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Part of USS Daedalus: Mission 2 – The Edge of Hope and Despair and USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron : The Edge of Hope and Despair

DEHD 009 – The Last Word

USS Daedalus
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“We don’t trust you,” the leader of the Cardassian group said several times as they sat down to discuss the next steps.

Hasara indicated his agreement with a careful nod.  He knew his place here – any swagger or arrogance wouldn’t help the commander.  He’d be playing a deferential game, and as he’d told Koerner in private before they’d entered the conference room – he wasn’t good at playing it.  He would try hard, he’d said.  He’d meant it.  “You don’t have to – you can put your trust in Commander Koerner – she’s a recent addition to the Daedalus.  We’ve never met.”  He slipped into a chair, “The bonus is that I’m just an advisor, and she can put me in my place.”  He gestured to her, “Commander Koerner.”

The Cardassian leader glanced at her, his expression softening just slightly.  “He seems to think you’re going to be his redemption.”

Natalya shook her head “Redemption, no, but perhaps a new face can ease the distrust you have. I have only just met Hasara and this whole situation is new to me. The question I have is what can we do to make this an amicable situation for both sides?” She hoped her blunt honesty helped in this situation, but as this was all new to her she was unsure of what was going to happen.

The leader chuckled dryly, “Amicable is not a word we use much in the Cardassian language.  I applaud your effort, Commander.  Equatable is the word I would choose, but that is a human word.”  He side-eyed Hasara, “It must be so hard not to issue a wry rejoinder.”

Hasara kept his terse smile in place, “I’ve no comments at this time.”

“A wise choice.”  The leader turned to Koerner, “We’ve had time to think.  And time to imagine.  Truth be told…your play reminded us of the death that would be visited upon…both houses, to borrow the nomenclature of the play.  Nobody lives forever…and while there are still some firebrands among us…I have been directed to seek a straightforward, structured peace between our people.”

Hasara kept his mouth shut.


The Cardassian leader stood next to the Bajoran leader.  The room listened in rapt attention as the progressive and fair peace deal was read from both sides – trade would begin again.  A nearby colony had been found to have a group willing to serve as intermediaries in the ongoing trade operations.  As for the two lovers, an agreement had been reached for them to be housed at the trade space station between the two colonies, and visitation by both families would follow a schedule.  Hasara kept his required silence as the ceremony continued until both groups had departed, signed documents in hand, and filed with diplomatic operations.

He turned to Koerner, “You did well in leading the discussion.” 

Natalya shook her head “That went good? Man I could’ve sworn that they hated me. Even though they signed the documents it sure seemed like they had some animosity towards me.” She sighed and was honestly glad it was over that was one of the most stressful situations she had ever partaken in, at least when dealing with people. She had almost died by taking a stressful situation and stretching it to try and help the crew.

Hasara chuckled, “Good is indeed on a sliding scale with Cardassians.  It was good work.”  He shook her hand, “I wish you luck as you continue, Commander.  Plenty more adventures ahead.”