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Part of USS Constitution: Wherefore Art Thou

Wherefore Art Thou – 9

USS Constitution (NCC-91701), Fabula Stretch, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 78445
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Despite the bustling activity in Main Engineering, there was an air of focused determination. Each member of the ship’s crew was diligently reviewing every system on board, ensuring its safety. In the wake of the unprecedented breach by the photonic beings, a highly advanced non-corporal race that could gain full computer access and were intrigued by a Shakespearean play, Captain McCallister had mandated a strict safety protocol. He forbade the use of any system until it was deemed absolutely safe. The crew, fully aware of the gravity of the situation, was leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to secure the ship and protect everyone on board.

At the epicentre of these efforts, T’Penni stood at the central command console, her every move a testament to her meticulousness. As each check came in, she ensured that nothing was being overlooked. Her sharp Vulcan mind meticulously scanned through the final checks over all of the systems. Her fingers danced across the controls, her eyes focused on the readouts, ensuring that every component of the starship was operating at optimal efficiency. As she delved deeper into the computer logs, her keen senses detected a subtle anomaly, a message hidden amidst the normal data that should be there. 

Intrigued by the anomaly, T’Penni isolated it and analysed it with precision. What she found was nothing short of fascinating—a message encoded within the intricate pathways of the ship’s systems, a cryptic communication left behind by the photonic beings that had briefly taken control of the Constitution’s computer systems.

With a sense of urgency, T’Penni double-checked her findings, confirming the message’s authenticity. It was unmistakably a communication from the enigmatic photonic entities, a testament to their profound regret for intruding on the crew and the ship. After unravelling the content of the message, T’Penni found herself startled by what they had left.

“Computer, locate Captain McCallister,” She spoke.

“Captain McCallister is located in the ready room on deck one.”

Swiftly, T’Penni downloaded the message onto a nearby PADD and ordered her deputy to take over while she went to see the captain.

T’Penni entered the ready room, content that Commander Thaustin was also present. The two men sat on one of the sofas, drinking hot beverages while reviewing what she assumed was a range of ship reports based on the PADDs dotted around the table in front of them.  

“Lieutenant, please tell me that’s your report telling me we can get underway,” McCallister asked. He sounded almost like he was pleading with her.

“I am afraid it is not, sir,” She replied. “I do apologise.”

“So what’s got you looking worried, Lieutenant?” Thaustin asked from where he sat.

T’Penni passed the PADD over. “I have discovered within the ship’s logs—a message left behind by the photonic beings.”

McCallister’s brow furrowed with curiosity while Thaustin leaned forward, his interest piqued. 

“What does the message say, Lieutenant?” McCallister inquired, his voice tinged with anticipation.

T’Penni explained her findings, detailing how the photonic beings had somehow corrected the issues they had caused when she attempted to use the interplexing beacon to contact the Odyssey, McCallister’s brother’s ship. “Based on what I’ve deciphered,” she continued, “I believe their message indicates that if we bounce our signal off the pulsar they inhabit, it will now reach the Odyssey without causing a feedback loop that will give them a gateway into our systems.”

McCallister’s eyes lit up with a mixture of surprise and excitement. The prospect of finally contacting his brother’s ship after their prolonged separation filled him with a sense of hope. “Lieutenant T’Penni,” he said decisively, “you have authorisation to proceed once your final checks have been completed. Send our datastream as soon as possible.”

Acknowledging the captain’s directive with a nod, T’Penni returned to Main Engineering to carry out his orders. Finally, she felt she might redeem herself after her last attempt to use the interplexing beacon caused alien beings to flood the ship’s systems.

Odyssey will finally get the message they’ve wanted to send for ages.