Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Babylon: Decline and Fall

Cave mission: Stephen King-style

Mission Description

A Borg distress signal is located deep in the Delta Quadrant, and the Babylon is the only ship near enough to investigate. Deep in the cave system of a barren, abandoned planet, the crew find something even worse than the Borg waiting for them.

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17 November 2023

Decline and Fall – 3

USS Babylon: Decline and Fall

“Szarka!” Szarka cringed at the sound of Bohkat’s voice, wondering what she’d done to set him off this time, but as she approached the outline of his form on the far side of the chamber, he kept his gaze firmly on the wall. Something about his posture was off. Was he… nervous? A nervous [...]

6 November 2023

Decline and Fall – 2

USS Babylon: Decline and Fall

An erratic flickering of light was all that Bohkat could see through his helmet. As the away team materialized in the cavern one by one, the lamps mounted on their EV suits resolved their beams of light into steady streams. They illuminated only the barest patches of rock or flashes of someone’s [...]

1 November 2023

Decline and Fall – 1

USS Babylon: Decline and Fall

“I prohibit you from going down there.” Bohkat leaned over his side of the conference table, pressing the full weight of his objections into its creaking surface with his fists. It probably wasn’t intended as an intimidation tactic of any kind, but Anand was nonetheless putting a lot of [...]