beautiful flower arrangements, and incredible diversity in its flora give it an almost ethereal, fantastical quality. I do believe I will be spending much of my time at this place in particular.