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===Starbase 11===


Vausees lay in her bed with Trance’s arm draped over her. A soft chime caused her to open her eyes. She looked at Trance who also started to open her eyes. She leaned over and gently kissed her before she softly whispered, “You better get up.” Trance smiled and returned the kiss before she slipped out of the warm covers and into the shower. 

Vausees slipped into a black silk robe and walked over to the replicator. She ordered two Jestral Tea’s when she felt Trance wrap her arms around her. 

“You know if you were any other member of my crew this could be considered fraternizing with your Commanding Officer,” she said in a joking manner.

Trance smiled as she laid her head on Vausees back, “Then I guess I am lucky that I am more than just a member of the crew.” 

Trance then slipped around Vausees and kissed her once more as she took one of the mugs. “I have a few things that need to be done in the labs,” she stated as she drank the tea. 

Vausees nodded as she set her mug down, “Just keep me apprised of what you’re up to,” she said as she headed for the shower.

“Of course,” Trance replied as she finished the tea and set the mug in the receptacle of the replicator. “I’m heading.”

“Have a good day,” Vausees replied as she stepped into the sonic shower.


***Heracles – Ten Forward***


It had been a couple of hours since Trance had left for the Labs so Vausees stood up from her seat on the bridge and headed over to Trever. He looked up at her with a grateful smile and nodded. She returned the nod, “What our current time to Spacebase 11?”

Trever looked back down at his console and brought up the Navigation portion, “Six hours, Captain,” he informed her.

Vausees nodded once more and looked up at the main viewer. Star streaked by as she watched. To most this would have, over time, become unnerving, but to her it was hypnotising. After a moment she placed a hand on Trevers shoulder before she looked over at her XO, “Bridge is yours.” Zazzuit looked up at her for a moment before she nodded acknowledgement.

A moment later she exited the lift and took a left down the corridor. She entered into the “Ten Forward” and took a seat at one of the empty tables. She looked out the window at the stars as they streaked by. As she sat there a young crewman walked over to her.

“Can I get you anything, Captain?”

She looked over at him and smiled, “Jestral Tea and a Uttaberry crepe.”

The crewman nodded and went to get the order taken care of. Vausees smiled as she turned back toward the window. While she continued to sit there she felt the present of someone standing there. She turned her head to see a familiar face. “Charles?”

He looked at her with a mug in his hand, “May I?” he gestured to the empty seat, and she nodded, “Of course.”

She watched him take a seat crossed from her. “So what you drinking Chief?” she asked. He looked down at his nearly empty mug and then back at her. “Earl Tea.” She nodded as her order was placed down in front of her. The crewman looked at Charles, “Refill Chief?”

Charles looked at the crewman for a moment and then shook his head. The crewman nodded and departed leaving the two alone. Vausees watched him for a moment as he attended to the others that were there. She then returned her attention to Charles.

“Something on your mind, Chief?”

He looked up at her and smiled, “No, Captain,” he said, “Just thought you looked like you could use the company.”

“That bad huh?” she questioned.

This confused Charles and it showed on his face. She saw this and chuckled. “I look that bad?”

He couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh no. I just don’t normally see you in the “Ten Forward”,” he stated as he downed the rest of his tea.

She nodded and realized that this was in fact her first time in any “Ten Forward.” on any ship that she had severed on. Hell even when she had served on “Deep Space Nine” she hardly ever ventured into “Quark’s or any of the venues on the promenade.

“I guess I need to change that.”

“Only if you want.” 

Vausees laughed at that . “I guess I will then.”

“Well,” Charles said as he set his mug down, “Back to my dungeon. Got to make sure that them boys at McKinley knew what they were doing.” He then stood up and smiled once more down at Vausees. “Don’t worry too much about whatever it is that has you here.” He then turned and exited out of the “Ten Forward.”


*** Orbit – Starbase 11***


As Vausees set her now empty mug down a chime echoed in the “Ten Forward”.

“Captain, Vausees.”

She reached up and tapped her Combadge, “Go ahead Commander.”

“We have arrived at Starbase 11 and are in orbit.”

“Acknowledged, I am on my way.”

Vausees stood up and reached down to pick up the plate and mug and a hand gently touched her shoulder.

“Leave it, Captain.” came a familiar voice of the crewman that had served her earlier.

She looked at the hand and then to the face and with a smile placed the plate and mug back on the table, and with a nod departed. She was not one to take someone’s duties away from them if they were in fact doing their job. 

As the lift stopped on the bridge and Vausees exits and  she moved swiftly over to her chair. As she sat she looked at the main viewer and the planet of M-11. 

“Hail the base.”

Cody nodded and sent the hail. A moment later, “Connected, Captain.”

Vausees watched as the main viewer changed from stars to the face of an older woman in a Captain’s uniform, “Captain, Vausees of the USS Heracles,” she announced.

The older woman tilted her head to the side for a moment before she realized what was going on, “Ah, that’s right,” she stated, “Captain, I sure that you are aware of the circumstances that you are finding yourself in?” she asked.

Vausees shook her head, “I have orders to patrol this area between the Cardassian and Klingon borders. Which is all I am currently able to tell you. I am also sure that you are aware that your base will become our port for the foreseeable future.”

“Yes, I did receive orders about that. However, I wasn’t expecting you for at least another day,” she said as she looked at Vausees, who nodded.

“New ship.”

The woman nodded in return, “Well feel free to beam down and we’ll set up the details.”

“Pardon me, Captain,” Vausees said, “I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oh? Yes… that would be Captain Munez, Commanding Officer of Starbase 11.”

“Well then, Captain. I and a couple of my officers will beam down shortly.”

Munez nodded and the communication was closed.

“Odd woman,” Trever stated, “that Captain Munez.”

“Odd indeed.” Vausees agreed. She then turned to Zazzuit, “Gather your away team.”

Zazzuit nodded and looked at Cody, and Jonton. She then paused and looked back at Vausees for a moment before she reached up and tapped her Combadge. “ Ensign Quadri and Lieutenant Jazsmith report to Transporter room one. On the double.”

A smile crossed Vausees lips as she heard the two names, but of course her back was to her XO at that time.

Cody and Jonton followed Zazzuit as she entered into the lift.When the door closed Trever looked back at Vausees, “Strange that two…” She cut him off with a look and shook her head. “Not when we need to get to know our crew Lieutenant,” she stated in a manner that would look disciplinary in a way.

Trever nodded as he continued to maintain the orbit around M-11 and Starbase 11. He then turned and looked at Vausees, who was still looking at him. “One last question.” She wrinkled her eyebrow as she waited. 

“Why didn’t you lead the away team?”

She sighed softly as she replied, “Two reasons,” she said, “One, I am the Captain and it is my job to make sure that this ship is ready at all times,” she then leaned down closer to his ear, “Yes you are one of the few that knew I am not a traditional Officer, but I am not entirely ready for this crew to see that side of me,” she said in a slightly hushed voice, “Secondly,” she stated as she stood back up, “What is the point of having an Executive Officer if I know nothing about their leadership abilities.”

Trever nodded as she returned his vision back to the console before him. Vausees was glad to see that she didn’t need to further explain herself to Trever. She turned about and nodded to both of the Lieutenants that had taken over for Cody and Jonton. 


***Starbase 11 – Command Officer***


Zazzuit, Cody, and Jonton, along with the rest of the away team materialized inside on the surface of the planet, and just outside of the Officers lounge. To the right appeared a newly fabricated building. Zazzuit looked at Quadri and Jazsmith, “Lieutenant…Ensign,” the both looked at her. “Find out what you can about that building. It is not on the Starbase layout back on the Heracles,” she stated. They both nodded and left the group. She then looked to where the portmasters officer should be and started toward it; Cody and Jonton followed her.

A few minutes later the three of them stood in the office of Captain Munez, she looked at them when they had entered. “Captain,” Zazzuit said to Munez. She nodded but had a look of confusion on her face. “Captain Vausees sent us in her place to see what you had to offer the Heracles and her crew,” she stated. “So far I am not impressed but I believe that our Captain will see it as sufficient.”

Munez narrowed her eyes at Zazzuit and the comment that she had just made. “Well if you had given us advanced warning the base would have been made ready for your Captain and her crew,” Munez rebutled. 

Zazzuit realized her mistake and raised a hand up, “Easy, Captain, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Munez suddenly realized that she herself had also made a mistake and relaxed her stance, “Forgive me, Commander. It has been a few years since anyone from the Federation has set foot on this base. Besides my own crew.”

A sudden chirm from Zazzuit Combadge alerted her. She looked at Cody who nodded and departed for the Lieutenant and Ensign. This alerted Munez for a moment and Zazzuit relaxed her with an explanation of how she had sent two of her away team to look into the purpose of a newly fabricated building that wasn’t on the base’s layout. A moment later Cody returned with the other two. 

“Well you could have just asked,” Munez stated. “They are the quarters for the crew of the Heracles.”

Zazzuit looked at Cody who nodded in confirmation. She then looked back at Munez. “Good, I will let my Captain know of the status of the base. I am sure she will contact you when she is ready.” Munez nodded with acknowledgement and Zazzuit tapped her Combadge. “Heracles, five to beam up.” A moment later the away team transported up to the Heracles and left the Captain alone. 

A soft beep came from Munez’s computer and she sat down. A moment later the screen on her computer was filled with a shadowy figure, “You mustn’t let them interfere, Munez.” The screen then went blank.


***Captain’s Ready Room***


Vausees sat in silence as Zazzuit and the rest of the away team debriefed about what was going on down there. She steepled her fingers as she listened and every so often she nodded her head to a piece of information. When Cody finished with his report and became silent she unsteepled her fingers and stood up. She moved over to one of the windows and looked down at the planet, and just below the base, though fairly smaller.

“Dismissed,” she stated to the team. She then looked over her shoulder at Cody. “Commander, Cody, hold up.”

He looked at her and nodded as the rest of the team left. He remained where he was as he continued to look at her.

“Sit.” was all that Vausees stated, and he did as she requested. 

With her back still to him she began, “I have read your file, Commander,” she stated and then turned to face him. “Including the Classified parts.”

This alerted Cody as no one but his father and the team that had built and trained him had access to that part of his service record.

“Besides the mission that your father has placed you on. I have a need for you here.”

He cocked his head to the side and did the best that he could to look confused at her statement. 

“Don’t give me that, Agent Bettencourt. I know more than you could possibly imagine,” this alarmed Cody further, and Vausees has seen it in his eyes. “I will let this oversight by your father go if you will do me a favor and find out what is really going on here,” she stated. A grin crept over Cody’s lips. ‘Oh she’s good.’, he thought to himself as he nodded to her. 

As Cody turned to leave, “Commander, don’t try to double-cross me and complete your father’s “request”,” she stated as she threw up air quotations after that last word, “It would be unhealthy for you after all.”

She knew she was playing a risky game with this man since she knew that he was sent to her by his father, to stop her by any means, and based on the classified portion of Cody’s file that could only mean assassination and cover-up.


***Three months ago – Commander Cody’s Apartment***


The shadows played over white walls of the apartment as shuttles flew past. In the shadows a man sat silently. The only glow in the room, a dule blue, emanated from the display of a PADD that lay on a glass table. The man looked at the PADD as he steepled his fingers. His cold eyes never looked away.

He waited for someone to come to his room and confront him for the damage that he did to his fathers pride more than to his arm. As if on cue the chime on his door sounded. His eyes were the only thing that moved. 

As the door opened and flooded the room the man remained motionless as three men entered his room. 

“Computer, lights,” one of the three men said.

Nothing happened, not even a flicker. While in the darkness of the room the man kept his eyes on the three men that had entered into his room. When the door closed behind them he slowly and silently stood up and moved in the shadows. When he was behind them he reached out and slipped his arm around the throat of the man furthest in the back. 

The man yelped at the sudden tightness around this throat and the sudden pain in his left shoulder as it had been ripped back suddenly. 

“If Rear Admiral Bettencourt sent you,” he started, “to punish me for tarnishing his pride, you can report that you failed, and that his son will honor the orders.”

The other two men turned at the sound of the third man in pain and the sound of the voice. 

“Computer, Lights.”

The room was suddenly flooded with light as the internal lights came on. As the three men sheilded their eyes Cody shoved the slightly injured man towards the other two. His cold eyes looked at them as he stepped aside. The three men moved toward the now opened door, and one of them stopped and turned to look at Cody. 


“Let’s just say that I know my father all to well.”

With a nod the man left the apartment, Cody stood in his door frame and made sure that they disappeared down the lift to his floor. He then turned back to the table and picked up the PADD. He looked it over and his shoulders sagged as he left his arm fall to his side with the PADD in hand. ‘One of these days I will deny you the luxury of using me father.’, he thought to himself as he tossed the PADD back onto the table and walked into his room to pack.

***Starbase 11 – Agent Cody***

Vausees, Cody, and the rest of the day shift beamed down in teams to set up their quarter’s in the base’s newly established personnel building. As Vausees placed the last of her clothes away a chime at the door sounded. She turned around as it opened and there stood Cody, dressed in all black. She nodded to the man as he entered.

“You know what to do Commander…” she was cut off as a hand was raised.

Cody shook his head as he looked at her, “Right now my rank and connection to this ship are null-void until I finish what you want,” he stated to her as he lowered his hand.

Vausees understood what he meant by that and nodded in acknowledgement and understanding. Two of her Symbionts had done some shady and off the books kind of jobs in their pasts.

After he saw Vausees, Cody left the building after the sun had set on the planet and moved silently through the base, undetected. He slipped into the Portmasters officer and moved silently in the shadow of the closed window, as the shade had been drawn down. While inside he heard the soft breathing from Captain Munez as she slept in her room, and someone else. As he passed her room he carefully peered in and saw that she was indeed asleep with someone. Who it was did not matter to Cody as that wasn’t part of his current mission.

He shook his head as she moved away from the room and along the wall toward where her desk sat. As his hand touched the smoothed surface of the desk he could tell that this was more than likely the same desk that had been delivered to this base upon its initial construction. Which to Cody meant that it would have secret compartments. This excited him as he lowered himself to where the top of the desk was level with his eyes. He examined every inch of the surface of the desk and smiled from time to time as he saw indentations that could possibly have indicated the presence of a pressure button. 

After he pried himself away from the examination he carefully activated Captain Munez’s computer and started to meticulously and methodically go through each of the files that she had on her computer. He then realized that she had a few to many files for him to look over and brought out a storage device. He placed the device on the desk next to the computer and after a moment had the device begin to copy and transfer all of the files onto it. After a moment the last file was transferred over he ensured that no records of his activities on the computer were there and he powered the computer down. 

Once he slipped back out of the Portmasters office he moved quickly, but still remained silent as he moved, toward the personnel quarters, most specifically those of his Captains. He came to a stop just outside of her door and looked down at the device that was in his hand. He closed his fist around the device and squeezed it tightly as he thought about what may or may not be on the device. He then reached up and tapped the chime on the door.

A soft chime at her door brought a dazed Vausees back to reality as she had dozed off while reading department reports from all of her Senior Officers and Department heads. She shook her head for a moment to clear the fuzzy feeling that she had. After she cleared her throat she replied, “Enter.” The door slid open and Cody walked in and over toward her. When the door closed behind him she reached up on her desk and locked it for more security than privacy.

Cody stopped in front of her desk and set down the device that held all of the copies of all of the files that had been stored on Captain Munez’s computer. He informed her of the device nearly being filled to capacity and that it might be a good idea to have the Heracles own Computer create a secure and separate server before attempting to decode the files. Vausees agreed with him and gave him permission to depart for the Heracles.


***Heracles – A file and deception***


The final hum from the transport rematerializing Cody sounded as he moved off the platform and onto the transport room floor. Before he had transported up to the Heracles he had contacted Lieutenant Zirzzish, who was on the night shift for Security and Tactical and had requested that a security team meet him at Transporter room 1. As he looked around the room he nodded to the two security crewmen. 

“Follow me,” he instructed as he led them from the Transporter room to the Bridge.

Upon arrival at the bridge, Cody led them over to the pool table holographic situation table. He positioned the security members at the entrances to this part of the bridge with instructions to not allow anyone into the area. He then seen Zazzuit give him a confused look as one of the security crewmen held her up. Cody shook his head no and set the storage device on the table.

“Computer, visual confirmations only.” a soft beep confirmed his request.

“Computer, I need you to design a secure and independent server.” The computer beeped again and began to create the request. It then displayed that it would take ten minutes to complete the request. Cody nodded to this and took a seat near the table. His mind began to wander as he waited. Thoughts of what could be on there started to scratch at the surface of his mind. While he waited he once more caught the eyes of Zazzuit and he sighed. He stood up and walked over to the Commander. 


Zazzuit looked at Cody and then realized that he was not in his uniform but was in a black version. She then held up a hand to silence Cody.

“Do I need to know?” That is all the Commander asked Cody.

Cody thought for a moment before he answered, “At this moment I do not know, however, if I should require some insight I will come to you, Ma’am.”

Zazzuit nodded and dismissed him. Cody turned about and headed back toward the table. As he returned he arrived just as the computer beeped. It then displayed that the server was ready. He then tapped a couple of buttons on the device and then entered in commands onto the holographic controls on the table. Another beep sounded and displayed that it would take another ten minutes.

After the ten minutes had elapsed the computer prompted Cody. He sat there for a moment before he issued a command for the computer to scan the files for any corruption or traps. The computer complied and began to scan the files. After a moment the computer came back and displayed that no files appeared to be corrupted or trapped. Cody then issued a command to scan the files for common items. The computer displayed that it needed more information so Cody input a command that would command the computer to look for command items such as names, dates, locations, or ships. The computer beeped to acknowledge the request and began to scan once again. 

After what seemed like an eternity to Cody, which had only been another ten minutes, the computer beeped to inform him that the request had been finished. It then showed the common items requested. What Cody saw caused him, inwardly at least, to inhale sharply. He then reached up and tapped his ComBadge.

“Captain Vausees.”

Vausees was almost completely asleep when she heard Cody’s voice on her ComBadge. She reached over and grabbed the badge and gave it a soft tap in the palm of her hand.

“Go ahead, Cody.”

“Captain I need you and Commander Zazzuit to meet me in your ready room immediately,” he said as he looked at Zazzuit, who had looked up from the PADD that she had in her hand. She had heard her name come from Cody and had a look on her face, a look of concern.

“Can this wait until the morning, Cody?”

Cody shook his head as he replied, “I am afraid not, Captain.”

Vausees could hear the urgency in his voice as he replied to her. She tossed off her covers and slipped into her uniform as she replied back to him, “I will meet both you can Commander Zazzuit in my ready room in five minutes.”

“Understood, Captain.” He then tapped his ComBadge and closed the connection.

Cody walked over to Lieutenant Zirzzish, “Lieutenant, I require two additional security officers to secure the Situation Room of the bridge.”

Zirzzish looked at Cody for a moment and then over to Zazzuit who nodded. Zirzzish called up for two more security officers who were then instructed by Cody to ensure that no one entered the Situation Room unless it was the Captain, XO, or himself. The security team nodded and took up positions to ensure that no one could enter the area. 

Cody then moved over to Zazzuit, “We are to meet the Captain in her ready room.” Zazzuit nodded and followed Cody across the bridge and into the Ready Room. 

A moment later the door to the ready room opened and Vausees entered. She had a slightly irritated look on her face as she entered. When the door closed she walked over to her desk and set the security lock.

“What was so important, Cody, that you had to disturb my sleep?”

Cody took a seat as he had been pacing while he waited for her to arrive. He looked at her and then spoke, “ I need to know who authorized this mission?” 

Vausees looked at Cody and then to Zazzuit for a moment. She took a seat behind the desk as she thought about the repercussions that could happen if she gave out that information. She then looked back at Cody.

“Tell me what you have found and I might be able to confirm if you are correct,” she stated as she leaned back in her chair.

Cody then began to inform both Vausees and Zazzuit of what he had found on the files that the computer had scanned. He then stood up and moved over to the wall-mounted monitor and brought up the information from the situation table, after entering in a security command. The names Vice Admiral Bettencourt, Captain Munez, Commander Bettencourt, and Captain Vausees were displayed for them. This confused Vausees and Zazzuit for a moment and then they both turned to each other with wide-open eyes. Vausees looked over at Cody.

“Your father?”

Cody nodded and acknowledged that Vice Admiral Thomas Bettencourt was his father. Vausees then stated that it was his father that had authorized the mission. Cody then began to pace as he thought about what was going on.

“It appears that Captain Munez and my father are conspiring to have you killed, and possibly myself,” Cody stated as she looked over at Vausees and Zazzuit. 

Zazzuit looked a Vausees, who lowered her gaze for a moment. She then brought up her computer and Cody’s file, “So it appears that he did not intend for either of us to live this mission, Cody.”

“That’s what it appears to myself as well,” he replied as he looked over to Zazzuit who was in deep thought. She then looked over to Vausees.

“You knew about Cody’s mission to assassinate you?”

Vausees nodded her head and looked at Cody, “However the young Commander, had a change of heart and informed me of this after I confronted him.”

Zazzuit looked at Cody and shook her head. This caused Cody to stiffen his body. An action that had been drilled into him since he was a child and even furthermore after his father had augmented him into the perfect soldier.

Vausees could see the disappointment in her face and knew that she had to intervene, “At ease Number One,” she said as she kept her eyes on her. 

Zazzuit shook her head one more time and looked away from Cody. She had great expectations from the young Commander, but to find out that he had taken orders that had him planted on this ship, in order to possibly assassinate her Captain, was unforgivable in her eyes. Vausees knew that this information was going to cause issues in the future. She thought of only one thing to do, “Commander Zazzuit until further notice you and Commander Bettencourt will be on the same shift, and furthermore, until I feel that you two won’t kill each other you will both be on any away missions together.”

Zazzuit went to protest but she was beaten by Cody, “Ma’am with all due respect I think that would be a very horrible id…”, he was cut off by Vausees.

“That wasn’t a suggestion, Commander!” She stated in a manner that meant that she wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer, “Is that understood?” She looked at both of them as she stated all of this.

Both Zazzuit and Cody looked at each other and then nodded to Vausees as they looked at her. She wanted to make sure that they understood her, “Excuse me I did not hear either of you!”

Both of them said at the same time, “Yes Ma’am.”

Vausees kept her eyes on them for a moment before she returned to the reason for all of them being in the ready room. 

“Now that the air is cleared about Cody. Let us continue with the discussion of what Cody has found out.” 

Zazzuit inwardly sighed as she didn’t want to be in the same room at this time with Cody. However, Vausees was correct that they needed to find out what was going on. She looked over at Cody, “Continue with the presentation.”

Cody nodded after he had relaxed slightly. After a few moments, he had finished the presentation on his findings on the files that he had copied from Captain Munez. As the group sat in silence, each one in their own thoughts on what to do, it was Vausees that broke it, “Let us sleep on this and reconvene tomorrow night.”

Everyone agreed that this was the best decision at this time. Vausees dismissed everyone and instructed Cody to secure the server. He informed her that he already had. She nodded and dismissed the security team from the Situation Room. She then joined Cody on the lift and nodded to Zazzuit who had returned to the bridge and the night shift watch as the door closed.

***Starbase 11 – Confrontation***

The sun was just cresting over the horizon as Vausees leaned back against the back of the seat that she had taken over. Steam softly billowed from the mug that she had clutched in her hands. The mornings always seemed so cold to her when she was not aboard a ship, no matter how warm it actually was. She brought the warm mug to her lips and took a healthy draw from it. 

The sound of a door opening caught her attention and she looked to where it had come from. As she watched from her spot she noticed two crewmen exit out of the now closing door. A smile crossed her lips as she was glad that her crew, her family, had not become sluggish in their duties while the Heracles was stationed here. As she watched them disappear from view she heard a snap behind her and turned her head to see Cody, he still hadn’t changed back into his normal unifor, and this brought a frown to her face.

“Commander, you’re out of uniform,” she stated to him.

He looked down at his uniform and sighed, “I haven’t had a chance to change as I have not slept yet, Ma’am.”

This confused her as she could have sworn that he had left her at his shared quarters, “Why is that Commander?”

“I couldn’t sleep with the thought that another person is running about with ill intentions,” he stated as he took a seat next to her, “all I could think about is how to bring her to justice.”

“I can respect the commitment, Commander, but as a Senior Officer and my Chief Security and Tactical Officer I need you at your prime, not sluggish because you couldn’t let things go,” she stated in a mild mannered scolding. “Do I need to replace you?” She asked him.

He looked at her from where his eyes had just been to see that she was truely asking if he needed to be replaced. He shook his head no and stood up, “I will be on time to my post,” he said as he left for his shared quarters.

A soft sigh left Vausees lips as she watched him leave. She knew he would be on time, however, she hoped that he would be at his peak as she needed him when she confronted Captain Munez. After a little while she too left for her quarters, but not to catch up on sleep but to get ready to relieve her XO. 

After she entered into her quarters she looked about for a moment and shook her head. She knew that these quarters would not work for her so she reached up and tapped her Combadge. After a quick conversation she began to pack her things back into her bag. Luckily for her she had only brought down from the Heracles a few changes of uniforms so her repacking was quick and just as she had finished a chime at her door was heard. She headed over to the door and opened it. A crewman stood there as she backed away. She gave instructions for him to take her things back to the ship. He nodded to the request as she exited out of the quarters

Back on the Heracles, Vausees sat in her Ready Room with Zazzuit. She gave the night shift report and was about to exit out of the room when Vausees stopped her, “Get a couple hours of sleep Commander, and be prepared upon my request to join myself and Cody outside of the Portmasters Office.” Zazzuit nodded to her orders and departed.

Vausees followed her out and took her seat in the Captain’s chair. She looked around and saw that all of her day shift crew were there, including Cody who was now in the correct uniform. He even had the appearance of someone who had gotten a full night’s sleep. She would have to ask him about that, if she remembered.

She looked down at the console on the arm of her chair and brought up the day’s schedule, and saw nothing that appeared out of the ordinary. 

“Lieutenant Nief,” she said as she looked over at Trever.

He spun his chair around and faced her, “Captain?”

She thought for a moment and then stood up, “Take us into a higher orbit.”

“Aye, Captain,” he said as she spun back around, and began to enter in commands.

“Commander Bettencourt, let’s see what’s out there.”

Cody nodded and began to scan the sector. A moment later, “Scans indicate that there are a couple of freighters and a single surveyor.”

Vausees nodded, “Keep active scans of the sector and let me know if anything unusual happens.”

Cody looked at her, “Anything I should be looking for?” he asked her.

She looked out the main viewer at the open space before them, and shook her head. “Gut feeling,” is all that she said.

Cody returned a nod and kept the active scans going. After the twentieth scan he looked at Vausees, “Captain. I have a Ferengi vessel that just entered into the sector,” he informed her, “and it appears to be on an intercept course for the starbase.”

‘Gotcha.’, she thought to herself.

“Lieutenant, lay in a course and intercept that ship.”

Trever began to enter an intercept course for the ship, “Course entered, Captain.”

“Commander, when that ship gets to within fifteen thousand kilometers let me know,” she said to Cody.

“Aye, Captain.”

“Lieutenant, when I tell you, bring the nose of the ship directly at the Ferengi ship and engage impulse engines,” she ordered.

Trever nodded and his fingers hovered over the controls as he waited for the incoming command.

After a couple of minutes Cody informed Vausees that the Ferengi ship was now within fifteen thousand kilometers. Vausees nodded, “Now Lieutenant.”

Trever’s fingers slide over the controls on the console. The nose of the Heracles spun completely around and was now facing toward the incoming ship. 

“The Ferengi ship is in visual,” Cody stated.

“Bring it up,” Vausees ordered.

On the main viewer she saw that the ship was heading for the planet, “Open a channel,” she ordered, “Ferengi ship, this is the USS Heracles. State your reason for heading to Starbase Eleven.”

The viewscreen changed to the face of a Ferengi.

“I have a diplomat on board that was sent from Earth.”

Vausees shook her head and looked at the Ferengi, “I think that you are lying, Ferengi,” she stated. “You and I both know that there is no profit out here.”

This caught the Ferengi off guard and he looked off screen for a moment, “Now Captain, why would I lie to you?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said, “Maybe to decieve me,” she said as she turned around and looked at Cody for a moment before she moved to the left. She stopped and then looked back at the the Ferengi.

The Ferengi shook his head and put up its hands in a submissive manner, “I have nothing to hide, Captain.”

Vausees looked over at Cody and he nodded, “Then why do my scanners detect a human on board your ship?” she asked.

This completely caught the Ferengi off guard and the viewscreen closed. A grin crossed Vausees lips as she looked at Cody, “Disable that ships engines and tractor it into the main shuttle bay.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Cody’s fingers flew over the console as he placed three shots into the Ferengi ship. He then entered a command for the Heracles to engage its tractor beam, which locked onto the Ferengi ship. 

“”Commander,” is all that she said to Cody and he nodded as she followed her from the bridge to the lift. A moment later the two were at the entrance of the main shuttle bay and two individuals could be seen standing there with three security officers.

Cody’s eyes narrowed as he instantly recognized one of the two individuals, “Hello Admiral Bettencourt.”

Vausees grinned as she saw the man lift the hood off his head. “Take the Ferengi to the brig and escort the Admiral to my Ready Room,” she said to the security officers.

She watched as the two were escorted away. She reached up and tapped her ComBadge. “Commander Zazzuit.”

In her quarters on Starbase 11, Zazzuit was deep in a sleep state when she heard her name coming from her ComBadge. She reached over and tapped it, “Yes, Captain?”

“I need you back on the Heracles in ten minutes.”

“I can be back in three,” she stated.

Vausees then informed her that they had left orbit and that they would be back in orbit in ten minutes. Zazzuit then understood why the long time.

Ten minutes later Zazzuit appeared on the transporter pad in Transporter Room one. She stepped off the pad and proceeded to the Captains Ready Room. As she entered she was shocked to see Admiral Bettencourt sitting there and looked over at her Captain.

Vausees nodded to the open seat, “Commander.”

Zazzuit took the open seat and looked once more to Vausees, with a confused look on her face. Vausees lifted a hand up, “All will be explained.” Zazzuit nodded and looked at the Admiral.

“Shall I let you explain Admiral or should I just tell you why you are here,” Vausees stated as she leaned back in her seat. A look of contempt and anger was all over her face as she state there. 

Admiral Bettencourt closed his eyes for a moment and sighed, “How did you know?” is all that he asked.

“Simple Admiral,” she stated as she stood up and moved to sit on the corner of her desk. “You see your son is one excellent Commander, let along Agent.”

The Admiral looked at her and cocked his head to the side, “My son?” he asked.

“Oh don’t play stupid, Admiral. I know that you sent him here to try and stop me from finding out about your little project,” she stated in a manner that was fully above her paygrade.

“Oh I’d love to hear this one,” he stated.

“I’ll do you one better,” she stated as she turned and pressed a button on her desk. “Commander Bettencourt will you join me in my Ready Room.”

A moment later the doors opened and entered in Cody.

“Commander would you please show the Admiral what you found on Captain Munez’s computer.”

A grin slipped over Cody’s lips as he nodded to her. He moved from the door to the wall-mounted monitor and brought up the files and messages that he had obtained from the Portmasters Officer computer. He then brought up several files and messages that showed the Admirals name.

Cody then opened a file that he had marked priority. A file that indicated to Captain Munez that she was to kill Captain Vausees and how she was to make it seem like an accident. Cody looked at his father, “ You almost would have gotten away with that had I not programmed the computer to search for you,” he stated as he continued to look at his father, who had now lowered his head into his hand.

A chime at the door made Vausees look toward her door, “Enter,” is all that she said.

The door opened and a woman dressed in red entered. A smile crossed Vausees lips as she saw the color leave the woman’s face, which confirmed her suspicions. “Captain Munez, thank you for coming on such short notice,” she said in a tone that was almost friendly.

Munez nodded and took a seat when Vausees motioned toward an open seat. She then looked at Vausees.

“We were just informing the Admiral of how the two of you had just committed an act of treason.”

This caught Munez off guard and she looked at the Admiral, who still had his head in his hand.

“Don’t deny it, Captain.” Cody said from the monitor.

Munez looked at him and her eyes widened as she saw the message on the monitor. She shook her head and looked at Vausees, “He said it was a simple job and that no one would find out.”

“Well unfortunately, Captain Munez,” she looked at her with icy cold blue eyes, “my chief is one skilled asset,” she said while indicating Cody with her head.

Vausees once more stood up and walked back around her desk. She tapped a button on her desk and the door to her Ready Room opened. Four security officers stood there. Cody moved from the monitor after closing the files, “Admiral, Captain, I am placing you both under arrest for treason and the attempt on my life,” Vausees stated. She then looked at Cody and nodded.

He moved closer to the two of them, who had stood up and moved toward the door. As the Admiral was about to exit he turned and looked back at Vausees, “You don’t know what you had done missy.” Cody gave his father a shove toward the door and the three of them left the room. “On the contrary, Admiral,” she said as the door closed.