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USS Dragonfly (Archive): Starbound Gambits

Captain Mitchell and the Dragonfly crew, launching on a shakedown mission, confront escalating tensions and navigate the intricate world of Ferengi law while investigating unusual activity in the Quintaris Expanse.

Mission Description

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized,” ~ Sun Tzu

Launching from Deep Space 47 on their shakedown mission, Captain Mitchell receives an Intel Report indicating some unusual Ferengi activity in a nearby undisputed sector of space. Tasked with ensuring safety and stability, Mitchell and crew are ordered to investigate. Arriving at the Quintaris Expanse, the Dragonfly encounters a complex web of profits, illegal trading, and odd alliances with local governments.

As tensions rise, negotiations become a high-stakes game of diplomacy and guts. The crew of the Dragonfly must dance through the complex world of Ferengi law and uncover hidden agendas in the region. As unforeseen challenges arise, Captain Mitchell’s leadership skills are tested.

About the Mission

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Start Date

16 January 2024

Uncharted Alliances

USS Dragonfly (Archive): Starbound Gambits

Peter slowly walked as the two officers took in the sights and sounds of Starbase 72.  Sure, the Captain had seen the interior of numerous stations, but he hadn’t left Earth in so long that he had forgotten how unique civilian business areas could be.  The corridor was wide and filled [...]