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USS Constitution: Wherefore Art Thou

While testing a new experimental communication device, the Constitution suffers a computer malfunction that affects the ship’s systems and jeopardises the entire crew.

Mission Description

The possibility of contacting the rest of the Odyssey Squadron becomes a reality as the Constitution prepares to test their new experimental hyper-subspace radio. However, when they direct it to a nearby cyclic pulsar, the feedback causes damage not only to the communication system but to almost every system on the ship. Eventually, every system starts to fail except for one, the holodeck, where one program must run its course to bring an unexpected first contact to a possible tragic end. 

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

31 March 2024

Wherefore Art Thou - 9

USS Constitution: Wherefore Art Thou

Despite the bustling activity in Main Engineering, there was an air of focused determination. Each member of the ship’s crew was diligently reviewing every system on board, ensuring its safety. In the wake of the unprecedented breach by the photonic beings, a highly advanced non-corporal race [...]

16 March 2024

Wherefore Art Thou - 8

USS Constitution: Wherefore Art Thou

In the holographic recreation of a bustling Verona street, the glow of simulated sunlight bathed Thaustin, who was portraying Romeo, in a warm embrace. As he stepped forward, a mixture of apprehension and excitement played across his features, though deep down, he couldn’t shake the feeling [...]

2 March 2024

Wherefore Art Thou - 7

USS Constitution: Wherefore Art Thou

As the away team stepped into the holodeck, they found themselves amidst the vibrant scenery of Verona, the fictional setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The holographic characters bustled about, oblivious to the presence of the real-life Starfleet officers. Thaustin glanced around the [...]

16 February 2024

Wherefore Art Thou - 6

USS Constitution: Wherefore Art Thou

The USS Constitution hummed with activity as Commander Kazlaf moved gracefully in her anti-gravity exoskeleton suit within the astrometrics lab. Her elongated fingers danced across the holographic controls, manipulating complex data streams that pulsed with the heartbeat of the ship. She felt the [...]