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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Mackenzie: Mission 10 – Ghost Machine

The Borg. The Undead of the Universe. Whispers of a Sphere in the Delta Quadrant started until they became a dull roar. The USS Mackenzie, with previous Delta Quadrant Experience, is called up to assist in investigating what some are calling, "The Ghost Machine".

Mission Description

A Borg Sphere has ventured beyond the Collective’s territory in the Delta Quadrant with an unknown purpose. It has engaged and reportedly destroyed lone, small ships but has only approached inhabited star systems at a distance, seemingly scanning before moving on. The USS Mackenzie is ordered to monitor the Sphere and ascertain its purpose or at least provide early warning if it shows itself to be a significant threat.

About the Mission

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6 December 2023

GM 020 - The Bar at the End of the World

USS Mackenzie: Mission 10 - Ghost Machine

Captain Wren Walton stood at the bottom of the platform leading to the shuttle. She stared at the open door, a gaping maw of loss.  She turned to her executive officer, Commander Park, “This one will hurt.”  A wordless nod from Park.  Katsumi had been the first officer to welcome [...]

5 December 2023

GM 019 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

USS Mackenzie: Mission 10 - Ghost Machine

“Report.”  Captain Wren Walton sat restlessly in the center chair.  It had been six hours since the shuttles had been sent behind enemy lines.  The long-range sensors told them nothing.  The Borg Sphere remained, as well as the two Borg signals that were, in truth, the [...]

5 December 2023

GM 018 - Save the Last Dance for Me

USS Mackenzie: Mission 10 - Ghost Machine

“Approaching intercept vector.”  The ensign at the helm was not Gabrielle Castillo, as she was in the shuttle bay, ready to launch in the first of two runabouts.  The Mackenzie was intentionally lagging behind the Sphere, and Captain Wren Walton was pacing the area before the command [...]

1 December 2023

GM 017 - Welcome to the Jungle

USS Mackenzie: Mission 10 - Ghost Machine

Four days.  Four days of overnights, late nights, and early mornings.  All focused on one goal – saving the lives on the planet below and keeping the Borg off their trail for good.  The Mackenzie had relocated far enough away to read the Sphere’s status still but not close enough [...]