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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Lafayette: At Our Heels

It was supposed to be a simple mission to destroy a piece of Borg scrap, but a sudden appearance from a Borg Sphere has the Lafayette racing against time to lead the Borg away from the planet and not get assimilated in the process.

Mission Description

The Devol Outpost on Canderus Prime has been a leading force in research and development for the Federation for years. Part of their success, and no secret to anyone, has been the reverse engineering of borg tech they’ve collected from battles and wreckage around the galaxy.


Now, one of their artifacts has started broadcasting a signal, along with many other bits of Borg technology lying around the galaxy, and the USS Lafayette has been sent to disassemble and dispose of the offending tech. But when a Borg Sphere arrives to reclaim what is there, the Lafayette is left with no choice but to lead the Sphere away, and hope they can survive the process.

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5 December 2023

10. The Best Laid Plans

USS Lafayette: At Our Heels

The tension in the dim red light of the bridge aboard the Lafayette was almost tangible. With the Borg Sphere getting closer and closer every moment and a dangerous maneuver ahead of them, the entire crew was feeling the weight of the moment. Cromwell sat in the center chair, working his jaw. This [...]

28 November 2023

11. The Downfall of Arrogance

USS Lafayette: At Our Heels

The Lafayette hung in orbit over Candera Prime. It didn’t take any sensor scans or view screen magnification to find the source of the distress call. The scorched earth, fire, and billowing towers of smoke could be seen easily from orbit on the planet below. The site had previously been occupied [...]

27 November 2023

09. Catch Me If You Can

USS Lafayette: At Our Heels

“Status report,” Cromwell had sat in the center chair for as long as he could. He stood up and walked toward the conn, his mind buzzing with anxiety knowing that that Sphere was close enough behind to kick them.  “Holding at warp 8, the Sphere is closing a lot faster than I’d like it [...]

25 November 2023

08. Blood In The Water

USS Lafayette: At Our Heels

It had been thirty-six hours since the Cromwell had left the away team on the surface. There’d been regular check-ins every couple of hours but it still felt like time was dragging. DeMont was on the screen now, briefing the bridge team on their latest status.  “We’re roughly [...]