Part of USS Devastator: Archanis Campaign and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

An Unwelcome Distraction

En route to the Meronia Cluster
June 2399
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The familiar red tint of the Devastator’s alert status filled the bridge as the helmsman delicately piloted the vessel to avoid any large chunks of debris in their way. Captain Scotto along with his first officer and other bridge crew assembled in the back section of the bridge to review scans of the debris field.
“We’re also picking up traces of EV suits in the debris.” The science officer on duty stated dourly. “Which means, we can assume that maybe the crew was trying to escape.” Scotto noted. The science officer nodded, “Indeed, sir. However, there is evidence that the suits were targeted by the same Klingon weapons used to destroy the runabout.” She said.
“So, they weren’t just making a point, they were here to murder.” Sera stated as her antennae reacted to the news.
Captain Scotto turned to give his first officer a look of concern before continuing. “Any way of tracking them?” He asked.
The science officer pulled up a new display detailing a trail towards the Meronia Cluster. “Whoever they are, their ships are in disrepair. We were easily able to track their movement, even while cloaked. They are leaking some kind of ionized gas.” She continued, “Scans show they have vacated the immediate area.”
Scotto placed his hands on his hips and looked back towards the viewscreen which showed the debris field. “Let’s remain at red alert. Commander, would you see to the retrieval of any remains and have them properly stored. Please have their service records transferred to my office when complete.” He asked sadly.
“Aye sir.” Sera responded.
“Mr. Kilmer, please inform starfleet command of this event and send them any data we have over encoded frequencies. Unless the Klingons have declared open war on the Federation, we can only assume we just missed these Hunters that we’ve been hearing about.” Scotto walked away from the group and took up his position in the command chair.
“Once Commander Sera finishes, and we have sent our data, please be sure to–” A sharp pain in the captain’s neck caused him to wince out loud, stopping his command. After a brief moment he refocused and continued, “be sure to destroy any sensitive equipment.” Several bridge officers were now staring at the captain, undoubtedly wondering what ailment he was suffering from. Scotto motioned with both hands to get on with their tasks, breaking their gazes.
Rubbing the back of his neck, the captain tried his best to relax into the chair as the crew went about their duties.
Onboard the USS Asclepius, Captain Horgoth had many items to prepare before they reached their final destination. As a medical ship, their armament was low and relied heavily on those starships escorting them. Situations like this never sat well with him.
“When are we getting underway?” He snorted while tapping his fingers on the edge of his armrest.
“The Devastator is reporting no more than 10 minutes, sir.” Responded the helmsman.
Horgoth, a Tellarite, was known for being impatient. But this time, he was more nervous than anything. “I think we should arm the doctors when we arrive at the colony.” He said out loud to no one in particular.
Sensing his anxiety, the Kelpian Chief Medical Officer, and de facto first officer, turned around from the display she was reviewing and tilted her head slightly. “Captain,” she said as she began to approach the center of the bridge, “Perhaps that is something we should discuss with the medical staff themselves?” Keiralu made eyes at her old friend encouraging him to save it for later.