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Vausees looked up and out of the window to her quarters. It had been only a couple of months since she had received her orders to the Mithrar Anchorage her new home, or so she thought, and now here she was finding out that she was being recalled back to earth. As a crewman entered her room, she turned and looked at the young man. He couldn’t have been over 18 years old, and here he was out on the fringes of space where the closest help was days, if not weeks away. All she wanted was what he had and now here she was repacking her things so that he and his crewmates could whisk them and herself away to earth.


Thinking to herself, she takes a seat.


“Computer start a personal log,” she said out loud as the door hissed shut and the last of her belongings were heading for the cargo hold of a shuttle that was bound for a ship that was heading back to earth. 


As a soft beep showed that the computer was awaiting her, she began.


“Stardate: 73940.07. Commander Vax Personal Log…”


After what seemed like a couple of hours, a soft beep showed that the log that she had recorded had been saved and had been placed into her file. As she looked around, a sudden sadness overcame her as the chime to her door echoed in the now spartan room. Clearing her throat as best as she could, she called out for the person at her door to enter. As the door opened, there stood a crewman that would escort her to the shuttle. She nodded to the man and took the lead to the nearest ship mooring dock. 


***A shuttle ride***


Sitting in the guest seating near the middle of the shuttle, she watched as the Mithrar Anchorage shrank in size until it was nothing more than a shadow of itself and then a mere speck of a dot in the shuttle’s port side window.


Turning her head Vausees closed her eyes and meditated knowing that it would take the shuttle a full two hours until it was in the docking bay of the USS Paladin, and then three weeks aboard before arriving back to earth which would end with a twenty-minute run via shuttlecraft to San Francisco and eventually Starfleet Headquarters. 


A soft hiss is heard as the pilot swivels around and looks at Vausees. He gets up and moves over to her.


“Pardon me, Commander, but would you care for something to eat or drink?” he asks her.


Vausees opens her eyes and looks at the man. Her light blue almost pale drift over the man as she nods. “That will be fine, Chief,” she states as she sees the three chevrons and two pips that show he is a senior chief.


As the man turns about to get both of them something to eat and drink, she asks him what he had done to be assigned to her. This causes the chief to pause for a moment and turn his head to face her.


“On the contrary, Ma’am. I requested this detail. I am at the end of my tour out in the Delta and thought it time to head back home to see what else Starfleet may have in store for me.”


He then turns back around and places a double order for the onboard replicator. As he is ordering, Vausees couldn’t help but feel like a fool for thinking that someone like him could have been a troublemaker aboard the Mithrar Anchorage. 


“Forgive me, chief. I just assumed someone that was a problem would be assigned to send me away,” she stated as he turned back around with a plate in each hand.


“No apologies required, Ma’am. But I must ask why do you think the Mithrar is sending you away. To my knowledge, you are being recalled back to Earth, Ma’am,” he stated boldly, and then realized that he had spoken too boldly to a superior officer. 


Vausees dismissed the thought with a simple gesture. “It’s ok, chief,” she stated as she realized his error and added a chuckle. “You rarely get recalled a month or two after you have received and taken orders to a new post.”


He nodded to her statement and took a bite from a slice of bread that he had cut for himself. Another slice lay on the plate for Vausees. As he chewed, he thought about what Vausees had said and then looked up at her. “Well whatever it is, Ma’am, I doubt you are in any trouble you did just get promoted to Commander a few weeks ago,” he stated as he finished the last of his slice of bread and washed it down with some water from a pitcher that had also replicated with the plates of bread.


An hour later, the chief had returned to the pilot’s seat, and Vausees returned to her meditation. She thought about what the chief had told her as she sat there in silence. She knew in her heart that she couldn’t have done anything wrong and that the chief was right.


***U.S.S. Paladin***


After she is checked out by the CMO she is shown to her quarters; which just so happens to be one of the guest quarters. Setting down her bags she takes a seat next to a small table and closes her eyes.


“Computer, what access do I have to the ship?” she asks

“You have full access to all areas. Is there someplace you would like to go?” the computer asked Vausees.


This shocked Vausees and she turned to the console on the desk next to her. “Show me where the gym is.”


A soft beep and a layout of the Paladin was displayed for her. A section on the port side of deck four was highlighted for her, as well as a route to it from her quarters.


A smile crossed her lips as she swiftly changed out of her uniform and into a pair of shorts and a tank top. As she moved towards the door and opened it she was met by a man dressed in red with four pips on his collar. “Oh excuse me, Captain!” she exclaimed as she nearly ran him over as she attempted to exit out of her quarters. 


Captain Lance had his hand up to press a button on a console outside of Vausees quarters when he suddenly was looking at the woman that he was going to see. Hearing her apology he smiled as he looked at what she was wearing. “No apology required, and if I didn’t know any better you look to be heading to one of the three gyms on this ship?”


“Yes, sir,” she stated as she stood there at ease.


“Relax, Commander Vax. You’re not one of my crew so you can speak with me frankly.”


This confused Vausees for a moment as she was trained to always acknowledge all of her superior officers with respect to their rank, as ‘sir or ma’am’. She did relax slightly, but just slightly. 


Lance offered her to exit her quarters as she spoke. “If you do not mind Vausees I will accompany you to the turbo-lift that will take you to deck four while talking to you.”


She exits out her door and the Captain falls in step next to her. “What can I do for you, Captain?”


He looks her over for a moment and shakes his head. “Tradition I am guessing.”


She looks at him and nods. “Can’t be helped, Sir,” she states as they walk down the corridor.


“I want you to know, Commander, that if you need anything while you are on board that you can contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.”


She nods and continues to walk towards the lift that was at the end of the corridor. As they both reach the lift she turns and looks at them. “You might hear something about that sooner than you think, Captain.” With that, she pressed a button to hail the lift. The doors open a moment later and she nods to Lance. “Sir.” and she enters the lift and leaves the Captain behind.




Upon entering the gym she sees two other officers going about their routines. Walking over to a treadmill she lays her towel down onto the crossbar and then steps up onto it. She begins her run slowly; to allow her legs and body to warm up and for her blood to flow steadily within her body. After several minutes and a mile into her run, she reaches up and presses the controls to the machine. The machine in response elevates the platform up a few degrees and speeds up the contact pad of the platform.


Within a few minutes, Vausees is breathing heavy and a nice sheen of sweat can be seen glistening off her slender form. Looking down she sees that she has already passed the 10km required for passing the final physical exam for the academy and that she has done it in under 40 minutes. 


Feeling a slight burn in her calves she reaches up again and presses on the controls to level out the platform and decrease the speed down to a slow jog. After a few minutes, she steps off of the treadmill and takes her towel with her; walks over a rack that houses several dumbbells, and retrieves two dumbbells that weigh 15 pounds each. Taking a seat on a bench she looks around and realizes that the gym was vacant now. “Computer, increase gravity to this room by a factor of two, and set a warning on the console to this room.” A soft beep confirms her request.


Holding the dumbbells on her thighs she feels the increase to the gravity and closes her eyes. She then begins to curl the weights, breathing slow and steady as she does, she enters into a meditative state of mind.


A soft chime at the entrance to the gym disrupts her for a moment, “Enter.” A sound of a hiss is heard as the door opens. She turns her head to see Lance standing there, “Something I can help you with Captain?” she asks. 


“No, just coming to check on you is all.”


Vausees drops the dumbbells and stands up. She turns and looks at the Captain. “Sir, with all due respect, you could have called me on the intercom for that, and again, Sir, I feel like you are starting to stalk me.” Her light blue eyes bore into his as she states this. “I also do remember that you stated that if I needed anything to come to you, and right now need to be left alone, “ she states as she reaches down and retrieves her towel off of a bench next to her. She then moves to exit the gym leaving a dumbfounded Captain Lance standing there with a perplexed look on his face at the statement that she had just made.


***Mess hall – a week later***


Captain Lance enters into the mess hall and moves over to a replicator. He orders himself something to drink and turns around to see Vausees sitting alone. Moving over to her he stops, “Pardon me, Commander,” he states as she stands there. She looks up at him with a smile.



“May I?” He gestures to the open seat.


“Of course. Please have a seat.”


Lance takes a seat and sets his drink down. He looks at her and then around the mess hall. Most of the Junior officers and crew were scattered about the compartment and only one group was within earshot of them.


“Vausees,” he says in a low voice.


She looks up at him with a questioning look on her face as he had only called her by her name once before. 


“I want to apologize for how I treated you when you first came aboard my ship.”


“Captain, if you are thinking that I am holding a grudge against you for your conduct, don’t,” she states in a low voice as well realizing that this was meant for their ears only. “I said what I had to and left it at that.”


As she stood up and retrieved her empty tray she looked at him. He stands up as she moves toward a replicator and then pauses next to him. She leans over and whispers, “No offense, Captain, but you and the men on this ship are not my type.” She then disposes of her tray into the replicator for recycling and exits out of the mess hall.


***Captain’s Ready Room***


An alarm sounds off as Vausees sleeps. She opens an eye and looks over at the console on the wall. It shows 0400. Sitting up she stretches and begins her routine for waking up. After her shower, she dresses and checks out her uniform. “Perfect as always.”


Vausees exits the lift onto the bridge heading for the Captain’s Ready Room. She reaches up and presses a button on the console just outside of the room. 


“Come in,” he states as he looks at the monitor on his desk.


Vausees enters and walks over to Lance. He looks up at her and cocks his head to the side, “Commander what can I do for you?”


“I need to do something. I can’t just sit back and do nothing.”


He listens to what she had just said and nods to her expression of wanting to help. “Let me see what I can do to get you onto the schedule.”

She nods and turns about heading for the exit; she stops before opening the door, “Thank you.”


***SOL- Earth- Earth Spacedock***


For the past two weeks, Vausees had kept herself busy, and as the Captain had stated he was able to place her on the schedule, as an assistant Chief Sec/Tac. Vausees was thankful for this and with the additional help, most of the workload that had their Chief of Security bogged down was completed before they entered into the SOL sector of the Alpha Quadrant.


Vausees had removed her uniform and was sitting comfortably next to the table. She had just sent off a letter to Jana when the door chimed. 




The door opened and Lance stood there, “We should be docking with Earth Spacedock in about twelve hours.”


Vausees stood up and walked over to Lance. She hugged him, “Thank you for all that you have done for me, Lance.” She then stepped away and smiled at him.


Lance stood there for a moment and nodded. “I am glad to have had you aboard, Commander.” With that, he exited out of her room.


Twelve hours later, Vausees stood inside of the promenade of the Spacedock. She was staring out of one of its bulkhead sized windows watching all of the ships that came and went from the station.


Suddenly a hand came down on her shoulder, and she turned her head quickly to see a familiar face.


“Chief!” is all that she said as she wrapped her arms around him. “It’s good to see you.”


When she pulled away she saw a look of confusion on his face, “Is something the matter, Chief?” she asked.


He looked at her for a moment, “I have been assigned to you again, Ma’am,” he stated.


She cocked her head to the side and twisted her forehead, “What do you mean assigned to me?” she asked him.


Suddenly the two of them were approached by three uniformed Starfleet personnel. As soon as they came to a stop next to Vausees one of the three stepped forward. “I presume you are Captain Vax?” asked the woman.


Vausees looked at the Chief and then back to the woman. The Chief turned and looked at this woman and the two other Starfleet security officers. “Pardon me Ma’am, but who are you?” he asked. 


She looks at the Chief, “Master Chief Petty Officer, Charles Tanners, I presume?” she said in a manner that caused both Vausees and Charles to take a step back. Charles had his arm out and over the Vausees, who was looking down at the arm with an irritated expression on her face. 


The woman looked at both Vausees and Charles, both of whom had a look of confusion and doubt on their face. She then looked down at her PADD and her eyes widened after seeing her mistake. “Oh, excuse me, Commander Vax and Senior Chief Petty Officer Tanner.” She stated as she looked up from the PADD to the both of them. 


Vausees placed a hand on Charles’s arm and pushed it aside as she stepped forward. He looked at her and lowered his arm as he looked at her. He could see the irritation on her face as she stepped by.


“I can assume that you have been sent to fetch me,” she stated as she looked away from the Chief to the woman that stood near them. She then looked at the two Sec Officers and back to the woman, “Are you detaining me?” she asked as she approached the woman.


The woman took a step back away from Vausees and bumped into one of the Security Officers behind her. She looked up and back toward the man that stood there looking down at her. She took a step forward and recomposed herself. She hadn’t been ready for Vausees’ advance on her and it had surprised her.


“On the contrary, Commander.” She then reached into a case and pulled out two PADD’s and handed them to her. “These are orders to report to San Francisco.”


Vausees looked at the PADD’s and saw that one of them was for Charles; she handed it over to the Chief and returned her attention to the woman that stood before them. “And when do we report to Starfleet HQ?” she asked


“I think you misunderstand, Commander.”


Vausees looked at the woman and tilted her head.


“You are to report to San Francisco and wait until you are called to HeadQuarters.”


Vausees nodded her head and thought to herself that this was a complete waste of time. She turned to look at Charles who was about to say something along the lines of what she was thinking and shook her head no. She then returned her focus to the woman. “Thank you.”


The woman nodded in return and departed with the two Security Officers in tow. Vausees turned back to the Chief who looked rather pissed off at having to wait.


“Chief…,” she was cut off as Charles started in.


“That pompous woman has no right to keep us from doing our jobs.”


A sigh left Vausees mouth as she grabbed Charles by the arm and her bag in the other and drug both toward a departing shuttle. As they entered the shuttle she released his arm and spun him around to look at her.


“Listen here Chief, I am not your superior officer but I will be damned if I am going to have you make me look like a damn fool,” she bore her blue eyes into his, “do I make myself clear on that?” She stood there and looked at him, and did not care that they were not alone.


For the first time since they had met on that shuttlecraft bound for the USS Paladin, the Chief knew that this woman was not one to mess with or get on the bad side with. He took a step back and nodded to her. “Yes, Ma’am.” 


***San Francisco – Downtown Apartment***


It had been nearly seven years since she had last been in this apartment. She set her bag by the door as it closed. She closed her eyes as she remembered some of the things that had happened. A soft sigh escaped her lips as a finger ran over a picture of her and Klair. She opened her eyes to see the goofy smiles on both of their faces and remembered that it was taken two hours before her death. 


Vausees reached down and upturned the photo. As she looked around she sighed and then smiled. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small case and inside it was a key. She was lucky that she had friends during her time at the Academy and while on DS9. She reached the door and grabbed her bag and headed for the nearest shuttle that was heading out of town.


Before entering the shuttle she made sure all transmissions were routed to her friend’s place at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. Vausees took a seat and relaxed as she knew it would take only a few minutes to reach the LA terminal.


***Riviera Country Club***


Vausees was greeted by a pair of smiling Officers as she exited the shuttle. They both wrapped their arms around her as she tried to do the same to them. 


“It’s good to see you Vax.” They both said at the same time. 


“It’s good to see you both as well.”

Trance and Trever released Vausees long enough for a chauffeur to take her bag and escort them to a waiting shuttle.


As they sat in the shuttle Vausees looked down at the table and started to trace an insignia into the top of it. Trance looked at her brother and shook her head. He couldn’t help it and touched Vausees forearm. “How long do we have you for?”


She looked up at him and smiled. “I don’t know.”


This troubled Trance who knew that Vausees was a wild one and needed the open space, of space, to keep her mind at ease from the pain of the death of her fiance and their best friend.


Trance looked out the window of the shuttle and a grin crossed her mouth. Her brother saw the look on his sister’s face and turned to see what she was looking at. “Oh Vausees,” they both chimed in.


Vausees looked up from the top of the table to the twins and then out of the window. Out before them stood the country club that Trance and Trever had inherited from their great grandmother. A place that always brought Vausees out of any foul mood. A smile crossed her lips as she looked back at the twins and took their hands. Trance looked at Vausees and nodded when she lipped out ‘thank you’.


“You know you are always welcome here,” Trever stated as he looked at the window and then over to Vausees.


She sighed as she looked over at him. “You know I hate when you two do that,” they all laughed as the shuttle touched down in the courtyard. 


After unpacking her bags Vausees headed for the pool and took a seat in one of the lounge chairs. She laid back in her bikini and closed her eyes as the sun beat down on her skin. Trance walked over and took the one next to her.


“So what do you have planned for the night?” she asked


Vausees laid there for a moment and then turned her head to her friend, “Nothing other than laying here and enjoying this warmth.”


Trance looked at her for a moment and shook her head. “Who is she and where is she?” is all that Trance asked.


Vausees lowered the sunglasses and looked at Trance. “No one, yet, but I am hoping that will change whenever she and I can find the time to take leave together.” She stated. “As for where? I am not sure where her ship is at this time, but I hope that she is safe, well as safe as one can be.”

Trance nodded and laid her head back to enjoy the company of Vausees when a loud splash was heard followed by both of them suddenly becoming soaked from the pool. Vausees sat up and removed her sunglasses and looked toward the pool as Trever surfaced and was laughing. Setting her glasses aside she strolled over to the pool and dove in. As she surfaced she wrapped her arms around Trever and pulled him under the water.


The two then began to fight under the water, both tried to outdo the other. Trever tried to drag Vausees under the water but failed as she captured both of his arms and flipped over him. Unbeknownst to her Trance has slipped into the water and swam up next to her. She felt the smooth but powerful arms of her friend slip around her waist and she was suddenly removed from Trever and tossed across the pool. She surfaced and realized that she was suddenly outnumbered. A wicked grin crossed her lips as she slowly submerged below the water. 


As she swam under the water she aimed for Trance only to find Trever in her way. She easily slipped past him and wrapped herself around Trance. Her legs locked on the woman’s waist as her arms snaked up and around Trance’s chest. As Trance submerged Vausees looked into her friend’s eyes and grinned under the water. She released Trance and surfaced a few feet away.


Relaxing on the edge of the pool she looked at the both of them. “Nice try but you should know better than to tangle with me.” She grinned at the both of them as she allowed her legs to kick out in the cool water.


A chauffeur appeared near the edge of the pool and looked at them. “Dinner will be served in a few minutes. Where shall I have it taken to?”


“Poolside will be fine Max.” Trance stated as she swam over to Vausees. Trever was hoisting himself out of the water and was following Max to the kitchen. The two could be seen holding a conversation.


Vausees looked down as she felt Trance touch the pouch where her Symbiont resided. 


“Trance you know that I don’t enjoy being touched there.”


“I know but I find it fascinating to know that you are a host to a Symbiont.”


Vausees shook her head as she reached out and took Trance into her arms. She held her against her chest as she looked out at the sun as it began to set.


Trance looked up at Vausees as she was being held. “You know you could just stay here. You have done your time in Space.”


Vausees kept her eyes away from Trances as she listened to what her friend had just said. She swallowed hard before she blinked, “As much as I would love to retire and move back to Earth and this wonderful place that you have here Trance. I know that my heart would not be able to stand not knowing what is just outside of the darkness that lies between the bright specks of those stars.” She turned her head down to her friend and smiled. “Besides you would get tired of me before you know it and want me to leave,” she stated trying to keep a straight face as she did only to fail at it.


“Come on you two!” came Trever’s voice from the other side of the pool.


Both Vausees and Trance looked over at him and sighed together. Untangling themselves from each other they swam to the other side of the pool and at the same time exited.


Trever watched the both of them move in unison and shook his head. “I know that one of you is my sister and the other my best friend, but hot damn if I can say what I just saw to be a sin against all men.”


Vausees glared at him as she walked past. Trance smacked her brother and took a seat in Vausees lap after sliding her plate next to hers. Vausees wrapped her arms around Trance knowing why her best friend was acting like this. She could feel her Betazoid friends emotions as her friend could feel hers. 


Trance leaned back against Vausees and smiled at her brother who looked at the both of them. He shook his head as he began to eat. “You two are cute together, even if we all know that it has nothing substantial.” He stated as he continued to eat. 


He was correct with everything he had just stated, and even though it felt good to hold on to someone Vausees knew that it couldn’t manifest into anything solid. But she would be damned if she didn’t enjoy this while it lasted. “We all know this and we all accept this, don’t we Trance?” She asked her best friend who shook her head in agreeance. 


*** Station McKinley – Observation room***


A man stood in the shadows on a window that looked into the drydock. A ship sat there being worked on. His cold eyes calculating as he watched two workerbee’s fly past in route to some part of a half constructed nacelle. 


The sound of foot falls caused him to adjust his sight onto the slightly reflective window. If he could have smiled he would have as he saw a Vice Admiral walking in. 


“What can I do for you Admiral?” He asked as the Admiral came to a stop behind him. 


“I have a report here that needs urgent care, and you are going to be the one to take care of it.”


“What makes you think that I can do this?” The man stated as he continued to look out the window.


The Admiral stepped up next to the man as another workerbee flew past the window. “Because, Cody,” his voice was low, almost a whisper, as he turned and looked at his son. “You’re going to be aboard this ship.” He stated as he looked at the man and slammed the report and his orders into his chest.


Before the Admiral had a chance to remove his hand from his son’s chest he was captured. The next thing he knew he was being slammed against the window. His head and face being forced into it. 


“You should know better than to touch me, Father.” He stated as he tightened his grip on the twisted arm. “After all, it was your doing that transformed me into this weapon of yours.”


Cody gave a slight push into the Admirals back and the twisted arm as he released the man. He retrieved the PADD that contained the report and his orders that had hit the floor when he had attacked his father. 


A sigh escaped his lips as he sat down in his room. The lights dimmed as his head rolled back on the couch. He knew he shouldn’t have reacted like he had but it was instinct to react as such and he despised his father anyways. Still he knew that this would have repercussions later.


***Starfleet HQ – Orders***


Vausees laid on her back under a tree. Her fingers played in the hair of Trance as she looked into the branches above them. Trance had her eyes closed as she was enjoying this attention. 


She looked over at Vausees and caught her best friend’s eyes. “I know that look Vax.” She stated as she pushed herself up and then straddled her waist. 


“Oh do you now?” Vausees said as she looked up at Trance. 


“You want nothing more than to get the hell back out in space.”


Vausees thought to herself, “She’s not wrong.” She then reached up and touched Trances face. “You’re not wrong.” 


Trance sighed and batted away her hand. She reached up and pinched her nose as she closed her eyes. “One of…” a soft chirp cut her off and she looked over at the PADD that lay in the grass next to them.


As the PADD chirped a second time Trance reached over and tapped the spinning Combadge icon. The image of the woman that Vausees had met on Earth Spacedock appeared. 


“Commander Vausees…” she stopped when she saw Trance. “Oh, excuse me Commander Trance. I am looking for Commander Vausees.” She stated.

“She’s right here.” Trance, stated with a slight irritated tone to her voice.


“Commander Vausees, you are to report to Starfleet Headquarters immediately. The same goes for you as well Commander Trance.”


Trance looked from the PADD to Vausees who shrugged her shoulders. She looked back at the PADD and tapped the screen before she looked to Vausees. 


“What is this about?” She questioned her


“Not a clue, but I think we should go.” She stated as she slipped her hand up Trances thighs to her hips and rolled her onto her back and kissed her. After the kiss she pushed up and then stood up. She offered Trance her hand and helped her to her feet. 


An hour later their shuttle landed on the landing pad just outside of the gates that led to Starfleet HQ. They were met by two Security Officers who escorted them into the building and to a waiting room. AS they entered the room they were greeted by an irritated woman.


“The next time I call…” She was cut off by the sound of someone clearing their throat. “Have a seat.” Is all they heard.


They both took a seat as an Admiral with his arm in a sling turned around and looked at them. “Commander Vausees, Commander Trance. I have called you here to inform you that as of yesterday you both are to report to the USS Heracles for an assignment of the utmost importance.” He then walked over to Vausees. “Stand up Commander.”


She didn’t hesitate as she stood. The Admiral turned to the woman that was next to him and grabbed the single pip that she had in the palm of her hand. “As of this moment Captain Vausees I am promoting you and assigning you to the Heracles as its Commanding Officer.” He stated as he tried to place the pip next to the three others on Vausees collar.


Trance seeing the Admiral struggling stood up. “Sir, if I may.” She lifted her hand up and took the pip from the Admiral. She then placed it next to the others and pressed down, a soft snap announced the pip as in place. Trance looked at Vausees and smiled before she turned back to the Admiral and nodded.


“Welcome to the team, Captain Vausees.” He stated as he reached for the PADD that the woman next to him held out. “These are your orders and the report on this assignment. Gather your team and crew, Captain. Dismissed. “ Vausees took the PADD and with Trance in tow exited the waiting room. 


===USS Heracles NCC-80555===


Vausees walked out of Starfleet HQ with a slight pep in her step. She could not help but let her pride be noticed. Behind her was Trance, who had also gained another Pip on her collar as well. As they walked out of the gates they were met by Trever holding out a PADD. He handed it to Vausees who took it without a second thought. She already knew what was on the device as she looked down at it. She nodded and congratulated the man.


“Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Commander Nief,” she teased as she motioned for Trever to look at his sister.


Trever cocked his head to the side and looked behind Vausees to see a new full pip on his sister’s collar. A grin split his lips as he looked at her. “Well look at you. A full Commander,” he stated as he placed her into a headlock and ruffled her hair. 


This caused Trance to elbow him in the ribs, a little harder than she meant to but he had warned him about placing her in a headlock. After all, he did deserve the bruised ribs for his actions towards a superior officer. He rubbed his ribs after he released her, and the three of them headed for a shuttle that was scheduled for the McKinley Shipyard.


As the shuttlecraft left the gravitational pull of the earth, Trance and Trever looked out of one of the portholes that faced the Shipyard. Vausees on the other hand had her nose in a PADD studying the Argonaut Class ship that she was now in Command of. 


A slight smack to her shoulder brought her out of her studying, and she looked at where the smack had originated from and shook her head. Trance had been the one to smack her. She released the buckle on the restraint and moved over next to the twins; all the while shaking her head. 


‘These two,’ she thought to herself before she peered out of the porthole and was amazed at the ship that they were approaching. The PADD hadn’t done any justice to the real thing.


“Captain Vausees. Commander Trance and Lieutenant Commander Trever. Please take your seats as we will be docking with the McKinley SpaceDock in two minutes,” came a voice over the intercom. 


Not thinking twice about the announcement the three of them returned to their seats and replaced their restraints. Vausees looked over at Trance who had a giddy look on her face; for more than two reasons. It had been nearly three years since Trance and Trever had both served on a ship let alone together and now they had Vausees as their Commanding Officer. What more could they want.


As the doors to the shuttle hissed open a man stood at the end of the ramp. As he came into view Vausees instantly recognized him. He looked up at Vausees and nodded to her, and took the hand that she had held out. “Charles, good to see you again,” she stated as she shook his hand.


He felt in step with Trance and Trever as they all followed Vausees to the promenade of the SpaceDock. Charles looked over at the twins and then at the back of Vausees head. Trance couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as she looked at Charles. He returned the look and cocked his head to the side.


“Something funny, Commander?”


“You wanted to know if myself and the Lieutenant Commander are related,” she stated as she stopped Charles, letting Trever and Vausees continue on without them. 


He looked at her as he waited for the answer to the question that he hadn’t voiced but thought about. It was then that he realized that Trance and he assumed the other man was Betazoids. His eyes widened slightly at his stupidity. A hand came down on his shoulder and Trance shook her head.


“At easy Chief,” she stated. “The other man that was with us is my brother and yes we are Betazoids.”


She felt the tension in Charles’ shoulders release at this announcement, and a smile came over her lips. She thought to herself, ‘he’s cute.’ as she lowered her hand from his shoulder. 


“Shall we?” She motioned to Vausees and Trever who had stopped to wait for Trance and Charles.


After the two of them rejoined the group, Vausees looked at Trance, who winked to inform her that she would tell her later. She nodded and the group made it to the turbo-lift that would take them to the operations deck of the station. 


***SpaceDock McKinley***


The door hissed open as the lift came to a halt above the promenade. Vausees exited out first and was followed by the rest of the group. She looked over her shoulder at Trance who nodded and escorted the rest to the waiting room. This confused Charles for a moment and Vausees fixed him with a look and he knew that this was for their own good. 


After the doors hissed shut behind the group, Vausees handed over the PADD that contained the orders that she was given to a young man that sat behind the desk that was alone in the room. He looked them over and his eyes widened as he bolted upright.


“This way, Captain,” he stated as he motioned for her to follow him to an entrance that was behind the pillar that was behind his desk.


Vausees followed the young man who escorted her to a secured door that was being guarded by two guards. The young man nodded to both guards after holding up a security PADD. The two guards salute Vausees, which confused her, and stepped aside. The door then hissed open and a single man sat in a darkened room waited for her to enter. 


Vausees entered the room and the young man exited. The door hissed shut once more and she was alone in the room with this man. He reached down and took the PADD that the young man had left, and he looked it over. After he read it he looked up at Vausees and nodded. He set the PADD down and transferred the Mission profile to the PADD and handed it to her without some much as a word being spoken.


As the doors once again hissed shut she walked down the hall to the reception area that she had arrived at. Once there she nodded to the young man behind the desk and retrieved the group that she had arrived with. They took the life once more and exited out back onto the promenade. 


Vausees looked down at the PADD that was in her hand and gave it a slight squeeze. She didn’t know what the PADD contained other than it was the mission report. 


A rough voice echoed in her ear and she recognized it as Charles’, “What was that about Vausees?” He asked her.


She turned about and looked him dead in the eyes. “If you were to know about it Chief you would have been permitted!” Her voice was low in tone but held more than enough attitude to let him know that he had overstepped his line. This was the first time that she had ever had to rebuke the man and she hoped that it would be the last.


Charles took a step back realizing that he had made an error in judgment, “My apologizes, Captain,” he stated.


Vausees nodded to him as she took the lead once more and the group headed for the umbilical that would take them to the Heracles.


***Heracles – Meet and Greet***


After a moment they entered onto the corridor that ran from the starboard hatch to the port hatch. The group then turned a corner and the main lift came into view. They all entered and headed up to the bridge. As soon as the doors to the lift opened a Bzzit Khaht announced the arrival of Vausees and the rest of the Bridge crew. Everyone stopped what they were doing and gave her their attention. She raised up her hand.


“As you were.”


The crew returned to what they were doing. She turned to the group and nodded to them.


“To your posts.”


They returned a nod and disappeared to their assigned positions. 


Vausees turned to her XO, “Follow me, please,” she stated as she moved to her ready room. Zazzuit followed her Captain as ordered and entered the ready room behind her. The doors behind the Bzzit Khaht closed and Vausees leaned against the edge of her desk as she looked at the woman that stood before her. 


“What can you tell me about our crew, so far?”


Zazzuit stood there for a moment, her for rigid as she thought about what Vausees had asked her, “They’re mostly green,” the Bzzit Khaht stated as she remained where she stood.


“At ease, Commander.”


Zazzuit looked up at Vausees and was confused for a moment and then relaxed as best as she could. Vausees moved to behind her desk and took a seat, “Have a seat Commander.”


Zazzuit nodded to her Captain and took a seat in front of Vausees. Her eyes looked at Vausees who looked back at her.


“I know that they are mostly green, Commander. I am asking what do you think of them?”


I think that they will do just fine and should we come up against another ship, hostile or not, they will perform their duties.”


Vausees nodded to what Zazzuit had said about the crew, “Anything else I should know, Commander?”


Zazzuit shook her head, “No, Captain.”


Vausees stood up, “Have the bridge crew meet up in here in ten minutes.”


Zazzuit stood up when Vausees did. She turned towards the door and exited. When the door closed behind Zazzuit, Vausees moved to the replicator and ordered a Jestral tea. As the light dimmed in the receptacle of the replicator she reached in and took hold of the mug that the tea had materialized in. She took a healthy swallow and returned to her desk. 


A few minutes later she heard the chime at the door, “Enter,” she stated and the door opened. Trever, Trance, Charles, Cody, Jonton, Zozzak, and Zirtar entered. Zazzuit entered a moment later after making sure that a ship report was in her hand. After everyone had taken a seat Vausees looked at them and steepled her fingers. “Thank you for coming to this meeting,” she stated. They all nodded, “I want you all to know that I have the utmost respect for you all and look forward to working with you all.” Vausees leaned back in her chair. “If you have anything to tell me or suggest to me, my door is open.” It was then that Cody spoke. 


“When do we depart?”


Vausees looked at him, “In one hour. We will be departing from the station and heading for Starbase 11 before we begin to patrol the area between Cardassian and Klingon borders,” she stated, “I advise that if you have any further business on the station, starbase, or Earth that you finish it up in this hour,” she looked at everyone as she stated this. “Otherwise you will be left behind and an official notice will be placed on your record.”


The Bridge team nodded to the orders that she had just told them. She remained silent as she waited for anything else to be asked. When nothing else came she looked to her XO and nodded. Zazzuit returned the nod and stood up. She then informed the Bridge crew of what needed to be done in the next hour so that they could launch on time.


***Heracles – Departure***


An hour later Vausees, sat in the Captain’s chair, Zazzuit sat to her right, and Trance to her left. Trever had been busy calculating the best route to Starbase 11 when Vausees spoke to him. 


“Lieutenant Nief, take us out?”


Trever nodded to the order as he finished the route.


“One quarter impulse, if you would.”


“Aye Captain, one quarter impulse,” he replied


Swiftly his hands moved over the controls on his console and the Heracles released the mooring mounts, and began to move slowly out and away from the arms of the McKinley Station. 


“We have cleared the station, Captain,” Trever stated.


Vausees nodded, “Good, engage the course for Starbase 11, Lieutenant.”


“Course already laid in, Captain.”


Vausees could not help but let a smile cross her lips. She knew that Trever had already laid in the course prior to leaving the stations.


“Good, set us on that course and at warp 5 if you please.”


“Warp 5, Aye Captain.”


Trever input the requested warp factor, and within a matter of moments the Heracles entered into warp and left SOL. As they entered warp Trever looked at the Nav portion of his console.


“At our present speed and course we should arrive at our destination in approximately 15 hours, Captain.”


Vausees stood up, “Good.”


She then turned to her XO, “Zazzuit the bridge is yours. Let me know when we have arrived or if something should come up.”


Zazzuit nodded to her as she swiveled the command console her direction. Vausees moved from the bridge to the lift. She was followed by Trance.


“Where to,” she asked as the doors closed.


Trance looked at her with a mischievous look in her eyes, “Your cabin.”


Vausees looked at her for a moment and shook her head before she informed the lift of their destination.