Task Force 17 Commanding Officer

The Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO) is a voting member of Bravo Fleet Command responsible for managing a fleet unit. This position is established under Article III of the Bravo Fleet Charter.

Official Duties

  • Operating a Bravo Fleet Task Force (unit)

  • Maintaining a roster of active members

  • Developing any applicable Task Force canon in conjunction with the Bravo Fleet Loremaster

  • Tracking and recording member activity

  • Submitting members for promotions and awards

Member Took Office Left Office Time in Office
19 September 2021
4 months, 2 days
5 January 2021
19 September 2021
8 months, 14 days
21 October 2005
19 May 2007
1 year, 6 months, 28 days