USS Endeavour: Your Sacred Stars

A brutal and ritualistic murder of a Romulan refugee on Gateway Station sends ripples of horror through the sector. Meanwhile, the USS Endeavour, far from home, investigates an ancient Romulan world, and a mystery that could not possibly be linked...

Mission Description

When the fires, when the fires are consuming you
And your sacred stars won’t be guiding you
I’ve got blood
I’ve got blood on my name.

– ‘Blood on My Name,’ The Brothers Bright

After long years, Starfleet finally seeks to make good on ancient promises to find suitable homes for Romulan survivors of the Supernova. Long negotiations have forged an agreement to relocate some residents of the Teros Refugee Hub to a small settlement on the border world of Alfheim, the main Federation colony of the Midgard Sector, and home to Gateway Station. But this delicate and controversial process is critically endangered by the brutal and ritualistic murder of a Romulan refugee aboard the starbase, and at once factions turn on another, with centuries-old grievances rising to the forefront. At the heart of the chaos is Commander Adamant Rhade, haunted by insights into the murder he cannot possibly explain, and driven through guilt about his own blood-soaked past to uncover the truth.

Hundreds of light-years away, the USS Endeavour continues its journey back to the Midgard Sector after her displacement by Borg transwarp. After weeks in uninhabited space beyond all known borders, studying the wonders of the galaxy, the crew at last re-enter the former territory of the fallen Romulan Star Empire. Here, clues lead them to an ancient and seemingly abandoned world of the Empire, and a mystery that could not possibly be linked to a murder on Gateway Station an empire away…

Chapter 1 (Gateway)
– Chapter 2 (Redemption)
– Chapter 3 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 4 (Gateway)
– Chapter 5 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 6 (Gateway)
– Chapter 7 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 8 (Gateway)
– Chapter 9 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 10 (Gateway)
– Chapter 11 (Endeavour)
– Chapter 12 (Gateway)

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8 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 20

USS Endeavour: Your Sacred Stars

‘He called it the Veilweaver.’ Airex looked tired as he stood before Valance’s desk, still in his away jacket. Next to him, Kharth was slumped in the chair, dusty and a little bruised, glaring at nothing. ‘He’s a weird cultist,’ she complained. ‘Yes,’ said Airex, ‘but it seems [...]

6 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 18

USS Endeavour: Your Sacred Stars

On the surface, the monastery of the Order of Ste’kor looked ancient and weathered, sturdy grey stone etched into the mountain and standing against time and the elements. Deeper in, led by Ibius, they found an altogether more technologically sophisticated setup. Stone passageways led to metal [...]

4 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 17

USS Endeavour: Your Sacred Stars

Find me. Free me. Beckett hadn’t realised the rattling of the Excalibur bursting through the atmosphere had lulled him to distraction until the words broke through his drifting attention. He jerked upright in the cockpit chair, and at the glances from the others, realised he’d made an unwitting [...]

2 March 2024

Your Sacred Stars - 15

USS Endeavour: Your Sacred Stars

When they’d first gotten together, Valance had never known where the right place was to meet Cortez for a date. Meeting in someone’s quarters felt too intimate at such early stages, but in the lounge, she’d felt like all eyes were on her, crewmembers watching and judging the ice queen XO as [...]