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USS Constitution: Better The Devil You Know

When a way home is blocked by others who are stuck in a blood feud, the crew of the Constitution are forced to either abandon their hopes of getting back sooner or cut a deal that puts so much at risk.

Mission Description

While the Constitution explores uncharted territories, it finds itself in an area where no life has developed; however, when two ships are detected on long-range sensors, the crew sets a course to investigate. They find both vessels adrift in space with only one survivor barely alive. As the crew helps this individual, they discover she is Vidiian and has never been infected by the deadly Phage virus. She explains that she is from a world where other Vidiians have not been taken ill and asks if they can return her home. After conducting further scans of the region, the crew finds the world inhabited by the Phage-free Vidiians; furthermore, this world is near an interspatial flexure, a rare phenomenon that, when it appears, could send the Constitution to the Nacene Reach. However, the Vidiians are in a tough fight against those who want revenge for what their brethren have inflicted on them with their organ-harvesting operations. The Kazon have taken a defensive posture near to where the flexure opens. The Vidiian’s defence forces are equally matched to the Kazons. Attempting to find a way past both sides, the Constitution crew must decide which side they will support to get home. 

About the Mission

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8 June 2024

Better The Devil You Know - 6

USS Constitution: Better The Devil You Know

McCallister stood on the Constitution’s bridge, his jaw set with determination as he surveyed the tactical display. The tension in the air was palpable, a testament to the high stakes they were facing. Before him, the viewscreen showed the alarming sight of the small Kazon battle fleet, its [...]

31 May 2024

Better The Devil You Know - 5

USS Constitution: Better The Devil You Know

“Dropping out of warp on the system’s edge,” announced Jarata, his voice tinged with caution as the crew prepared for potential encounters. “Yellow alert, shields up,” Thaustin ordered. The Constitution’s bridge was its usual busy self, with every station manned. McCallister, who [...]

26 May 2024

Better The Devil You Know - 4

USS Constitution: Better The Devil You Know

“Dropping out of warp, sir,” Jarata’s voice echoed through the tense silence. In a heartbeat, the crew, their senses heightened, braced themselves for the unknown that lay ahead.  “Engage full power to shields and weapons,” Thaustin commanded, his voice echoing through the [...]

19 May 2024

Better The Devil You Know - 3

USS Constitution: Better The Devil You Know

Floating above the main platform within astrometrics, Commander Kazlaf effortlessly manipulated the holographic controls as Captain McCallister and Commander Thaustin opened the doors to the lab. Her Elaysian heritage granted her remarkable adaptability, both in the literal and figurative sense. [...]