USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

The USS Vallejo departs Avalon Fleet Yards on her first mission since being retrofit and put back into service.

Mission Description

After years in mothballs, the over thirty-year-old California Class Utility Cruiser, USS Vallejo is refit and returned to service, with a new Captain and an untested crew. After picking up the remainder of her crew compliment at Starbase Bravo, Commander Day Renora and her eclectic team set course for their first mission with Task Force 47, a routine supply run delivering medical supplies, but they soon discover this assignment will be anything but routine. A new Captain and a ship just saved from decommission face a threat that could make their first mission their last.

The Vallejo, now a vessel of both legacy and promise, sails into the unknown, where every star holds secrets waiting to be unraveled.

About the Mission

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3 May 2024

Revelations: Part 1

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

Captain Day Renora walked into the conference room off of the Vallejo bridge and took her place at the head of the long curved dark wooden table. Standing behind her high-backed chair she steadied herself by gripping the headrest, forcing herself to not let the exhaustion take root; there would be [...]

23 March 2024

Beyond the Veil: Part 1

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

Velenia did her duty to her people. As she stood among the swirling tempest of blinding red energy of the Spire, she prepared herself for the Crossing. The once blinding crimson light pulsed around her in concussive waves, almost overtaking her. Soon she would be with her people again and forever [...]

1 March 2024

Desperate Appeals: Part 2

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

As the senior officers gathered in the conference room, tension was thick in the air as they awaited Captain Day’s instructions. Captain Day stood at the head of the long curved table, her expression grave, while the rest of the officers took their seats. Mehta, Rax, Valis, Vex, Loran, Kellan, [...]

26 February 2024

Desperate Appeals: Part 1

USS Vallejo: Among New Stars

Commander Mehta knew that diplomacy was their only hope, in that instant he wished Ambassador Tilis had been part of the away team. She wasn’t of much help unless they could communicate with the ship. With Velenia’s intentions clear and the fate of the USS Vallejo hanging in the balance, he [...]