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USS Constellation: Addie-monition

Murder aboard a Starfleet starship is always unexpected, but the unexpected is all the more probable when the Romulan Free State returns.

Mission Description

As Borg sightings across the Gradin Belt diminish, USS Constellation has completed its scouting mission to assess the borders of Borg territory.

Upon returning to the Markonian Outpost, Constellation is reunited with the Romulan Free State civilian scientists who departed the crew following the Dominion incursion into the Deneb Sector.

It’s not long after that murder starts coming for young crew-members.  When suspicion turns to ghosts from the past, it’ll take another ghost to hunt down the perpetrator.



Story titles for this mission are quotes from TNG’s “The Offspring” by René Echevarria.
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About the Mission

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10 June 2024

I Wish I Could Feel It With You

USS Constellation: Addie-monition

Sootrah Yuulik’s personal log, supplemental I spoke to her.  I’m sure I did.  I’ve reported to Captain Taes how I talked to Flavia before the explosive decompression.  I’m sure that happened before I learned about the warp core sabotage.  Not after.  At this point, [...]

10 June 2024

What I'm Asking For Is Time

USS Constellation: Addie-monition

The mysteries of a wolf-rayet star unfurled on the holographic viewscreen, yet the scroll of precise sensor data offered no titillation.  The revelations from the proton spectrometers and the neutrino imagers couldn’t hold her focus.  Her attention was soft; the holographic [...]

28 April 2024

Continuance is Assured

USS Constellation: Addie-monition

Everyone stared at her.  Stared right at her.  One by one, their eyes narrowed on her in a manner unnervingly similar to Baneriam hawks tracking their prey.  She moved away from their accusatory gazes, scurrying to the corner. Although Yuulik grasped little fear that Flavia, Ketris, [...]

18 February 2024

Primal Instinct to Perpetuate

USS Constellation: Addie-monition

Huddled together under the bright lights of the surgical alcove, Yuulik reached out.  She clasped Pagaloa’s forearm and rubbed a thumb on his wrist.  She understood the science within cybernetic implants well enough to trust the pressure from her hand would transmit bio-electric [...]