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Part of USS Endeavour: Your Sacred Stars

Gateway Station: Your Sacred Stars

A brutal and ritualistic murder of a Romulan refugee on Gateway Station sends ripples of horror through the sector. Meanwhile, the USS Endeavour, far from home, investigates an ancient Romulan world, and a mystery that could not possibly be linked...

Mission Description

When the fires, when the fires are consuming you
And your sacred stars won’t be guiding you
I’ve got blood
I’ve got blood on my name.

– ‘Blood on My Name,’ The Brothers Bright

After long years, Starfleet finally seeks to make good on ancient promises to find suitable homes for Romulan survivors of the Supernova. Long negotiations have forged an agreement to relocate some residents of the Teros Refugee Hub to a small settlement on the border world of Alfheim, the main Federation colony of the Midgard Sector, and home to Gateway Station. But this delicate and controversial process is critically endangered by the brutal and ritualistic murder of a Romulan refugee aboard the starbase, and at once factions turn on another, with centuries-old grievances rising to the forefront. At the heart of the chaos is Commander Adamant Rhade, haunted by insights into the murder he cannot possibly explain, and driven through guilt about his own blood-soaked past to uncover the truth.

Hundreds of light-years away, the USS Endeavour continues its journey back to the Midgard Sector after her displacement by Borg transwarp. After weeks in uninhabited space beyond all known borders, studying the wonders of the galaxy, the crew at last re-enter the former territory of the fallen Romulan Star Empire. Here, clues lead them to an ancient and seemingly abandoned world of the Empire, and a mystery that could not possibly be linked to a murder on Gateway Station an empire away…

Chapter 1 (Gateway)
– Chapter 2 (Redemption)
– Chapter 3 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 4 (Gateway)
– Chapter 5 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 6 (Gateway)
– Chapter 7 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 8 (Gateway)
– Chapter 9 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 10 (Gateway)
– Chapter 11 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 12 (Gateway)

About the Mission

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8 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 21

Gateway Station: Your Sacred Stars

‘I thought you were going to talk to him.’ Draven returned from the replicator to pass the cold pack over to Rhade, slumped back on the sofa in the Romulan’s quarters. ‘I did.’ Rhade pressed the pack to his lip with a faint hiss. He’d bitten the inside of his mouth somewhere inside the [...]

7 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 19

Gateway Station: Your Sacred Stars

The transporter set him down a short walk from his destination, privacy regulations stopping him from materialising on the front porch unannounced. Along a winding path through thick woods of tall firs and spruces he stepped, the early evening buzz of birds and insects in the undergrowth washing [...]

3 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 16

Gateway Station: Your Sacred Stars

The rumour mill on Gateway was working overtime; Rhade barely beat the crowd to the main security office. Even there, he had to navigate the crush of bodies of gold-shirted officers, all gathered together to see the culprit of the brutal and incendiary murder that had stirred so much feeling across [...]

1 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 14

Gateway Station: Your Sacred Stars

‘I told you, we didn’t follow Voler’s every move.’ The elder Romulan woman who’d answered most of the questions when Rhade originally came down to the refugee section with Kowalski didn’t look best pleased at being asked again. ‘If he had friends, contacts, people he might have gone [...]