Part of Starbase 86: The Adventures of Tyler Bardot

Riding Through the Triangle (Part 1)

The Triangle
15 JUL 2399
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The small group of Valkyrie class fighters took off from Cassiopeia Outpost and got into formation heading into the The Triangle for patrol duties. Originally from Starbase 86 the group of eight fighters all belonged to the wing lead by Lieutenant Tyler Bardot. Only half the normal strength of the wing they would be breaking up further into four teams of two with each fighter flying with a wing-man to accomplish their mission. With the outpost having picked up on up what seems to be multiple freighters traveling through the area at very high warp speeds. The fighters picked up speed finally broaching the warp speed line once they left the station’s protected zone.
“Anything of note?” Tyler asked her backseat.
“Just the known civilian traffic ma’am and two Starfleet Shuttles inbound to the outpost, ma’am,” her Weapons Systems Officer reported.
Tyler had not had a regular back seat since arriving at Starbase 86 due to some personnel issues but she was assured by the Air Group’s commander she’d have one when the next crop arrived for assignment.
“Alright guys, time to split up… report when on station for your patrol sectors,” Tyler ordered her fighters. As her and her wingman banked naturally together toward their starting waypoint. At the very least her wingman had been the same since she arrived. He was quiet and she didn’t know much about him but they seemed to work well together and had easily anticipated each other’s moves since she had arrived. She honestly wasn’t sure how he wasn’t given the wing but was glad she had been able to move up either way.
“What does the skipper think we’re going to do if we find these freighters?” her backseat asked.
“Beats me,” Tyler said. “I guess try and track them as best we can… but I hear they go pretty fast, no way we’d be able to keep up.”
“I heard they go better than Warp 9,” the WSO responded.
“Yeah, they do,” Tyler agreed, with a sigh. “As long as we can pinpoint an origin point and direction of travel I guess that’s better than nothing. They’ll get a platform better able to manage here as soon as they can or as soon as we have better intel I’m sure.”
“Likely,” the WSO agreed.
“I’m sure there are some other activities out here that are suspect,” Tyler mused. “I hear they’re going to be sending some arrows out from 86 to the Outpost as well. So we’ll likely end up trying to intercept some other bad guys and have them conduct boardings or something. But what do I know?” she said, shrugging, not that her WSO would have been able to see the gesture from his seat.
“Prim and Thunder have reported they’ve reached their patrol sector and are beginning operations,” the WSO announced.
“Roger,” Tyler said, simply. “We should be in ours shortly,” she said, not that he wasn’t aware. She increased speed to their cruising speed of Warp 3.
“New activity on the scope,” the WSO said. “Looks like a civilian vessel flagged as a federation vessel. Speed is approximately warp five headed toward our patrol sector, ma’am, sending it to your screen.”
Tyler looked at the computer’s best guess as to the vessel’s flight plan and let out a “hmmm,” as she thought about it. “Looks like if we go to max speed we should be able to get an intercept on it based on angle. Lets go take a closer look shall we?” she said.
“You’re the boss ma’am,” the WSO said. “Still too far out for any more data.”
“Here we go,” she said, increasing to max speed and adjusting the fighters heading. Sure they likely weren’t heading toward anything interesting but might as well practice the hunt when it came time for the real thing. Besides escorting federation traffic in a troubled area of space was one of their missions.
“I’ll redirect sunshine and her wingman to meet up with us,” the WSO said, hitting a few keys and switching radio frequencies.