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Part of USS Constitution: Better The Devil You Know

Better The Devil You Know – 1

Vidiian warship Gereth, Fabula Stretch, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 78677.91
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Chief Engineer Mala dashed through the dimly lit corridors of the Vidiian warship Gereth. Her long, curly blonde and gold hair trailed behind her like a comet’s tail in the void of space. Her piercing blue eyes glinted with resolve as she navigated the maze of passageways, her slender figure moving with the grace of a seasoned warrior. Every step she took resonated with a deep sense of purpose, and every command she barked echoed with authority as she led her crew in the desperate struggle to keep their ship afloat amidst the chaos of battle. Mala’s fingers danced across the flickering control panels, her mind a whirlwind of calculations and strategies as she fought to keep the Vidiian warship Gereth operational. Around her, the engineering room buzzed with frenetic activity as her crew raced against time to repair the damage wrought by the relentless assault of the Kazon Predator-class warship. Like everyone else, she was determined to hold the line against the Kazon. Her home on Vidara counted on them, not letting the last of the Kazon fleet get past them.

As Mala fought tirelessly to keep doing her job under the pressure of the Kazon onslaught, a tumult of emotions surged within her. With each command she issued and every console she feverishly manipulated, she felt a fierce determination coursing through her veins, an unyielding resolve to protect her beloved homeworld of Vidara from the clutches of their ruthless enemy. Having served on the Gereth for nearly thirty years, Mala’s loyalty to the ship, its captain, and her fellow crew members burned like a beacon in the darkness of space. For her, the Gereth was more than just a vessel; it was a second home, a sanctuary forged through years of dedication and sacrifice. As the battle raged on, Mala couldn’t bear the thought of losing everything she held dear, and so she fought with every ounce of strength and determination she possessed, determined to emerge victorious against all odds. 

Whatever it took. 

Outside, the vast expanse of space became a battleground as energy weapons lanced through the darkness, leaving trails of destruction in their wake. The Gereth manoeuvred with all the grace of a wounded beast, its hull scarred and pockmarked from the enemy’s relentless barrage. The two ships were almost facing one another as they continued to punish each other with whatever power they had. Both were evenly matched. It was only a matter of time and clever tactics that would ensure one of them won. 

“Shields at forty per cent and falling!” one of Mala’s engineers called out, his voice tinged with urgency.

Mala gritted her teeth, her hands flying across the controls as she diverted power from non-essential systems to reinforce the failing shields. But even as she did, she knew it was only a matter of time before they gave out entirely. She couldn’t give up. Reducing the ship’s gravity net by an extra ten per cent would certainly give an extra bounce in everyone’s footsteps, but the extra energy could be used to keep the shields up longer. The ship was a battleground, and every decision she made was a matter of life and death. 

“We need those auxiliary generators online now!” Mala shouted, her voice barely audible over the deafening roar of battle. Explosion after explosion went off around her as EPS conduits attempted to keep the ship alive. 

Her crew, their faces bathed in the harsh glow of the consoles, worked feverishly to comply with her orders. The enemy’s onslaught showed no signs of stopping anytime soon, but they weren’t ready to give up either. Their determination was palpable, and their teamwork was a testament to their loyalty and sacrifice. 

Suddenly, a violent jolt rocked the ship, sending Mala stumbling forward against the console. Alarms blared, lights flickered, and the room filled with the acrid scent of burning circuits.

“What was that?” Mala demanded, her heart pounding in her chest as she pushed a stray lock of her hair behind her ear. 

“We’ve taken a direct hit to the starboard engines!” another engineer shouted, his voice tinged with panic. “Warp drive is down!”

Mala’s stomach churned as she realised the gravity of their situation. They were sitting ducks without functioning engines for the Kazon’s next attack.

“Get those engines back online, now!” Mala ordered, her voice laced with urgency.

But even as her crew scrambled to obey her commands, the ship shuddered again, the impact reverberating through the hull like a death knell. The situation was dire, the ship’s survival hanging by a thread.

“Weapons offline,” Captain Voren’s voice echoed through the room via the intercom, his words sending a chill down Mala’s spine. “All hands, proceed to the escape pods. I’m setting a collision course.”

With a sinking feeling in her chest, Mala knew their fate had been sealed. As she fought to regain her footing amidst the chaos, her mind raced with thoughts of the crew she had sworn to protect and the ship that had become her home. This was it. This was how it would end. But even as she staggered towards the nearest escape pod, her thoughts lingered on the battle raging outside. In the distance, she could see the Kazon warship looming ominously, its weapons primed and ready to deliver the final blow.

As she sealed herself inside the pod and launched into the void, Mala couldn’t help but wonder what awaited the Gereth in its final moments. Would it go down fighting, a symbol of Vidiian resilience in the face of overwhelming odds? Or would it simply fade into obscurity, another casualty of the endless conflict that ravaged the region of the Delta Quadrant?

There was a massive explosion, and the shockwave hit her escape pod before she could see what happened. She stumbled backwards, hitting the back of her head against the flooring. Before completely losing consciousness, she was sure she saw the Kazon ship cracking apart. A brief smile swept across Mala’s face. She was satisfied that they held the line.