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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Akira: WAtB: Akira Squadron

USS Akira and USS Wolf are called back into the fleet from the dark, unaware of the ongoings with the Borg they are given orders from the Forth Fleet

Mission Description

  1. Return to Duty:
      • Prologue – “A Daughter’s Tears”
      • “Unexpected Call”
  2. Missing Ship :
      • “Confession”
      • “Echoes of Silence”

About the Mission

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Start Date

15 November 2023

Missing Ship – USS Hertimus

USS Akira: WAtB: Akira Squadron

Missing Ship – USS Hertimus   Cody sat in his ready room aboard the USS Wolf. Near him, his fiancé Zyvia looked over a PADD with the orders that had been given to the Akira Squadron. Granted it was a brief summary of the orders but nonetheless it was detailed enough that it sent her mind [...]

11 November 2023

Missing Ship - Confession

USS Akira: WAtB: Akira Squadron

Captain’s Personal Log, stardate 76539.55. It has been two days since the Akira Squadron left orbit around my homeworld of Trill. I am still grieving the loss of my father, and the weight of such an event is undeniable. I was unsure if I could seamlessly slip back into the captain’s chair and [...]

10 November 2023

Return to Duty - 01 Unexpected Call

USS Akira: WAtB: Akira Squadron

The transporter room, typically a place of quiet routine, was suddenly illuminated by the soft, ethereal hues of an active transporter beam. The lowly Ensign at the control panel, accustomed to working in the shadows and overseen by a more experienced Lieutenant, looked up from the console as [...]

9 November 2023

Prologue - Return to Duty - A Daughter’s Tears

USS Akira: WAtB: Akira Squadron

Amidst the vibrant hues of Trill, where the azure skies intermingle with fields of amethyst flora and the rhythmic lapping of purple-hued oceans against the shores, Captain Vausees stood overlooking the horizon. Her silver-trimmed uniform, a stark contrast against the resplendent backdrop, billowed [...]