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USS Athena: The Peacekeepers

In addition to Task Force 72, meet the newly commissioned USS Athena and her crew as peacekeepers throughout the galaxy.

Mission Description

“We are peacekeepers, but peace cannot be earned solely through defense.”
Delilah S. Dawson

The Prometheus-class starship, USS Athena, is the newest addition to Task Force 72. With its mission to bring peace while maintaining a stable and secure advantage against all enemies alike, the crew of the USS Athena continues their sole purpose and duty as peacekeepers throughout the galaxy. Join the crew of the USS Athena and its newly-minted commanding officer, Captain Harold Vaughn.

About the Mission

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Start Date

26 April 2024

2. Systems Check

USS Athena: The Peacekeepers

On the other side of the world, specifically on the bridge of the USS Athena, a lot of things were happening while waiting for the captain to arrive. Natalie Kurtz is the standing executive officer and the most senior officer on deck, and she now has the responsibility of making sure everything is [...]

24 February 2024

1. Prologue

USS Athena: The Peacekeepers

Captain Harold Vaughn, who was currently en route to Starbase 72, took up his new role as the commanding officer of the newly commissioned Prometheus-class starship, the USS Athena. He was currently still questioning why he was transferred to Task Force 72 out of all places. Having been a tactical [...]