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USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow’s Yesterdays

The crew of the USS Sacramento are tasked with the transport of two recently contacted, but antagonistic races back to their home system after a failed diplomatic conference on Starbase 72

Mission Description

In a welcome break from the monotony of Fleet – support duty, the USS Sacramento is tasked with the return of two small opposing delegations from the Gerontocratic  B’Queth ruling class and the subjugated Va’Saal to their home system of Primar – Majoris, after the conclusion of a less – than – successful diplomatic summit hosted at Starbase 72.

In addition to their primary mission, the crew of the ‘Sac are to also transport & deploy a small Federation science – team & their expedition equipment to further study a series of fascinating ruins on Primar – Majoris#7 which holds deep cultural and religious connotations for both races – who both share a common genetic ancestry.

This concession was tersely permitted to the United Federation of Planets by the B’Queth, in recognition of their attempts to mediate an accord with the V’Saal – who are now lobbying the UFP for protected species status, in a bid to cede from the Primarion Gerontocracy – now that the servile latter race has glimpsed the apparent social freedoms enjoyed by the races of the Federation.

Finally, nested in the Sacramento’s vast cargo – holds are a number of technical components intended for the deployment of a subspace communications network. This gesture of goodwill is intended to strengthen the nascent links between the UFP and the Gerontocracy – gently enfolding the recently – warp capable Primarion races into the wider galactic community.

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25 May 2024

A City on a Hill

USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow's Yesterdays

Commander Nathan Allen stood, ramrod straight, before the assembled ship’s company of the USS Sacramento. Resplendent in his Starfleet Dress Uniform, the Captain surveyed the faces of his crew with a mixture of pride and regret, a regret most deeply felt as the CO considered the twin, [...]

18 May 2024

The Ascendant - Pt 2

USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow's Yesterdays

“I think I’m going to throw up.” The deck rose to meet her as the shuttlecraft began to buffet from the first turbulent effects of contact with the atmosphere. “That would be a most inadvisable action to initiate whilst wearing the suit, Lieutenant Commander.” Sorvak’s phlegmatic voice [...]

12 May 2024

The Ascendant - Pt 1

USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow's Yesterdays

Sam’s head snapped back from her monitor, a sudden – urgent tone of panic rising in her voice as she turned to address Lieutenant Commander Vodrova in the Command Chair. “Commander!” the Comms Officer warned, “There’s something wrong with the array!” Aleksandra Mariana Mikelovaya [...]

26 April 2024

Leviathan Calls

USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow's Yesterdays

In the close, the downfall of the Primarion Gerontocracy began innocuously enough, as these things so often do, with a vain and ambitious man pressing a button. That this was done with considerable pomp and fanfare in front of the entire population of the Primarion civilization was ultimately [...]