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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Blythe: Episode 2: Hunter or Hunted?

In the remote reaches of the Beta Quadrant, a Borg Sphere emerges from the cosmic shadows, raising alarms throughout the Federation. Its intentions are shrouded in mystery as it skims the border, seemingly on a reconnaissance mission. The USS Blythe is assigned to clandestinely surveil the Sphere, strictly avoiding confrontation.

Mission Description

A Borg Sphere, a harbinger of terror, approaches Federation territory in the Beta Quadrant.

The USS Blythe is tasked with covertly observing its ominous activities, avoiding engagement at all costs.

As the crew grapples with the presence of the Borg, they must uncover the unsettling evolution of the Borg’s behavior and endure a chilling encounter that will leave them forever changed.


DISCLAIMER: Due to unforeseen circumstances this mission was cut short.

About the Mission

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3 January 2024

HoH 2- Lifeline

USS Blythe: Episode 2: Hunter or Hunted?

CAPTAIN’S LOG, Stardate 240106.03: The USS Blythe has been meticulously tailing the Borg Sphere for the past 17 hours. Surprisingly, this prolonged pursuit has been devoid of any significant incidents, a fact that has only served to intensify my curiosity. What makes this situation even more [...]

5 November 2023

HoH 1- Highly Unlikely

USS Blythe: Episode 2: Hunter or Hunted?

In the boundless expanse of the Beta Quadrant, where the stars ordinarily painted a serene tapestry, an unimaginable horror was unfurling. It was a malevolence of such profound depth that it would eternally haunt the dreams of any soul unfortunate enough to glimpse it. This dark revelation, [...]