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USS Los Angeles: Second Patrol

A newly-repaired Los Angeles heads out from spacedock with three objectives: Fight the Pirates. Protect the Border. Hold the Line

Mission Description

In the lawless region known as “The Triangle,” the work of enforcing Federation law is entrusted to the ships and crew of Task Force 86. This is the continuing story of one ship, the USS Los Angeles.

After its encounter with the Pakleds, a mauled USS Los Angeles returns to Starbase 86 for major repairs, giving the crew much needed r&r. After two and a half weeks, the Los Angeles is back to full strength and ready to continue its primary mission. Now aware of the Pakled threat, the crew of the Los Angeles is given a secondary task by Command: do the utmost possible to stem the flow of weapons, equipment, and technology to the Pakleds. This, coupled with their regular interdiction mission, puts the Los Angeles and her crew on the front lines of law and order.

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