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Part of USS Daedalus: Those Moments Inbetween

A Jacobian Awakening

Colony K223
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“Bringing a former Gul is a nice touch.” Harold Jacobi sat in a chair, his hands bound.  He glared at the three of them, annoyed.

Milton Ford sat in the chair across from the former Starfleet Officer, “We thought it’d help keep people from trying anything while we looked for you.  Worked pretty well.  Until you decided to try and take him down.”

Hasara chuckled from his corner of the room, “It was…amusing.  You gave as good as you could, Mr. Jacobi.”

Harold’s annoyance shifted to curiosity, “Why are you here?  Can’t because of the stuff I stole from my quarters.”  He pushed against the manacles around his hands, “You don’t detain a guy for something like that.”

Ford flipped his PADD to show the man, “You did some bad shit, son.”  He walked through the accusations before ending with, “We just want to know who you did it for.”

Jacobi had listened as they’d run through how he’d been found out.  He felt the world closing around him as the story unfolded.  He hung his head as the story finished, “She really hates all of you…but she really wants Carolyn Crawford.”  He glanced up, “Pandora is good at what she does.  Threatened everything I held dear…and when I didn’t do what she wanted, she killed my youngest daughter.”  His face rippled with the painful memory, “She sent me a video.  She told me the oldest was next.  And then my family.  I did what she told me.  She said I had paid the price…and she set me up here, out of the way.”

Ford regarded him with something approaching pity, “You didn’t ask for help.”

“Nobody cared about me.  I was a screw-up on Chief’s shit list – I didn’t think anybody would have stood up for me.”  he shrugged, “She got what she wanted, and I almost got what I wanted.”  He jiggled at the handcuffs again, “I did it.  I confess.  Turn me over to Starfleet Security.”

Reid spoke up for the first time, “You are eager to go to jail, Harold.  Why?”  She stepped forward and knelt before him, just inches out of range of his head should he choose violence.  “No deal?  No attempt to sell out Pandora?”

He chuckled, “You don’t sell her out. You don’t think about it.  She’ll find out.  And she enjoys it when she gets her hands dirty.  No, I don’t want to open myself up to that kind of danger.  And before you even say it – you can’t protect me.  She’ll find me eventually.”

Jordan turned to Ford, “What if we put him on the Daedalus brig?  Between us and Mackenzie, we could keep him safe.”  Jacobi scoffed at that but went silent as Reid sent a severe glare at him.

Ford considered the options, “He’s coming with us anyway since we’d need to turn him over to Starfleet Security.  We could find a way to get him to lead us to her…or her to us.  Given all that we know and what he knows…she might be tempted to come out of hiding.”

Harold looked at both of them, shock playing across his face, “You’re insane.  She’s a sadist.  A murderous maniac.  Getting her out in the open would take one hell of a thing.”

Reid felt Ford’s eyes on her and relented, “I think it’s time we talk to Carolyn Crawford.”

Harold was speechless, but only for a second, “You’re not insane; you’re out of your goddamned minds!”