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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Ahwahnee: Spectre of the Wolf

The crew of the USS Ahwahnee, transported far from the Alpha Quadrant, must race to find out why they have been brought here by the Jem'Hadar.

Mission Description

Caught up in a gigantic pulsar shockwave created by a Jem’Hadar attack ship, the USS Ahwahnee is deposited in an unknown location at an unknown time. The crew must get their heavily damaged ship working again and find out what the Jem’Hadar are doing in this region of space.

About the Mission

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Start Date

21 November 2023

The Phaser Pointing at Your Head

USS Ahwahnee: Spectre of the Wolf

  “Imagine you’re born with a phaser pointing at your head. You learn to live with it. Even though you know it’s set to kill, that it could be triggered any moment. Your behaviour plays out like the phaser was never there at all.” ~ Vice Admiral M’Elpa    Ahwahnee, [...]